Norseman’s Review on the Elite RDA from VGOD

I received this RDA free of charge from for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

This comes in a black box and when you open it up you find the rda on top together with the goodie bag containing a pair of coils, a couple of o-rings and a tool with a screwdriver and Allen keys on it.

This is a 2-piece rda that comes with a proprietary drip tip that you thread onto the top cap and no drip tips I have would fit into it and most likely none of yours either.

It has a 2-post deck with a Kennedy style airflow which unfortunately isn’t adjustable. The deck itself is easy enough to build on and it got a fairly deep juice well, however it has a bit cramped space for the cotton when its coiled so it is important to adjust the length of the cotton when wicking it.

The nuts that resemble the ones on the Druga RDA, that you tighten down the wire with is not bad at all and makes it easier to tighten the coils enough to hold them in place when you build.

One thing that really surprises me is that a company like VGOD that are well known for making hybrid mech mods doesn’t make sure their RDA is hybrid safe. If you ask me the 510 pin doesn’t protrude enough to be called hybrid safe and I wouldn’t use the one I got on any of my hybrid mech mods.

Compared with lots of other RDA’s the o-rings do their job and keep the top cap in place with a snug fit which is a good thing. You all know how much I detest bad o-rings on an RDA.

Vaping on the Elite isn’t really a life changing experience, it provides you with clouds and that is basically all it does. Sure there is some flavor but I can honestly not call it anything but severely muted flavor wise.

It clearly shows that this RDA is built for one thing and one thing only, and that is for making clouds and nothing else. Anyone calling this a flavor RDA clearly hasn’t used any RDA’s providing good flavor and got a big surprise coming when they do.

Looking at how VGOD does their branding I am surprised that it is so plain, I did kinda expect it to be overly branded like their other products but luckily it isn’t.

This was an actual disappointment to be honest, the build quality on the RDA is good enough and it was easy to build but looking at basic things like flavor it totally fails. Making an RDA these days with a proprietary drip tip is another fail.

Can I recommend it to others?
If you are after clouds and nothing else I see no issues getting this but if you wanna get an RDA that can provide you with decent flavor this is not the one to get since it can’t deliver on that at all.

Easy to build

No flavor
Not hybrid safe
Cramped space for cotton
Proprietary drip tip

Width: 24mm
Height: 33mm
Black, Stainless Steel, Gold, Copper

Package includes
1 x Elite RDA
2 x coils
1 x Multi tool

You can get it here
Elite RDA for $31.99 at the time i wrote the review.

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!


Nice review man! What a bummer about…well pretty much all of it. Sounds like VGOD dropped the ball on this one. Thanks for keeping it real like always! :wink:


Thanks for taking the time commenting, much appreciated :+1:


thanks for another nice review man.
i was thinking this one would turn out to be a dud. unfortunately it turned out to be just that.
it’s too bad that a company that big can’t do better.
and with a market that change in a heartbeat i hope for them that their next one won’t be a total miss.

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Thanks for the comment bro, i always appreciate them :+1:

I like the minimalistic looks though, but wouldn’t spend $30 on clouds only. Thank you.


Thanks for the review. I’m a fan of their Pro Drip RDA. I get excellent flavor off it. I can scratch this one though.

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Yeah, that’s me as well! Beautiful looking exterior!!
But total travesty that they fail on flavor, and doubly a slap to the face with the choice of a proprietary drip tip.

Nice review @Norseman!

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Such a shame about the flavour! Great job petal.

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Thanks for commenting, nah spending that on a no flavor rda is pointless.

Thanks for the comment :+1:

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Making an RDA these days with a proprietary drip tip like that is just plain stupid and equally so to put the focus on clouds instead of flavor.
Thanks man.

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Thanks Dear :+1:

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Great review and thanks for keeping us all informed @Norseman

I am enjoying the Drop RDA you reviewed, thank you for that!


Thanks for commenting bro.
I am really glad you enjoy it, i do as well :+1:


Excellent review as always, cheers! :+1:

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I’ve had the vgod elite rdta for almost 2 months and haven’t put it down. I don’t find the flavour to be lacking at all.

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This isn’t the RDTA, what i reviewed was the RDA and to me it does lack flavor. I guess we all got different expectations on what good flavor is and unfortunately this one didn’t have what i expected.

Thanks for yet another completely honest review @Norseman. The drip tips wouldn’t have been a deal breaker for me, but man oh man, if the flavor’s not there, what’s the point ?? Thank you.

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Thanks man. Getting something just to blow clouds kinda seems so pointless really. Flavor should be the main thing in any Atty and what most people go for, and if the possibility to blow huge clouds is there it gotta be secondary and looked at as a bonus for those interested in that.