Norseman’s Review on the Soulmate RBA from VXV

I received this Soulmate RBA free of charge directly from HealthCabin for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

This doesn’t come in the usual box we are used to see, instead it comes in a tin can where you pull a foil off like you do on some grocery tin cans. It has a piece of foam at the top and a piece of foam at the bottom and in between these pieces of foam, the RBA reside together with the goodie bag and nothing more. It isn’t delivered with a spare glass of any kind.

This is a 24 mm single coil RBA made out of SS and Ultem. At first glance it says that it is well made and out of high quality. It is well machined and I can’t see any tool marks on it at all.

As I mentioned at the beginning it is a single coil RBA, as VXV calls it themselves, and the deck itself has two big post, but no cutouts or postholes. In order to mount the coil you have to put the legs under the post screws towards a raised part of the post, that helps out keeping the coil leg in place.

It is really easy to build on and as easy to position the coil between the posts. Wicking however is a tad more difficult and I had to wick it a couple of times before I got it right and avoided leakage or dry hits.

One thing to be careful with when you wick it, is to make sure that the cotton doesn’t get caught by the threading on the chimney when you put it all back together again, so make sure you really tuck that wick into the dedicated slots and also saturate that wick before putting it together.

Under the heading Packaging, I did mention that it doesn’t come with a spare glass and the reason for that is that the tank on this RBA is made out of two Ultem rings and one SS ring that is made out to be one part. It is possible to take them apart if necessary without any problem at all.

The filling is made on top and the top cap has knurling to make it easier to unscrew. Unfortunately the part underneath is made so thin that you barely can grip it at all which in turn lead to you unscrewing the whole top part. And that can lead to a massive leakage if you are unlucky.

The fill ports themselves are kidney shaped and there is absolutely no problem at all to fill it up, and quickly so. It holds 4 ml of liquid in the one I got sent over and i am not sure if there will be a TPD version that holds 2 ml.

The drip tip size VXV chose to go with on this RBA is a 510 and I have tried a few I got and they do fit but some seem to be a too tight of a fit. The drip tip it is delivered with is a fairly long and thin one.

The airflow is a bottom airflow and it does work well and you can get it down to a fairly restricted draw. But when you dial it down it does also start to whistle a little and to avoid that you need to open it up more. This airflow does come up directly under the coil helping out making it more flavorful.

So how does it vape you might ask yourselves by now… At first I struggled to get any good flavor out of it, but as soon as I raised the wattage and used it with a higher wattage, it started to deliver and gave me a really good flavor.

My experience with this RBA has been overall good and it is well made. It gives you good flavor and the deck is real easy to build on. Wicking isn’t an issue either since you will pick up on how to do it in no time. It is supposed to be a MTL device but as such it is maybe to much on the lose side and not as restricted as it has to be.

Can I recommend it to others?
If you would like to try a single coil RBA that does give you really good flavor I see why not. It might look like something someone made in the early years of vaping but besides that it does really work.

It is priced ok I would say and if you use my coupon code Norseman at checkout you get it even cheaper.

Good flavor
Easy to build
Holds 4 ml of liquid
MTL device
Basically indestructible tank due to the Ultem and SS rings

Difficult to unscrew the top cap
The airflow can make it whistle when it is dialed down
The MTL draw is to lose as a MTL

Width: 24 mm
Height: 58 mm including drip tip
Black/Yellow Ultem, SS/Yellow Ultem

Package includes
1 x Soulmate RBA
2 x Spare post screws
1 x Screwdriver

You will find it here
Soulmate RBA for $38 at the time I wrote the review.

And if you wanna buy it you can use the coupon code: Norseman to get 15% off on this item when you check out.

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!

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Another nice review! Interesting tank, wonder how ultem (finally added to SP dictionary) holds up to juices known to crack tanks?

A lot of the “new” gear does, few tweaks perhaps a larger diameter and they roll em out. Thanks again!


Thanks for the comment man. I guess time will tell how Ultem holds up towards tank cracking juices.


Great, honest review @Norseman. It would seem making a great MTL device, with great flavor and the right restricted airflow isn’t as easy as one would think.


as you said it looks sort of ancient, but looks don’t matter if it vapes good and this might just be something for my betyer half.
thanks for this one man, well done

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@SessionDrummer Not at all as easy as one would think. Thanks man.

@UW1 Thanks bro. She might appreciate it.

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Thanks for the nice review, bro :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


Most welcome bro and thanks for the comment.


Thanks for the review. I’m always on the lookout for new MTL options.


Nice, detailed review! Thank you.


@28If and @TorturedZen Thanks for the comments guys :+1:

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Thanks for the review!:dash:


You are welcome and thanks for the comment.

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Looks like a nice tank, great review, thanks for the info.


Thanks man. It is a good tank.

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