Norseman’s Review on the Pulse X BF Kit from Vandy Vape

I received this Pulse X BF Kit free of charge directly from Vandy Vape
for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

This came in a sample box that had a sticker on it that says it’s solely for trial-production and it does also say «sample» several places on it. So the retail package is going to be something we have seen from Vandy Vape before. I will despite that show the box it came in.

The Pulse X BF Kit is a joint project between Tony B, Stefen Z and Vandy Vape, and this new Pulse X mod doesn’t have the exact same dimensions as the Pulse 80W, other differences are the new upgrade to 90W, among with the possibility to use 21700 batteries.

The different modes are like on the 80W version, Power mode, Bypass mode and TC mode for SS, Ni and Ti. An easy way to access those modes is to press down the up and down buttons simultaneously and the options you have come up on the screen.

A few of the newer options you have now, and that you got if you updated the firmware on the 80W Pulse, is the possibility to adjust the brightness of the screen, it has 30%, 50%, 80% and 100% to choose from.

The other ones are H that stands for Boost Power, NLS that stands for No Lift Shift, ST-30 that is Sleep Time Settings, FIR that is Lock Ignition and to reset everything to factory settings you have the RST. In the menu system you can also see what version the firmware has and what ID number the chip has.

DIY is like before, the possibility to do your own settings where you alter the temperature for each second up to 10 seconds in order to change the behavior on the TC curve. You can also change the Ω on the coils in the atty if you feel that it’s necessary. You can also change the actual TCR to better suite the material in your coils.

In Power mode you are able to change from wattage over to voltage and it goes from 0.5 volt up to 8.5 volt or from 5W up to 90W. And in Bypass mode you aren’t able to change anything, as far as I know, it’s pure power and all you can get out of the battery.

A pleasing fact for those of us that build fairly low is the fact that the mod fires within the resistance of 0.05-3.0Ω in wattage mode and between 0.05-1.5Ω in TC.

Like the Pulse 80W, this is also a well built mod where everything fits together as it should. There is barely any movement at all on the panels, but there is however a little something going on at the bottom of the panel that sits over the battery and squonk bottle. Since it doesn’t have a magnet at the bottom you got some outwards/inwards movement on that panel. It’s not much, but it is there.

The 510 is made out of SS and the center pin is made out of brass. It is spring loaded, of course, and I haven’t had any issues with attys with a fairly long 510 pin on the Pulse X. Everything I put on this mod sits nice and flush.

The contact points inside the mod are gold plated for better conductivity and the same goes for the contact point inside the 18650 adaptor which, by the way, is made out of silicone. That part is something I really like, since it makes it real easy to use on 18650 batteries and it sticks to the battery as well.

It is also very easy to figure out in which direction the battery goes, since it’s got a couple of really big markings inside the mod showing what goes where. And to make things even clearer, the positive goes down. And yes, it is a single battery mod that can handle both 18650, 20700 and 21700 batteries.

I have been using this mod in Power mode, TC mode and I have also tried Bypass mode during the test period. They all performed well for me and I haven’t experienced any issues with any of them.

Another thing I got in this kit is the 30 ml refill bottle (which is optional), this one really makes sqounking a lot easier since it makes it possible to fill the bottle in the mod through the 510 connection on any squonk mod actually. This takes all the liquid spillage out of the picture completely and make things so much easier.

The Pulse X RDA
This is a new RDA from VandyVape. It is a 3-piece RDA and it has a different looking post design than a lot of other RDA’s on the market today. The post is shaped like a standing X with four postholes. The bottom part of it is the negative and the upper part is the positive part of the post.

The post design is pretty slender for a 24 mm RDA and gives you a lot of room for fairly big builds without any risk of the coils getting in contact with the barrel or the post itself.

It is really easy to build on and as easy to wick, and since it has this single post, it has an open juice well which gives the liquid room to flow freely. A nice touch with the post is that when you squonk with it, the liquid comes out high up on the post and waterfalls down on the coils. And at the bottom it has another hole that lets the liquid get back down into the bottle so it doesn’t flood the RDA.

The top cap got some knurling going on to help out getting a grip when you wanna adjust the airflow. The barrel itself got a couple of decorative lines beveled out on it, as well as the name Pulse X on one side. It does also have cutouts that correspond to notches on the deck to keep the airflow in the same place at all times.

It has 6 almost square air holes in two rows on each side of the barrel and it is possible to use all of them, one or all three on the upper or lower row to get the airflow that suites you the best. It is buttery smooth and I haven’t experienced any noise or whistling with it.

It utilizes 810 drip tips and I have tried a few of the ones I have and they all fit as they should. Furthermore the O-rings does also work as intended and they do hold everything nice and snug.

It does also come with a one piece top cap that is made out of some sort of translucent plastic. On this one you can’t alter the airflow at all and it is wide open at all times and it is probably more suited for clouds than anything else.

So how does it vape?
To be honest it does work really good. The mod itself doesn’t cause any issues at all and it fires instantly when you hit the fire button. The different settings makes it nice to use and you can change any of them to fit your vaping style. The RDA does deliver on flavor and it gives you a really good flavor I would say. It is easy to build and wick and the airflow is buttery smooth.

It is a really nice, well built kit for those interested to start squonking. The mod has all the necessary functions it needs to make the experience a good one and the RDA is for sure an unexpected bonus in this kit. It does deliver on good flavor and I haven’t managed to get it to leak on me in the time I used it. Overall a truly good kit for squonking. And it is firmware upgradable.

Can I recommend it to others?
If you don’t have the Pulse 80W and wanna start squonking with a regulated device, I think this one might be for you. It is well built and the RDA in the kit is a really good one and worth getting as a standalone. And to top it off they have priced it well and it is quite affordable.

No button rattle
It’s small to be a regulated squonker
18650 battery adaptor
18650, 20700 and 21700 compatible
Gold plated contact points
Easy menu system
Good flavor
Comes with a non BF 510 pin
Hybrid safe
Smooth airflow

A bit movement on the front panel due to the lack of a magnet on the lower part
Only comes with one squonk bottle, no spare

Pulse X
Width: 27 mm
Height: 82.6 mm
Length: 54.8 mm
G10 Black, G10 Red, Frosted Red, Frosted Green, Frosted Cyan, Frosted Amber, Frosted Black

Pulse X RDA
Width: 24 mm
Height: 31 mm with the drip tip
Colors as a standalone: Matte Black, SS, Gold, Gun Metal, Rainbow

Package includes
1 x Pulse X 90W Box Mod
1 x Pulse X RDA
1 x Extra Translucent Cloud Cap
1 x 8ml Squonk Bottle
1 x 30 ml Refill bottle (Optional)
1 x 510 Drip tip Adaptor
1 x USB Charging/Upgrade Cable
1 x 18650 Battery Adaptor
1 x Allen Key
1 x Phillips Screwdriver
1 x Manual
4 x Spare Post screws
2 x Ni80 Triple Fused Clapton Coils

You will find it here
Pulse X BF Kit

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!

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Thanks for confirming the RDA is good.

Great review overall!


Thanks for the comment man :+1:


As soon as I saw this posted, I knew You’d like it.
If I wasn’t “sold out” to Evolv, I’d Own a couple.
Excellent review!
Thank You Sir!
Now for Tony’s. next trick, DNA pulse? yes Please !


Great review! Have been enjoying my BF80 and now 90 after the update! I like the looks of the rda and wonder about the juice filling over the coil? does it actually splash the coil or just run down the post?


Nice looking setup there, and an even better looking review of it @Norseman.


Good stuff man!..Thank you for the review!


Great review :+1: thanks for the thorough breakdown :clap:


Thanks bro. Yes i liked it as well as the 80W before this one. That would perhaps be a bank seller, a DNA Pulse…


Thanks man. I guess that depends on the pressure you squonk with. I tried to make a pic to show the waterfall effect but since i didn’t wanna ruin the background i didn’t get what i was after since i had to press softly.


@SessionDrummer Thanks a lot man :+1:

@Eddiepraysforpeace Most welcome.

@Burga Thanks and glad you liked it.


@Norseman thanks for the review. I have had the BF80 in a cart a few times but never pulled the trigger. I think I need this one :laughing:


Does the metal cap have enough airflow for dual big builds?


It has, but the mod doesn’t have enough power for dual big builds. I’m actually quite surprised that Vandy Vape didn’t make a single coil RDA for this one


@28If Thanks. If you get it i don’t think you will be disappointed.

@redscaddy22 Oh for sure, you will even have to close it off some unless you like it wide open.

Thanks @adary


Great review @Norseman! I just got the G10 Black after re-considering my view on “boxey mods”. Sadly it didn’t have the optional 30ml refill bottle. Ordering that separately.
My first squonk!


Thanks for the comment man. Hope you will enjoy the mod…


I just ordered this today.
Nice review


Thanks man. Enjoy it when it arrives :+1:


Great review man, and out of sheer coincidence I was at my local B&M today and took a long look at this device. It does look good, really lightweight and all the bells and whistles I’d want on a squonk mod. Thanks for your review.