Norseman’s Review on the HotRod RDA from the Swedish Vaper and DeepinMaker

I received this HotRod RDA free of charge directly from HeavenGifts for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

This comes in a rectangular tin box with a print of a hot rod on the lid, it does also say 24 mm, HotRod, and RDA designed by Swedish Vaper. The first thing you see when you open the lid up is a HotRod Mechanics Handbook (manual).

When you take that away and the foam that covers the RDA, you will find a carton with a print of a HotRod sitting in a garage and it suggest that the deck is the engine on the printed HotRod and so on. Must say that the packaging is way different from what we are normally used to see and it does also show that Swedish Vaper has got humor and lots of it.

This is a 24 mm 5-piece RDA, well 6-piece if you include the drip tip, and it is made for dual coil use and made in collaboration between Swedish Vaper UK and DeepinMaker. The first impression is that it is well made and of high quality and for sure made to look like an engine block.

The deck itself is interesting looking and the bottom airflow is actually made to look like the cylinder banks on a V10 engine so it got 5 air holes on each side of the deck. It has two posts with a single hole per post and it is actually really easy to build on and it can hold some big ass coils.

You should pre-cut the coil legs so you get the proper length on them to make it even easier to build and by doing that you minimize any risk of damaging the wire when you snip the legs. The position on the coils should be close to the posts to benefit the most from the airflow coming from underneath the coils.

It has plenty of room for the wicks and the juice well is a whopping 8 mm deep allowing for a lot of liquid in the well, a good thing regardless if you drip or squonk on the RDA. Some caution should be taken though, since it has a bottom airflow and over dripping or over squonking will make the liquid flow down the air holes and make a mess.

Another thing with the deck is that it doesn’t drain the juice well when you are squonking since it is designed to fill up the two side wells, allowing for more liquid to stay in the juice well, and more importantly, since the liquid doesn’t go back into the bottle, you don’t get any gunk into it either. Good thinking there.

The top cap has a glass section in it and it has four windows you can look through to see how saturated the wick is. This glass section is easily changed in case it breaks, you just unscrew the top part of the barrel and put the new glass section in and bob is your uncle. Be sure though to lubricate the seals (not the animal) so you don’t destroy them.

It has bottom airflow and the airflow ring is detachable and makes it real easy when you are cleaning the RDA. The airflow is really smooth and it has two cyclops shaped holes on each side, a stopper at fully open and the same when fully closed. It is easy and smooth to change the airflow and I haven’t managed to make it whistle or make any other disturbing noises at all.

Like most RDA’s produced today this as well utilizes 810 drip tips and the one in the package is a black honeycomb resin drip tip. I have tried a few of the 810 drip tips I have and they all sit nice and snug on the HotRod.

My biggest pet peeve when it comes to RDA’s is bad O-rings, luckily the HotRod does have good O-rings that hold everything nice and snug as they should.

So how does it vape you might ask yourselves by now…? I have had a really nice experience with this RDA and the vape I get out of it is a pleasant one, it is dense and the flavor is actually good.

I must say that it is a well manufactured RDA that is well machined and well put together. The HotRod theme is something fresh and different from what we normally see on new releases of RDA’s.

Can I recommend it to others?
If you need a new RDA that does dual coils, that you can either squonk or drip with and something that is packaged totally different, then this might be for you… It is a nice RDA that also deliver on flavor. And the price is just right and even more so with the Coupon Code NorsemanHotRod at checkout.

Good flavor
Squonk ready
Lots of build space
8 mm deep juice well
Cool HotRod theme
Smooth airflow

No 510 drip tip adaptor

Width: 24 mm
Height: 34.5 mm with the drip tip
Carbon Black, Midnight Blue, Titanium Grey

Package includes
1 x HotRod RDA
1 x Spare glass section
1 x Regular 510 pin
1 x Squonk pin
2 x Extra post screws
1 x Set of coils
1 x Pad of cotton
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Mechanics Handbook (manual)

You will find it here
HotRod RDA for $29.90 at the time I wrote the review.

And if you wanna get $5 off of the HotRod you can use my Coupon Code: NorsemanHotRod and it is valid from now until 07-07-2019. And as usual it is not an affiliate link so the only thing I get out of it is the satisfaction to help you guys out to a better deal.

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!

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Great review @Norseman thank you.


Most welcome and thank you :+1:


8mm deep, holy moly !!! Great review @Norseman orseman, keep them coming mate.



are the air holes cut at an angle or just straight up…seems like they should of brought out more to have the coil centered on them…as is now it looks like it just hits the one side…hard to see how the air holes are cut…if cut slightly angled its is ok…it will be directed to center of coil…but if more straight…i think it will hit just that side…missing a lot of the coil…


Thanks for the comment man :+1:


The so called banks with 5 holes on each are both a bit slanted, so as the coil sits they are being hit directly underneath.


What a cool looking RDA, like how it looks like a piston externally too. Another shiny thing on the desire list. Thanks man


ok good…you really cant see it that good…but if slanted its good then…so it hits coil from underneath an not just that side …but i still think the air bank should of been a bit more outwards…not much …but a bit…cuase u cant bring the coil in any more to try to center over air bank in fear of a short…


Yeah it is totally different from most stuff that comes my way, and it is the same with the manual, you can find humor in that as well. And thanks man :+1:


oh…my ignorance…forgot to say… great review…lol…i got into the tech aspect an forgot to thank u…great review…


That pic above might be fooling the eye somewhat. There is a bit more space between the coils and the posts that you actually see in the pic.
I would say that depth of field combined with the MilliMeter the lens was set at, at the moment i took the pic distort what one see. It happens a lot.

And no worries, thanks for the comments and the technical aspect of things.


It makes sense to keep the airflow as central as possible and angling it out to hit coils centrally rather than locating them further out which, would impede juice well capacity. Happy to be corrected if I’m talking out my arse but that makes sense in my tiny brain?


to me air flow is the most important aspect of any atty…thats where u get your flavor…not how much it holds…plus using this as a squonker does not matter…plus looking at the well its deep…so moving out the air bank 1mm or 2 will not really kill it short of a reserve in the well…i have close to over 150 atties…and i know what works for me…and its air flow and chamber design…capacity means nothing to me…its all about flavor


Awesome review man. Awesome looking RDA. Awesome packaging! If nothing else buy it for the tin!! :sunglasses:
Thanx @Norseman!


a juice well deep enough to swim in, i like that.
thanks for the very nice and entertaining review brother :facepunch:t2:


Thanks for taking the time to read and comment :+1:


Yeah i kinda like a deep juice well, at least when it has bottom airflow. Most welcome as always.


Thanks for the review!:racing_car:


Most welcome :+1: