Norseman’s Review on the Damnation RDA from Fumytech and BD Vape

I received this Damnation RDA free of charge directly from 3avape for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

This came in a highly decorated yellow and black box with the same skull you see on the RDA on the front of the box. On all sides you find the crossed rifles together with «Damnation RDA» and «Fumytech» written on them.

On the bottom you will find a description to what’s in the box together with a warning text, a sticker indicating what color the RDA has and also a scratch and sniff for authenticity.

It is a 24 mm dual coil RDA with bottom airflow made by Fumytech and a division within the company named BD Vape. It has to be the most different looking RDA I got in 2018, considering the skulls and rifles it has attached to it. And it is all handmade as I understand it and I think it is really well made and make the cap look unique for real.

The looks on this RDA is definitely different and it would look nice on certain mechanical mods that has some cool engravings on it, but that is unfortunately not possible unless you wanna fill your tube mod with liquid.

It doesn’t come with a regular 510 pin, it only has a squonk pin and in this time and age that is something I just don’t understand at all. Just having the squonk pin means that it can’t be used on any of the cool tube mods people have, which must be considered a total bust. The squonk pin is supposedly a non leaking pin so it is supposed to serve as a regular pin and not leak. Apparently that’s not happening since it does leak.

I have actually tried to get an answer from the manufacturer in a few e-mails about the 510 pin, but they have chosen to ignore me and my questions for some reason, so I got no clue on what they were thinking when they decided to deliver it with this so called non leaking squonk pin.

It got a 3-post system where the negative posts are the ones on the side and the positive is the one in the middle. It is real easy to build on and equally easy to wick, despite the fact that the bottom airflow takes up a lot of the room for the cotton.

Since it is a squonk only RDA thanks to the leaking 510 pin, the depth of the juice well (5 mm) kinda shouldn’t matter at all, but I can say that it is real easy to over squonk on it since the juice well is on the tiny side. The way it is made I would have preferred a side airflow on it, since that would have made it less prone to leak.

This one, as well as most RDA’s that is on the market, uses 810 drip tips and I have tried it with some of the ones I have and they do sit nice and snug on it. The O-rings does also work as intended and they hold the barrel real good without any issues.

As I said in the beginning it does have a bottom airflow. This means that the airflow comes up directly underneath the coils in order to provide you with good flavor. Unfortunately this is also the weak part on the RDA since it makes it more prone to leak and more so since the juice well is cramped up due to the bottom airflow.

However, it doesn’t whistle or make any other disturbing noises which is a good thing. It is also easy to change the airflow in order to find a setting that will work for you.

So how does it vape you might wonder by now… Well… I have had a nice experience with it besides some leaking thanks to over squonking but besides that it hasn’t been bad at all. The flavor is decent and that is what counts for me. After I revealed that it does leak through the non leaking 510 pin it has been used as a squonk RDA only.

It is a different looking RDA for sure and the looks won’t appeal to everyone, but if you are into skulls and such I’m sure you will love this one. It is nicely made and everything fits together as it should. It might even become a collectors item of sorts and be kept on display if not used on a mod.

The fact that it only comes with a non leaking squonk pin that does leak is a major con if you ask me, since that excludes me and everyone else from using this on a tube mech.

Can I recommend it to others?
If you are into cool looking RDA’s I can’t see why not. But be aware that it doesn’t come with a regular 510 pin since it supposedly is a non leaking 510 that actually does leak, so you won’t be able to use it on anything but squonk mods, unless you are a lucky one that get one with a pin that doesn’t leak at all.

Good flavor
Easy to build and wick
Hybrid safe
Comes with 2 set of coils

Only delivered with a non leak squonk pin that does leak
Cramped juice well
Easy to over squonk thanks to the small juice well

Width: 24 mm
Height: 32 mm with the drip tip
Silver with gold decorations, Gold with silver decorations

Package includes
1 x Damnation RDA
3 x Spare post screws
2 x Spare springs for the posts
1 x Multi tool
2 x Set of coils
Spare O-rings

You will find it here
Damnation RDA for $64.90 at the time I wrote the review.

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!

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To show you guys how much work they put into the Top Cap and all i post this video they made themselves.


@Norseman Great review, on a great looking setup. I appreciate your honesty regarding the leaking NON leaking pin !!!


thanks for the honest review man.
a non leaking pin that leaks…pass


I like the looks of this one and the work they put into it. I do agree that they should have provided a regular 510 pin with it. Otherwise I would have to put it on a dual battery squonk mod which I don’t have nor do I really want one.

Thanks for the review bro.


Thanks man :+1: It’s a wonderful thing this NON leaking leaking 510 pin :wink:


Thanks bro :+1:


Thanks man :+1: Yeah it is a bummer with the 510 pin.


Another killer review :metal:I’m curious, how could a squonk pin not leak? Do you notice something on the deck design that is supposed to make that possible?


Thanks a lot bro :+1: I just learned while testing the RDA that the 510 pin isn’t supposed to leak, but how that works isn’t something i looked into at all. All i do know however is that it does leak so it can’t be used on any tube mods where it actually would look really nice.


that’s a shame since its unique looking, and hand made…but at that price…:roll_eyes:


Yeah a non working 510 or should i say a leaking NON leaking 510 pin on an RDA at that price is kinda a total bust. What i do hope is that they manufacture a regular 510 pin that they make available for those that want one.


For sure. Maybe a “spare” non squonk pin from another RDA may fit but yeah they should’ve included it. Looking forward to your next review man :metal:


Yes maybe a standard regular pin from another RDA might fit. Haven’t looked into that at all since it wasn’t of any interest for me in order to be able to finish the review. Won’t be too long before the next one, thanks bro.


Great review of a nice item; thanks, bro :+1::sunglasses::slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks bro :+1:


Thanks for your informative review @Norseman
It’s a good looking unit, pity it leaks… and a shame no-one got back to you :thinking:


You’re welcome. It is a pity.


Thank you for an honest review. I know a few people that would have loved this, but unfortunately they use strictly mech mods.


Thanks. Lets hope that Fumytech provides the market with a solid regular 510 pin.