Noobs Seaking Help with DIY mix


I’m totally new to all this and am wanting to make my own ejuice to save money (seems I’m a chain vaper lol)

I had bought a bottle I really liked that was a Raspberry Koolada (liked the cooling but didnt get it very often so wanted to increase the koolada some.

I’m about to buy what I “think” I need but these calculators and recipes are all really confusing.

What I’m currently looking at is this…

I found I can only handle 80 VG or higher and currently vaping at 6% nic level

I found a place I can buy 100% VG / 6% nic premix
Found TFA Koolada (doesnt have any stats or recommendations listed but company said no more that 5% usage)
And was looking at Flavor West Unicorn Vomit (10% PG and 15-20% usage).

Short and sweet Im not sure how to mix it with a target of atleast 80/20 and 6% nic… A fruit flavored Koolada

Anyone possibly help me out before I buy this stuff.


Hi Rav
Welcome aboard

I would suggest you look at the recipe side of the site and check out recommended % for your mix

I don’t have unicorn vomit and have not mixed with it so I cannot offer any insight there, however reading the reviews and notes section will help you out a lot.

Personally I would not ever mix koolada at 5% most I have ever used is 1% and that was more than enough for me

Good Luck


Do not buy premixed Nicotine. As soon as you add flavors your Nic level will be decreased. I suggest buying Separate VG and 48mg/ml Nic in a VG Base. You can then add the proper amount to get your desired strength regardless of the amount of flavor added.


What he said but, I buy the 100 nic pg base.
Pg is easier to suck up in the syringe

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Like others have stated I would recommend purchasing nic and vg/pg separate.
Where are you located? I have a bottle of Unicorn Vomit that I haven’t used… just can’t get past the name I guess.