Norseman’s Review on the Lucifer RDA from Scorpion Mods

I received this Lucifer RDA free of charge directly from Scorpion Mods for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

This one comes in really good looking red pouch with the drawing of the Lucifer printed on it. The drawing is used as an engraving at the bottom of the RDA, as well as in promotion on the web. It also says «Scorpion Mods» and «Lucifer RDA», as well as the web address.

It is a 24 mm 3-piece RDA that you can set up in dual coil mode as well as single coil mode since the AFC admits to it.

Scorpion did send me the black RDA and also the silver top cap, and the first impression I got when I opened the pouch and got the RDA and top cap out, was that it really does look nice.

The finish on the paint is really smooth and still got a texture to it that makes the grip feel a lot better when you hold it.

It has a 2-post deck design with one hole per post. The postholes are big enough to hold pretty big coils and measures approximately 3x3 mm in size. To build on this RDA is fairly easy as long as you pre-cut the coil legs to get the proper length.

If you build it without pre-cutting the legs, you might cut into the coils when you snip the legs and that might not be the best thing that could happen. So do pre-cut the coil legs and make sure everything is as it should be.

The juice well has plenty of room for cotton and it is easy to wick as well as build. The juice well is however on the shallow side with only a 4 mm depth. I have despite that only had a few accidents where I managed to over drip, and basically that was on me since I missed out on how saturated the vape was before I dripped again.

The top cap has a bevel, or should I call it a machined cut out at the middle, to give it a design element, and I think it looks nice and gives the RDA a better look. The AFC-ring, which is the upper part of the top cap, has only one O-ring and that I think is a mistake since you get some sweating at the bottom of the AFC-ring. It could have been somewhat avoided by the use of a second O-ring at the bottom to prevent liquid from sweating out between the AFC and the barrel.

It has a side airflow which is really smooth and to change it is made without any hassle at all. It has one cyclops styled air hole on both sides of the AFC-ring and wide open it is truly airy, I would say. If I dial it down to around a third open, I find the setting that works for me and gives me a flavorful vape.

It uses 810 drip tips and I have tried a few of the ones I have and they all sit nice and snug on it. An interesting thing is that the drip tip sits in the lower part of the top cap and not on the AFC-ring that is normal. If you look at the above pic you will understand what I mean more easily. Thanks to that ledge, it might look a bit funny with a wider drip tip since it will overhang and it might also be in the way for the AFC-ring when you wanna take it off.

The machining is just flawless and I can’t find any tool marks what so ever anywhere on it. And the Lucifer engraving on the barrel is nicely done, but the laser engraving, or if it is an etching, is just beautifully made and makes you wanna keep looking at it.

The RDA I review is the second one I got from Scorpion Mods since the first one had O-ring issues or if the machining had gone bad is unclear. So they shipped another one to me that works as they had intended. Good Customer Service there, I must say. The O-rings on the second RDA works as they should and hold everything in place as they are supposed to do.

So how does it vape then… Well I have had a nice experience with it and I do get good flavor out of it. The cap does however get hot when I vape and especially with the low build I use.
The whole top cap is made out of Aluminum so that might be an explanation to the heat.

This is a high quality RDA and as such it is priced fairly, I think. The overall experience with this RDA has been nice and I have enjoyed using it for the review. With the flavor I get out of it, I will for sure continue to use it as one of the RDA’s I vape on.

Can I recommend it to others?
If you are in the market for a high-end RDA priced below a lot of other high-end RDA’s, I can’t see why not. It is quality for sure.

Hybrid safe
The looks on it
Build quality
The gorgeous engraving
Ease to build

A bit shallow juice well
Does sweat some between the AFC-ring and the barrel

Width: 24 mm
Height: 28 mm with the drip tip
Black, Silver

Package includes
1 x Lucifer RDA
2 x Spare post screws
1 x Hex key
Spare O-rings
A couple of stickers
Card with links to Scorpion Mods’ social media

You will find it here
Lucifer RDA for approximately $58 at the time I wrote the review.

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!

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Really like the looks of this one.
The fact that it seems very well made is also nice.
Thanks for yet another great review man.


Thanks bro :+1: The quality on it surpass anything i have encountered from other manufacturers.


Another great review @Norseman. As usual the pics, details, and insights are on point.


Thanks man, much appreciated :+1:


Liking the look of this one. Is the top cap domed on the inside? Seems like a nice flavor banger. Again, killer review.


Thanks bro :+1:
It is domed on the inside and the flavor is actually pretty good.


Awesome. Good to know. Thanks. :metal:


Most welcome :+1:


Thanks man for another fine review


Thanks for the review!:mag_right:


Thanks @CosmicTruth and @Stankhammer for taking the time to read and comment.