Noob wanting feedback

Hi I’ve had my 1st recipe attempt and would love some feedback . I bought these with a rich doughnut flavour in mind, I’ve mixed and vaped it (tastes very smooth) but not quite how I wanted as far as fruityness and caramelness
I don’t expect you to make it however Id like to know if this will work when it’s been steeped, is it overkill or balanced etc. Thanks in advance (


I don’t have all those flavors, but first thing I would recommend is to check the flavor list for each flavor and make sure you have it entered (and spelled) correctly. That way you will find more recipes / notes on each particular flavor.
After you enter the flavor name click on “recipes” to sort starting with highest number of results;


Thank you , the flavours in that are literally all I own (ordered them as what I’d imagine would create the taste ) I’m definitely going to order more fruits , butters and I need some citrus for more recipes
Does vape flavour profile work in same way as the: strong -sweet-sour-weak balance ?


Sry, I was at work earlier just got back. If your just starting out, I wouldn’t worry about layering too many flavors at first. I think the only flavor I have in your recipe is;
Caramel (Caramello) - Flavour Art
If you enter the flavor in your stash just as above, you will get more recipe results and also check flavor notes and recommended percentages used by other mixers.
Looking at your recipe I would use the Caramel at probably 0.5%, unless your looking for a Caramel forward Vape.
Not sure what your thoughts are using the Blueberry and Butterscotch, but if it’s working for you that’s OK
Personally for a Raspberry Donut (and not having tested these flavors myself) I would start with just the WoW and Raspberry in a small test batch and work from there, It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to mix up some small Single Flavor Test (SFT) of each flavor


Thank you very much for the input! I’ll take that on board , I have the caramello in my flavour stash also as I noticed there was a couple of fa flavours

I put the blueberry for extra sweetness and hint of bitter and the butterscotch to add richness . Does this make sense at all?
I’ll try the wow & raspberry also.
Thanks again x.


Wow as a flavor is really nice, but it looks you have a lot going on in your recipe.

I would try the wow with a raspberry. Here my simple recipe as orientation:

To come to a donut you should add cookie or sugar cookie to it.

The custard can add to some creaminess, but I think you should go lower.

If you want it a raspberry glazed donut, just replace the cantaloupe in my recipe with it:


Thanks a bundle , I’m currently trying the wow /raspberry I might of over poured a bit as it’s pretty harsh , or a bit of time maybe x


Nice @SteveTC. :slight_smile:


Please note the comment on your recipe.


Thanks , I put those in from the database assuming they were correct , thank you for informing me x


All done :grimacing:


All done!!