Norseman’s Review on the Gabriel RDA from Scorpion Mods

I received this Gabriel RDA free of charge directly from Scorpion Mods for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

This one comes in really good looking pouch with the print of the Gabriel drawing Scorpion Mods has used both in promotion and on the underside of the RDA itself. It also says Scorpion Mods and Gabriel RDA, as well as the web address.

The absolute first impression is that it is a well made RDA, it does breath high quality and it does look good.

It is a 22 mm RDA that you can use as both a dripper and a squonk RDA. The machining is beautifully done and I can’t find any tool marks anywhere on it. It is made for the use of a single coil and even though it got side airflow, the actual airflow does hit the coil from underneath.

The deck is a two post thingy and it is easy to build on, thanks to Scorpion letting one of the posts being open so you can slide the coil leg right in from the side and tighten it down. The placement of the coil should be real close to the airflow to benefit the most from it.

When you are building on it I would recommend you to measure out how long the legs need to be and pre-cut them, that way you won’t have any issues with the legs touching the barrel giving you a short. The reason for this is that the surface where the legs come out of the post is a tad too close to the barrel.

The barrel has one airflow hole placed on each side, and despite their small size they make this RDA pretty open, and while vaping on it I have had the airflow closed by approximately half.

The airflow goes through the deck and comes out in what I would describe as an airflow bar with three holes at the bottom of the deck. I would say that it is working really good and what I get from this RDA is a smooth airflow and good flavor.

It uses 510 drip tips and I have tried a couple of mine and they fit nicely. It is possible to use it as both a squonk atty as well as a dripper, and in squonk mode it works like a dream. Another good thing is that the juice well is approximately 9 mm deep, which will allow for quite a lot of liquid.

The part I kinda like the most on this RDA is the underside of it with its beautiful engraving, and if you look at the above picture you’d totally understand what I mean by that. And I’m sure you will agree with me entirely.

When I started writing this review I saw on IG and FB that Scorpion has come out with colored top caps made out of PMMA. The colors I have seen is blue, orange, white and green and they will for sure help out in the matchy matchy department of things.

This is a really nice RDA that I have truly enjoyed using in the time up to posting this review. It is well made, the machining is impeccable and it looks good.

Can I recommend it to others?
In this case I have no problems what so ever to recommend it to others and the reason for that is the high quality it has and the overall good flavor I get out of it.
The price is perhaps a bit higher than the average RDA out there, but in return you get a high end product that works very well for what it is intended for.

Hybrid safe
The looks on it
Build quality
The gorgeous engraving
Ease to build
Deep juice well

Legs could touch the barrel if not pre-cut and cause a atomizer short

Width: 22 mm
Height: 21 mm without the drip tip
Stainless steel, optional PMMA caps in red, blue, light yellow, green and transparent

Package includes
1 x Gabriel RDA
2 x Spare post screws
1 x Hex key
1 x Non squonk 510 pin
Spare O-rings
A couple of decals
Card with links to Scorpion Mods social media

You will find it here
Gabriel RDA for $85 at the time I wrote the review. The PMMA Caps.

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!
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nice one man great work.
i sure hope every company that are about to make a 22 mm rda will also make sure it comes with a squonkpin.


Thanks bro :+1:
If a company doesn’t include a squonk pin these days they have kinda shot themselves in the foot or both feet for sure :wink:


Great write up @Norseman. I like the simplicity of the Gabriel, very clean looks, and great review.


Great review @Norseman, thank you.
That looks like it needs to be on my radar. :smile:


Great review!! And I will agree, the underside engraving is really cool. Well done @Norseman


Thanks a lot guys. @SessionDrummer @Tworrs @Eddiepraysforpeace
It truly is a really nice 22 mm RDA.


Thanks for the review!!:+1:t4:


Excellent review @Norseman!
I’ve been an “Aeronaut” fan boy for quite a while and they have been My preferred single coil atomizer since I first used them.
I have a feeling the Gabriel could give it a run for it’s money.
Both are similar in air delivery from underneath and with a smaller top chamber I can only imagine the flavor is at least as good, perhaps better!
I’ll be watching the availability on this one.
Thank You Sir!


DARN, what a nice looking RDA, but the price is too high, now if you had said the flavor is fantastic, or unbeatable i might consider it.
Great Review Bro


@Stankhammer Most welcome
@jef45ames j Haven’t tried the Aeronaut so i can’t speak for it, but the flavor in this one is really good.
@CosmicTruth It is a bit pricey but i kinda think it is worth the money, as i said in the review.


Well done my friend and a very nice looking RDA. I’m not an RDA person but if I was and the price was lower I would certainly want that one in my arsenal.:smiley:


Thanks dear. I really do like it and it will stay in my rotation. And i can see that the price might be a bit high but you get quality at the same time.


Thanks for this nice one, bro :+1::sun_with_face:


Thanks for commenting bro :facepunch: