Norseman’s Review on the Capstone RDA from Vandy Vape

I received this Capstone RDA free of charge directly from Vandy Vape for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

This came in a sample box that had a sticker on it that says it’s solely for trial-production and it does also say sample several places on it. So the retail package is going to be something we have seen from Vandy Vape before. I will despite that show the box it came in.

It is a 3-piece RDA with a totally different design on the barrel with a kind of diamond cut all around. It doesn’t look like most other RDA’s, I can say that much. And it is made in collaboration between Vandy Vape and VapeHappy.

The deck got a different kind of post, it is a pyramid shaped clamp style thingy. It does take up a lot of space in the deck not leaving much room for the bigger coils, so those of us that like that kinda thing is out of luck with this one.

Another thing the pyramid post does, is that it takes away a lot of space for the liquid, meaning you have to drip more often since the juice well isn’t that deep either. It also closes off the juice well, meaning that you have one juice well on each side of the pyramid post. But used as a Squonk atty you will get a better distribution of the liquid since it will pour out evenly through the post.

The clamp design on the pyramid deck does however work really good and it holds the coils in place as they should. In order to cut the coil legs into a proper length, Vandy Vape delivers a coil leg cutting tool you can use to cut the legs. It lets you cut the coil legs from 4 mm up to 11 mm in length.

The airflow is smooth and quiet and it is easy to change how much air you wanna let in. You can’t however close it off entirely, it is either fully open or half closed or somewhere in between, and thats it. I would have appreciated the possibility to close it off even more for those that like a more restrictive airflow. And furthermore it doesn’t whistle or make any other kind of noises, at least not for me.

It uses 810 drip tips and the ones I have fits nicely on to it without any issues. It is also delivered with a 510 drip tip and a 510 drip tip adapter for those of you that wanna use your own custom 510 drip tips.

In the package you will also find an extra PC comp cap and this one doesn’t have an adjustable airflow, so it will be wide open at all times. Good for the cloud people, I’m sure.

Something I really have an issue with on any RDA is bad O-rings, as in too lose or too tight. In the Capstone they are actually pretty good. The top cap might be a little too snug but the bottom O-rings are just dandy.

So how does it perform you might wonder now…? All I can say is that it does perform quite good and it does deliver on flavor, which I do appreciate a lot.

All in all I have had a nice experience with it during the test period and I have gotten good flavor out of it as well. It is easy to both build and wick

Can I recommend it to others?
If you are interested in a different deck and definitely a different look on the barrel, and something that delivers on flavor, it might be something for you. It is easy to build and wick and it does come with a lot of extras.

Good flavor
Hybrid safe
Squonk ready
Easy to build

Closed off juice well due to the pyramid post

Width: 24 mm
Height: 25 mm without the drip tip
SS, Black, Gold and Rainbow

Package includes
1 x Capstone RDA
1 x PC comp cap
1 x Frosted Delrin 810 drip tip
1 x Delrin 510 drip tip
1 x 510 drip tip adapter
1 x Coil leg cutting tool
1 x Spare post screw
1 x Spare spring for the clamp
1 x Squonk pin
1 x Set of Ni80 fused claptons
1 x Multi tool
Spare O-rings

You will find it here
Capstone RDA

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!

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looks like an ok one for squonking, less so for dripping.
thanks for a sweet review man :ok_hand:


Thanks bro. It does work in both modes but you kinda need to check that the wicks are saturated on both sides when you drip. Good flavor though.


An interesting design, and the clear-ish cap is also helps to showcase the internals. Nicely done.


Thanks for the great review @Norseman


Thank You Norseman!
I appreciate Your reviews and continue to look forward to them.


Thanks @SessionDrummer Interesting and different and the clear-ish cap doesn’t show that much when you vape on it due to condensation.

Thanks @adary

Thanks bro @jef45ames I appreciate that a lot for sure.


Thank you @Norseman. I kept seeing pre-order ads for this in my Inbox from Vape Happy. It looked interesting so now it’s good to know how well it performs. You hit all the key points…great review!

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Nice one, never saw a deck like it. :+1:

On an unrelated note, how do you make those short links like My Instagram?

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Thanks man :+1:

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Thanks dear


Pretty sure it’s this…