Norseman’s Review on the Ghost Inhale RDA from Avidvape

I received this Ghost Inhale RDA free of charge directly from Avidvape for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

This comes in a rectangular plastic case with a carton sleeve attached to it. On the front you will a print of the actual RDA together with the Avidvape logo and the name of the RDA. When you open it up you have the RDA sitting on top with the goodie bag under it, and a screwdriver in a cut out on the right side.

On the back side you will find info about the RDA and also what the case is containing. On one of the sides you find info on what color the RDA in the case has.

It is a 3-piece 24 mm RDA with both bottom and side airflow. The barrel got an engraving saying Ghost Inhale on one side and on the other it got a flame pattern. The top cap got knurling to make it easier to adjust the airflow.

The deck is gold plated all over and it looks really good. The posts got normal post holes on top and the possibility to use an integrated screw clamp system by unscrewing a screw in the middle of the deck.

Building on it has been easy and the coil legs sits tight and snug in both places. The bottom airflow steals a bit of the juice well, which in turns leaves you with a smaller juice well with less room for liquid.

Despite that, it is no problem getting the wick into it and I haven’t had any issues with it leaking from the bottom airflow either, unless I have been over dripping or over squonking.

One thing I would have liked, is the possibility to use either the bottom airflow or the side airflow. As it is now I can turn off the side airflow and only use the bottom one. The other way around isn’t possible since the air holes for the side airflow don’t align with the coils if you turn off the bottom airflow.

One good thing though is that the airflow is really smooth and quiet, which I find really pleasant since a noisy airflow isn’t something I like at all.

I got the blue Ghost Inhale and it comes with a matchy matchy blue resin 810 drip tip that looks really good. And for those of you that like 510 drip tips it comes with both a 510 drip tip adapter and a 510 drip tip.

The o-rings on this RDA is working really good and everything sits snug and fit.

I have had a nice experience with this RDA and it has delivered and given me a flavorful vape from the get go. I have been using it with the side airflow closed off and the bottom airflow fully open.

It is a well machined, well built RDA that provide good flavor, easy to build and it works good as a dripper and a squonk RDA. The gold plated deck should improve the overall conductivity to help out reducing any voltage drop.

Can I recommend it to others?
If you are in the market for a flavorful RDA that you can use as a dripper and a squonker atty, I have no problem saying that it is a good buy. The price is also fair to make it even more attractive.

Good flavor
Squonk ready
Easy to build
Gold plated deck
Smooth airflow

Not being able to independently adjust both airflows
A bit cramped deck due to the bottom airflow

Width: 24 mm
Height: 26 mm without drip tip
Stainless Steel, Black, Blue

Package includes
1 x Ghost Inhale RDA
1 x Squonk pin
1 x 510 drip tip
1 x 510 drip tip adapter
1 x Accessories Bag

You will find it here
Ghost Inhale RDA at MyVaporstore for $24.99 and at GearBest for $27.86 at the time I wrote the review.

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!


Great review. Bottom airflow is right up my alley.


Thanks for the comment man. I kinda like the side airflow attys a tad batter myself


Another fine review, and a great looking device. :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Thanks a lot man. I do like it and the blue one looks real fine

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That is a good looking color, have you got a blue MOD yet so its all matchy-matchy? I bet it looks good on a gold/bronze device too. :smile:


Good looking dripper. Great pics


I been struggling with bottom airflow rda lately… guess that’s why I’m a tank or rta guy…
So tough to keep juice inside the dang rda! And not on my mod, fingers, counter, clothes…


Love bottom air, not bothered as much by leaking, enjoy painting coils actually. i do have one of these which i enjoy tho, bottom but actually comes from sides, deep well, 2 post velocity so u can drip right down w/ no leaking


It looks good on a brass or black mod to be honest. Don’t have any blue mods yet but who knows, i might get one further down the road.

Thanks for commenting.


Thanks for commenting :+1:
As worm say in his comment, the trick might be to paint the coils instead of dripping directly through the drip tip. That way you are kinda in control on how much liquid you got in the RDA.


@Norseman Nicely done mate, with great pics to boot !!

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Thanks man :+1:

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