Norseman’s Review on the Sahara RDA from 3cvape and VapegeekQ8

I received this Sahara RDA free of charge directly from 3cvape for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

This came in a square box with the RDA printed on the front together with the name of the RDA. On one of the sides you find the logos for 3cvape and VapegeekQ8 and on the backside, info on what the package contains, among with an information text concerning how they came up with it.

When you open the package up, you will find the RDA sitting in a cutout on the right and to the left you find the screwdriver and the goodie bag.

It is a 3-piece dual coil RDA with an Ultem top cap and side airflow, made in collaboration between 3cvape and VapegeekQ8. It has an innovative post construction not like anything else on the market. The machining on it is really nice and I can’t complain about anything when it comes to that.

I will start talking about the deck and the posts, since that is what makes this RDA different from everyone else on the market right now, besides the OBS Engine II that also got similar posts. It got posts that makes the coils hang down from above and that is the innovation in this one.

When you build you put the coils in from underneath and let them hang down in the deck and it is really easy to build on, I must say, and so far so good.

The real issue as I see it, is that the post design does limit the positioning of the coils making it really hard to actually re-position them in order to get the most out of it. This fact is something that could have been avoided by making the posts a bit higher.

If they had done that, positioning the coils in order to get more flavor out of it would have been a lot easier. As it is now it might be hit or miss for the ones using it and that is a shame really, since it is well made otherwise.

Thanks to the post design and how low the coils sit in the deck, it does also restrict the amount of space you have for the wick, making it a little bit fiddly to get the wicks in and to top it off the juice well is only 4 mm deep, which in turn doesn’t give you much liquid in the well either.

The side airflow is angled down into the RDA and it does work really good. It is smooth and silent, meaning it doesn’t whistle or make any other unwanted sounds while vaping on it.

One thing with the side airflow is that they have made the barrel thicker where the airflow is, in order to have it angled. This means less space for the coils and does also mean that you need to have the coils tucked in directly under the posts so they don’t touch the barrel and give you a short. This could also have been avoided by giving the barrel a curvature on the outside making it thicker and kept the inside fully open.

The top cap made of Ultem does really help keeping it cool at the top, preventing it from burning your lips while you vape on it. It utilizes 810 drip tips, since that has become the new standard today on most RDA’s out there.

Apart from the above mentioned cons, I have had a nice experience with it and I have managed to get decent flavor out of it. Not as good as I get from the Goon, but still good and apparently much better than other reviewers have managed to get out of it, for some reason.

Not entirely sure why I have been successful with the flavor while others have failed, but it doesn’t matter really, since I only can review what I get and not what others experience.

Overall a nice RDA that is well made with truly an innovative post design with hanging coils. Angled airflow with a thickened barrel at the airflow that steals space for the coils not leaving much room left.

Can I recommend it to others?
In this case I’m not really sure what to say, to be honest. I have managed to get decent flavor out of it, but from what I understand, other reviewers have failed. And the fact that the space you have to position your coils are truly limited, making this RDA a hit or miss on flavor, makes it hard to recommend.

Innovative posts
Decent flavor (less than the Goon)
Hybrid safe
Squonk ready
Easy to build

Can be hit or miss when it comes to flavor
The posts do constrain the possibility to position the coils
The thickening of the barrel leaves you with less space for coils
Little fiddly to get the wick into the juice well thanks to the low position of the coils

Width: 24 mm
Height: 24 mm without the drip tip
Black/Yellow Ultem, SS/Frosted white Ultem

Package includes
1 x Sahara RDA
1 x Squonk pin
4 x Spare post screws
1 x Screwdriver
Spare O-rings

You will find it here
Sahara RDA on Instagram or Facebook

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!

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for low ohms it´ll be a nice one as it´ll be giving better flavor.
thanks for yet another honest review man, keep it up :facepunch:

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Thanks bro. Yeah maybe my real low Ω builds is what makes the difference. Haven’t tried any higher Ω builds in it so i can’t really say.

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As always, appreciate the insight. More and more reviews seem to becoming advertisers or maybe I’m just getting a little more savvy at filtering what they say. Shamefully, it’s mostly video reviewers and I am obviously in that crowd. You laid it out well. No comment here either per like or dislike. That’s my perspective only. Regardless, great review!

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Thanks for the comment man :+1:

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Good review @Norseman

You just strengthened my desire to never buy this one :slight_smile:

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@Norseman Great review, and I appreciate the “limited” coil placement situation. Never a bad time, for an honest review mate.

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@adary Thanks man.
@SessionDrummer Thanks man.

It has the possibility to be a great RDA to be honest. If they work out the quirks it has, it will be entirely different.

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