Noob question…

I will start with saying hello, new juice chef from Ontario, Canada.

So I made my first batch of juice.
Used the O-rangz recipe with great success.
It sat for 2 days before I tried it.

Amazing… tasted very close to the original.
I siphoned off 120 ml for the day and was on my way.

It seems the taste is getting progressively worse as I continue to drip it. The flavour tones are there somewhat but covered by a weird chemical taste.

Lack of steeping? Oxidization on the RDA?

I made a litre so hopefully it’ll be okay lol.


Welcome to the forums.

Could you post the exact recipe you used so we have a better idea of how to help you.


That recipe needs more then 2 days to steep for you to get the best out of it considering all the creams it has.


Should I pour the 120 back into the main mixture and let it sit for another week? Or will the 120 be better in a week by itself?


Hello, welcome to the forum.
Most of us who juice, we usually make 10-15ml testers …
Making 1000ml of an untested recipe seems very risky to me …
If it has been well mixed, you can leave it separate. But wait 2 weeks minimum. You can test every 2-3 days to see how it evolves.


Thanks. Yes I took the utmost precaution in throwing caution to the wind on the 1 litre mix.
Strange the first few vapes were amazing tho.
That’s what threw me off.


The FA lemon sicily will fade over time. Might take a look at subbing that one for the next batch. Would also suggest smaller 15-30 ml batches until you’ve tasted the mix fully steeped at 5-6w.


Very agreed @Norseman. @CottonFire with the “Pledge” element present in the TPA Circles, and the added Lemon Sicily, I completely agree on some settling time on this one, to give the creams a chance to soften up some of the lemon. I cannot think of a reason it should be getting worse, as IMO, it should be softening up some of the lemon harshness, and bringing the creams more forward, even and balanced, which will be completely assisted by the Triacetin in the Whipped Cream.


Welcome to the forum.

First lesson to learn, make smaller test mixes (10-30ml MAX) before going in ‘whole hog’.
You need to know whether or not you are even going to like the recipe first.

Second, as mentioned, that recipe is going to need two to three weeks minimum before its going to settle in to the “final product” (meaning no further changes).

Hopefully you have some simple one or two flavor mixes to get you by while you let this mature.

General rule of mixing:
Lastly, if you like something “fresh off the mix” (which is referred to as ‘shake and vape’), then you need to mix less, but far more often.

If you like something once it’s matured (not going to change further, also referred to as steeping, or settled in, etc), then you need to mix more, but far less often.


Well put sir. I like it.


Welcome and glad you joined.


Welcome @CottonFire this is a great place to learn. For future reference, as mentioned above, when mixing new recipes don’t make large mixes.

Personally, any mixes I make that are new for me, I will make 30 to 50 ml depending on if it has creams, custard or cheesecake in it. This way I can progressively test throughout a long steep without running out.

I work on the presumption a cream will take 3 to 6 weeks, cheesecake around the same, and custards can be even longer depending on which one. For instance, when I mix CAP Vanilla Custard V1, I let it steep a min of 2 months, usually 3 or more.


Well said and something I need to remember !!


Good thing I made a huge batch :sunglasses:


Thanks for all the input guys, I made another big batch of Kanzi for shake and bake.
I am having a blast with this stuff, even today I bought some 0 nic on sale and boosted it to flavour country. Saved over 130 dollars on 6 bottles of 60ml juice. Life hacks ftw.


Do you have a link to the Sale, I need to pick up some 0 Nic myself. Running on fumes here….


It was local, I asked them why they don’t advertise and they said they can’t for some reason. There was only two bottles left.
But it’s Juice on the Loose in Sudbury,ON.