Norseman’s Review on the Savour MTL RTA from 3CVAPE and Vaping V1ck

I received this Savour MTL RTA free of charge directly from 3CVAPE for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

This comes in a black and silver square package with the actual RTA and the actual color printed on the front, together with the name of the RTA and also a Vaping V1ck logo.

On the backside you will find info on the RTA itself, such as the idea behind it, what the package contains and also an attention text that tells you what you need to consider before using it, and also what not to do.

On one of the sides it has info on what color of the RTA the package contains and with a bit of luck this device might come in a number of different colors eventually. The colors stated on the side are black, silver, red, golden, blue, purple, pink, multicolor, ultem, pctg, copper and bronze.

It is a 22 mm MTL RTA designed for single coil usage, and the first impression I get when I open up the package is high quality. It looks good with that stepped top cap. Machining is flawless as far as I can tell, and all the threads are just smooth and nice.

The deck is small, but that is to be expect from a 22 mm device intended for single coil use. It is really easy to build on due to both posts sitting on one side of the deck, something that ensures that the air hole directly underneath the coil provides good flavor.

It comes with two different posts, one is intended for low wattage restricted DTL use and the other for MTL use. Changing out the post is easy as pie and is done in no time whenever you feel you wanna mix it up between MTL and DTL. It does however mean that you need to take the build out and replace it or put it back in again.

After you have built it it’s time for wicking, and that as well has been really easy for me. I put a 2.5 mm ID coil in it and made sure the wick ends were thinned out just a tad, then just put them into the intended wicking slots, letting the ends barely go through the deck into the juice well.

One thing I have been happy with is the fact that I have had no leaking issues at all in the time I have been using it. It has wicked flawlessly for me and I haven’t gotten any dry hits even when I intentionally chain vaped on it in order to try and force a dry hit.

To fill the tank all you need to do is unscrew the top cap to reveal the two big kidney shaped filling slots on the top. I haven’t had any issues with the filling so far and I don’t think I will get any either.

The tank holds about 2 ml of liquid and depending on your vaping style it can last you quite a long time, considering you might vape it MTL. The fact that it uses a single coil does also ensure that the liquid will last longer.

The airflow ring has 3 holes on each side of the tank, giving you a few options on airflow settings. It does also have a stopper so that the ring stops at both ends. The only thing to complain about is that the airflow ring might be a bit too tight, which has given me a little grief when I wanted to change it. It’s not bad though and it might get better after it has been used a little longer.

Like with all tanks it has got to be cleaned at some point and that is going to be real easy as well, since the whole tank can be taken apart. The deck has one o-ring, meaning that you can take that out as soon as you unscrew the 510 screw.

The airflow ring does also come off easily and is attached with two o-rings helping out holding it in place. All this makes cleaning of this tank a breeze really, since the accessibility of the parts gives you the ability to clean them all.

The drip tip size on this RTA is 510 and not a proprietary one, so you guys out there with all those nice 510 drip tips will probably be happy about that fact. I have tried a few of the ones I have and they all fit nicely.

I have tried it with both posts attached and as a restricted DTL device it works real good and I do get a restricted vape out of it. With the MTL post it does work like it is intended, and even with only one airflow hole open I still had a satisfying vape with it.

And now I guess you all wonder how it performs and if it delivers on flavor?
As usual when I try a new atty I use one of my own liquids that I know better than anything else and it does deliver on flavor for me. It has been a nice flavorful vape from the get go and I have enjoyed using it.

I saw that 3cvape and Vaping V1ck are planning to release an upgrade kit, which will contain more posts with a bigger variation on the size of the air hole and also a bigger tank. I am sure a lot of people will appreciate the possibility to get a bigger tank as well as more posts.

I have had a nice time trying this one out, it has delivered on flavor for me and the fact that you can use it as both a restricted DTL and a MTL device is one thing I think will make it attractive to a lot of people. It holds high quality and all the threads are smooth and nice, and another thing is the ease of building and wicking.

Can I recommend it to others?
If you are into MTL and RTA’s I think that you will appreciate this device, to be honest. I have no problem recommending this to the ones in the market for a nice MTL device.

Good flavor
Easy to build
Exchangeable posts for different airflow
Extra glass
510 drip tip

The airflow ring is a bit too tight
Some might find the name Savour MTL RTA on the top to be a bit big (a con depending on who you might be)

Width: 22 mm
Height: 53 mm
2 ml juice capacity
Stainless Steel, Black

Package includes
1 x Savour MTL RTA
1 x Spare glass
1 x Accessories Bag
1 x Manual
1 x Extra post

You will find it here
Savour MTL RTA at for £32.99 or at for $36.99 at the time I wrote the review.

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!


Very nice review



Thank you for the comment :+1:


if i was doing some mtl i’d give this one a shot,
a very nice review once again thanks man.


Well done, bro :+1::sun_with_face:


Good job, looks like a versatile RTA


Thanks @UW1 @VapeFish and @CosmicTruth for the comments :+1:
It’s a nice little chucker


Loving the increase in MTL reivews. Solid review on an interesting unit @Norseman.

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Thanks man, the market is getting more and more MTL devices so i thought i would try a few of them out. And if the readers like it i might try to continue with them.