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Norseman’s Review on the Pulse 80W Box Mod from Vandy Vape


I received this Pulse 80W Squonk Box Mod free of charge directly from Vandy Vape for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

This comes in the all so known blue and white box we have seen so many times before. On the front it got the Vandy Vape logo along with the name of the mod and the Tony B logo. On the backside you will find some highlighted functions, what the kit contains and some info on Vandy Vape. It does also have the obligatory scratch and sniff to check for authenticity.

When you open the box you will find the mod sitting in a cut out on the right side and on the left you’ll find the USB cable that you use for upgrades, and as far as I know, for charging.

This is a project between Tony B and Vandy Vape and it is an 80W squonk mod made out of Nylon with Vandy Vapes very own chip instead of the Gene chip they went with from the get go. This chip does work really good even without the firmware upgrade to version 0.0.6. I will talk more about the upgrade further down in the text.

The different modes it has are Power mode, Bypass mode and TC mode for SS, Ni and Ti. To get access to the different modes you have to click the fire button 3 times quickly, and in the chosen TC mode you can alter it even more by holding down the +/- buttons simultaneously.

If you do that you will access DIY, which is your own settings where you alter the temperature per second up to 10 seconds, in order to change the behavior on the TC curve. You can also change the Ω on the coils in the atty if you feel that it’s necessary. You can also change the actual TCR to better suite the material in your coils.

In Power mode you are able to change from wattage over to voltage and it goes from 0.5 volt up to 8.5 volt or from 5W up to 80W. And in Bypass mode you aren’t able to change anything as far as I know, its pure power and all you can get out of the battery.

In the menu system you can also see what version the firmware is at and what ID number the chip has.

I must say that it is a well built mod. Everything fits together really good and the panels got very little to no movement at all and furthermore, it doesn’t make any rattle noise anywhere. The buttons are dead quiet and so are the panels actually. The magnets that help hold the panels in place, are quite strong and they do a good job at what they are intended to do.

While I talk about the panels it needs to be said that Vandy Vape got other panels for this mod made out of Resin and in a number of different color options.

The 510 is made out of SS and the center pin is made out of brass. It is spring loaded of course and I haven’t had any issues with attys with a fairly long 510 pin on them. Everything I put on this mod sat nice and flush.

The contact points inside the mod are gold plated for better conductivity and the same goes for the contact point inside the 18650 adaptor, which by the way is made out of silicone. That part is something I really like, since it makes it real easy to use on 18650 batteries and it sticks to the battery as well.

It is also very easy to figure out in which direction the battery goes, since it’s got a couple of really big markings inside the mod showing what goes where. And to make things even clearer, the positive goes down. And yes, it is a single battery mod that can handle both 18650 and 20700 batteries.

I have been using this mod in Power mode, TC mode and I have also tried Bypass mode during the test period. They all performed well for me and I haven’t experienced any issues with any of them.

In the Firmware upgrade to 0.0.6 you will find these functions
Now you can access the different modes by clicking the fire button 3 times and then use the +/- buttons to navigate through the different modes. Clearly makes it a lot easier.

In order to get the proper Ω on an already attached atty you don’t have to unscrew it in order for the mod to recognize it and give you the proper Ω. If you have re-wicked it you just have to press the +/- buttons twice at the same time, in order to be able to select new coil.

Boost Power is a new function that you can get to by pressing and holding the +/- buttons to enter the secondary menu, and in that menu you select N-H to get into Boost Mode. While in Boost Mode pressing the fire button 4 times will make you enter Knock Force and at this point you can either change it back to normal or exit the menu by holding the fire button for 5 seconds.

Plug-In Switch Function: Gives you the ability to remove modes from the Main Menu. You can also adjust the Sleep Time function, therefore waking the mod sooner to hit evenly instead of having the power weaken after a certain period of time of non-use.

You can now lock the function buttons and still be able to fire the mod.

And for those hardcore vapers that truly loves to be able to set up their mods to fit their vaping style the best, they will have a field trip with this mod.

What can I say really, it is a well made mod with all the necessary functions needed to give you a nice experience. No button rattle, and no panel rattle, sure it is possible to forcefully make one of the panels to move about somewhat and making some noise, but in everyday use that just doesn’t happen. I have truly enjoyed using this mod, just like I did with the Furyan in the last review. And I’m not a regulated device user at all remember…

Can I recommend it to others?
If you are using regulated mods and are into squonking I would say that this one is for you. It’s working really good and you have the ability to modify some settings to better fit your needs, and I would say it is priced really fair for such a good mod.

No button or panel rattle
It’s small to be a regulated squonker
18650 battery adaptor
18650 and 20700 compatible
Gold plated contact points
Easy menu system

Only comes with one squonk bottle, no spare

Width: 27 mm
Height: 82 mm
Length: 56 mm
Black and additional Resin panels

Package includes
1 x Pulse 80W Box Mod
1 x 8ml Squonk Bottle
1 x USB Charging/Upgrade Cable
1 x 18650 Battery Adaptor
1 x Manual

You will find it here
Pulse 80W at Vandy Vape
Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!


awesome mod, awesome review 2 fat thumbs up :+1::+1:


Thanks a lot bro :+1:

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Nice device and great review :+1: :+1:
Thanks, bro :slight_smile:


@Norseman Where have you been? Haven’t seen you for ages… What happened?

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Thanks bro :+1: It is a nice device for sure.


Been around.


Great review @Norseman interestingly I receive one yesterday and am quite impressed.
I got the Vandy Vape MTL RDA in at the same time and the pair work well together.
At the moment I am running a Siren 2 on it in TC and again it works great.


Thanks man and i am glad you are liking it. :+1:


Thanks for the great review, good read!!


You are welcome and thank you :+1:


@Norseman Nicely done, and I’m glad Tony has his name on it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks man :+1: I’m sure Tony B is glad he has his name on it as well :wink:


Great review, and a fine looking squonk device!
I’ve heard a lot of testimonials and reviews on how good of a device that they make.


Thanks man :+1: No doubt at all that this device is good at what it does. I really like it.


Awesome review. Thank you