Norseman’s Review on the Druga Foxy from Augvape

I received this Druga Foxy free of charge directly from Augvape for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

This one comes in a square black box with a window on it, where you can see the mod sitting in all its glory. The box is decorated with the Druga logo on top and the name of the mod at the bottom, and all over the front of the box you find symbols for Ohm’s law and such printed on it.

When you open the box up, the only thing you will find is the mod sitting in a cutout in the middle, underneath it you will find a manual and that’s it really, no usb cable, no extras at all.

Already in the box this mod looks real nice and that impression doesn’t fade at all when the mod is out of the box. It just looks really good with the shiny panels with their pattern. The material used to make this mod is Zinc Alloy.

The feel when I first get it in my hand, is that it is a heavy mod even before the batteries are installed, and with the batteries in, it is even heavier. Must say though, that the weight of it isn’t something that is disturbing at all, it’s more like it adds to the experience in a way.

It is a slender mod, with what I think is the first Quick Release 510 on any mod, and how that works is that Augvape have split the 510 into two pieces and one of the pieces is spring loaded in order to make it work and being able to hold the attys.

And how it function is that you push the quick release button and put the desired atty in the 510 connection, you release the quick release and tighten the atty by turning it clockwise half a turn, and that’s all you have to do. And to take the atty off, you turn it half a turn counter clockwise and push the quick release button and the atty can be taken off, real simple to be honest.

In the time I have used the mod, the quick release has worked fine for me and I haven’t had any issues with it not being able to hold the atty I have put on it. How it will work over a longer period of time isn’t anything I can speculate about at this time, but I imagine that Augvape has done everything they can to make sure it will work as it should for a long period of time.

The 510 is made out of stainless steel and the 510 pin is gold plated brass for good conductivity. It is mounted at the center of the mod, allowing for 26 mm and maybe even 27 mm attys to be used on it without overhang.

It uses two 18650 batteries and it is able to put out 150w as a maximum. The polarity directions in the mod are well marked up so it won’t be any confusion in which direction they should be put into the mod. It is possible to use it in either wattage mode or voltage mode and that is basically it. It is a simple mod, to be honest, and it has no fancy stuff like TC or Bypass mode.

It does, however, have a variety of safety features to protect the vaper from accidents. It has Low voltage protection, Chip overheating protection, Short circuit protection, Over current protection and Reverse battery protection.

If you take the panel off where the screen is, you will find the + and — buttons, that also serve as magnets for the panel, and you will find the small screen of course. To change between wattage and voltage mode you hold the + and — buttons at the same time and it changes immediately. Talking about the buttons, they are all responsive and clicky.

The wattage is adjusted in one wattage increments from 5 watts up to 150 watts and voltage is adjusted in 0.1 increments from 0.5 volts up to 6.5 volts, and in both modes it round robins when it has reached the lowest or highest setting and starts all over again.

The resistance range on the Foxy goes from 0.05Ω up to 3.0Ω and according to the manual it is capable to fire at 150w with a resistance of 0.1-0.38Ω.

As a decorative thing Augvape has printed Ohm’s law and all kinds of formulas on the mod where the screen is, and I must say that it does look good and improve the looks of the mod while the panel is off.

I have had a nice experience using the Foxy for the purpose of doing this review and I’ve got basically nothing to complain about. It is a gorgeous mod that is well built and it does work really good for the intended use. Augvape’s new quick release is something I think we will see in the future on mods from other manufacturers since it seem to work well.

Can I recommend it to others?
If you are in the market for a mod without any fancy extras like TC and Bypass mode and such things, and if you want a mod that does look really nice, this one gotta be for you. I have no problems at all recommending it to others. The price on it isn’t bad either, so that will help out, I think.

Quick Release
Possibility to change panels to custom ones
Wattage or Voltage mode

Not firmware upgradeable
No USB port

Width: 26 mm
Height: 93 mm
Length: 49 mm
Gun Metal, Silver

Package includes
1 x Druga Foxy
1 x Manual

You will find it here
Druga Foxy

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!

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Thanks for showing off this interesting one, bro; well done :slight_smile:


Thanks for taking the time to read and comment bro :+1:


Another nice one was hoping one of u fine folks would do. Noticed this sexy beast before and was quite interested in the 510 quick connect. Glad it works well and curious to see if others follow. Thanks again!


Thanks man. Hard to say how good the quick release will work over time, but so far it hasn’t given me any issues at all.


Very nice looking mod. Shame it has no TC though because that’s a deal breaker for me. Thanx for the review!


Thanks for the comment and read :+1:

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Great looking mod and nice review, thanks for taking the time.


@Norseman you had me @ Ohm’s Law. Love the looks of that one, nicely done mate.


Thank you for reading and commenting :+1:


Thanks man, much appreciated :+1: