Norseman’s Review on the Rebirth RDA from Hellvape and Mike Vapes

I received this Rebirth RDA free of charge directly from HealthCabin for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

This came in a rectangular box with a plastic window on it where you can see the barrel and the deck sitting in cutouts. Below that you find the small box with the spares and tools.

On the front it says «Rebirth RDA» and it also have the Rebirth logo together with the logos of Hellvape and Mike Vapes. On the backside you find a text about the features, content and info about Hellvape. On the sides you find info about social media for Hellvape and Mike Vapes together with a scratch and sniff to check for authenticity.

It is a 2-piece 24 mm side airflow RDA made in collaboration between Hellvape and Mike Vapes. This isn’t the first RDA Mike Vapes is involved in and I assume it won’t be the last one either. How it will perform is something we’re about to find out.

It has a two post deck design where the positive post is gold plated. The post holes are approximately 2.5x 3.5 mm in size and should be able to hold pretty fancy builds with no issues.

The best way to build this one is to pre-cut the coil legs so you get the desired length on those before you put them into the post holes. And that is what the added blue coil cutting tool is for, and if you use it to cut the legs you have the proper length for the build.

I would say that it is pretty easy to build and wick and you got plenty of space for the cotton in this one. The juice well itself isn’t that deep to be honest, it is only 5 mm deep, and I feel it could have been somewhat deeper to hold even more liquid.

The airflow is what makes this one interesting. It has these raised airflow thingumajigs that is helpful when it comes to preventing it from leaking. They do also help out getting the airflow directly onto the coils which in turn helps out improving flavor.

On the barrel you have 16 tiny holes on each side of it that make the airflow and I must say that it works well since I haven’t managed to get it to whistle or make any other noises at all. Another thing is that the barrel and the deck has cutouts and correlating notches to allow for the barrel to be moved in order to alter the airflow.

I have been rocking it half closed or half open to get a satisfying vape out of it. Have also had dual coil builds as well as single coil build in it and I must say that both alternatives have been a nice experience for me. Unfortunately the O-rings holding the barrel is a bit too tight to easily change the airflow and to take the barrel off.

This one, as well as most RDA’s that come on the market these days, uses 810 drip tips and I have tried a few of the ones I have and they all sit nice and snug on it. The drip tips that come on this package is a resin honeycomb one and what I think is a frosted black Ultem. And for those of you that still find 510 drip tips to be the desired ones, it does also come with an SS 510 drip tip adaptor.

All in all I have had a nice experience with the Rebirth RDA and it does deliver on flavor for me and I must also say that it is the first one that Mike Vapes is involved in that I actually like. The others I have tried was well made but didn’t deliver on flavor for me. So third time is a charm or is it fourth or fifth?

I must say that I am surprised since I didn’t expect it to actually be as good as it is. I did actually think it would be another bust in the RDA department for Mr Vapes, but fortunately for him it isn’t. It is well built, machining is nice, and it actually gives me good flavor.

Can I recommend it to others?
If you are in the market for another RDA you can use in both dual and single coil mode I see why not… As I said before it is well made and it got good flavor and no actual cons to speak of and the price isn’t bad either.

Hybrid safe
Good flavor
Looks good
Squonk ready
Easy to build
Smooth airflow

The barrel does sit a bit too tight for my liking

Width: 24 mm
Height: 32 mm with the drip tip
Black, SS, Gold, Matte Full Black, Piano Full Black, Blue, Purple, Gun Metal, Rainbow

Package includes
1 x Rebirth RDA
1 x Resin 810 drip tip
1 x Frosted Black/Grey Ultem 810 drip tip
1 x SS 510 drip tip adapter
1 x Squonk pin
2 x Spare post screws
1 x Allen key
1 x Screwdriver
Coil cutting tool
Spare O-rings
A sticker

You will find it here
Rebirth RDA for $36.00 at the time I wrote the review.

And if you wanna buy this RDA you can use the coupon code «Norseman» to get 10% off on this item and also site wide at HealthCabin when you check out and the offer is valid until March 31. It’s not an affiliate link so I don’t get anything at all, nothing more than the joy of helping you guys make some good deals.

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!

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Thank You very much for reviewing the Rebirth. You continually provide accurate honest and valuable information I enjoy reading.
This RDA looks like one I’d like, generally I prefer bottom airflow, however, the thingy directing the airflow “I appreciate Your excellent pictures” will give the vape I’m looking for!


Thanks a lot bro, really glad you liked it :+1:


Really nice review, thanks for putting in the work and sharing.


Thanks man. Glad you enjoy it :+1:


Thanks for showin’ off this nice one, bro :+1::sun_with_face:


@Norseman, you just… you just make me continually want things. :blush:


Thanks for the review!:heavy_check_mark:


Thanks for reading and commenting bro :+1:


I’m sorry if my reviews brings out a shopping urge :wink:


Most welcome and thank you.


Wow @Norseman I can’t tell which I like more, that sexy little RDA, or your review of it. Great pics, insights, and p’s and c’s. Couldn’t ask for more.


Thank God @Silhouette, I thought it was just me, and I don’t have any luck with RDA’s…



Well, there goes another 36 bucks out of the kids college fund…nah, there ain’t no college fund (anymore).
Great review brother!


WOW you got me speechless over here, almost :wink: Thanks a lot for a really nice comment man, truly appreciated :+1:


If you use my Coupon Code “Norseman” you shave 10% off of that RDA and anything else you might get in your basket at the same time. Thanks man :+1:


I could not agree more with your assessment. Not a fan of anything else Mike has helped design but this is a winner for me being a bottom airflow lover.


Thanks a lot man. It was bound to happen eventually that he had an RDA made that was actually good.


meh…who needs food anyway, ordered 2 of these instead. when i get hungry i’ll show up at your place