Norseman’s Review on the SXmini MI from Yihi

I received this SXmini MI free of charge directly from 2FDeal for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

This came in a white box with a transparent plastic sleeve covering the box. On the front of the box it says «SXmini» and «Innovation for you». On the backside you find a label with info on what this box contains, but unfortunately for me it is all in Chinese, which I don’t read nor write.

When you open the box up you will find the SXmini sitting in a cutout on top and below it in its own cutout you will find the POD and at the very bottom a small box that contain the USB-cable

The SXmini MI
When I open the box up I must say that it does look nice the way they have done it. That etched blue part in contrast with the brushed SS or what it is looks real good no doubt.

It is made out of Zinc Alloy and Aluminum and weighs close to nothing with its 48g. It is a 107 mm tall or short (both works to describe it really) POD and it has a firing button and a screen, but it doesn’t have much options really. To my knowledge it isn’t possible to turn it off.

By clicking the firing button three times, you lock it, and to unlock it you click another three times and Bob is your uncle. The second and final option you got with this mod is that you can change the brightness of the screen by clicking five times on the firing button and you got the possibility to go from 1 up to 5 in brightness. And to keep the setting you want you just let the screen go dark and the setting is chosen.

It has No atomizer warning when you try to use it without a POD installed and I’m sure it has a 10 second cut off for those really long pulls and other features on the chip set it has. Unfortunately I can’t say that for sure since all the info that came with this mod came in Chinese which I don’t speak or read. The power range on this thing is from 7.5-12W

The resistance in the ceramic coil is 1.0Ω and it can hold 1.5 ml of liquid, and since it is an MTL device that 1.5 ml will last you quite a while. Yihi recommends that you use a 50/50 liquid with the ceramic coil.

The draw on it is just perfect if you ask me, it got a perfect amount of resistance on the airflow to make it real nice and that ceramic coil does give this SXmini MI really good flavor. Am I surprised by that fact? And the simple answer to that question is: Yeah I am baffled actually.

To change the POD you just pull it straight out and put the new one in just by pushing it down into the designated spot. And to fill the POD up, all you have to do is to unscrew the drip tip part that’s not only a drip tip, it is also a filling port cover, and underneath it you will find two kidney shaped fill ports.

One thing I wish they had made a bit bigger is the firing button, as it is right now I think it is too small and the size it has kinda makes it somewhat hard on the finger used to press the button. The button, however, is responsive and does what it is intended to do.

The internal battery is only 400mAh and in my mind that is way too small considering that the power dies off early, already around 3.7-3.5V. At that point the vape isn’t anywhere near as good as it was initially.

A higher capacity battery would have been beneficial for this mod and perhaps some power boost as well to maintain some kind of higher power until the battery is drained.

When the battery is on the low side it takes approximately 1.5 hours to fully charge it and when it is fully loaded it does also reset the puff counter it has, so it does start all over from zero again.

After I got the first initial really good flavored pulls out of this one, I thought that I had found a really good POD system that I could recommend to others that want to get off the tobacco. Unfortunately the power loss that early into the vape doesn’t justify the price asked for it, to be honest.

Don’t get me wrong here, I think this POD has real good potential to be a winner if Yihi just attend to the cons it has and correct them. If they do, this one could sell for a mint.

Can I recommend it to others?
In this case I can’t say that I recommend it since the loss of power is something I mean is of such importance that if I would recommend it I would mislead people to buy something thats not worth the price asked.

But as with most things in life this as well is subjective and others might find it to be a really awesome device that works really well for them. I will leave the decision up to you guys if it is something worth getting or not…

Well built
Small size
Easy to use
Good flavor
MTL out of the box
Looks good
Ceramic coil

The firing button is too small
The power dies off already at 3.7V-3.5V somewhere and the good flavor with it
The manual and everything else came in Chinese

Width: 20.2 mm
Height: 106.9 mm
Depth: 22.3 mm
Colors: Full Black, Royal Blue Tang Silver, Black Tang Silver, Black Tang Gold, Gun Metal Tang Silver, Champagne Tang Silver,

Package includes
1 x SXmini MI
1 x POD
1 x USB Cable
1 x Manual
1 x Warranty Card

You will find it here
SXmini MI for $41.99 at the time I wrote the review.

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!

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Thank you for taking the time to write this great review, @Norseman ! Do you think it could go head to head with the dna’s orion pod?


Thanks man :+1: I honestly can’t say anything about that since i never tried the Orion.


Nice one bro, it’s not for me but it does look awesome :+1:


Thanks dear :+1: Yeah it does look fantastic and it would be an awesome POD with higher capacity on the battery.


Yeah it is a beaut of a device. shame that the battery life sucks.


Thanks man :+1: It’s more of a power loss if anything and pretty quick into the battery life as well.


@Norseman that one is a looker. Thank you for the great review, with (more) great pics.


Thanks man :+1: It does look good doesn’t it :wink:


So I just purchased this from elementvape, and I didn’t research it at all due to the price and the yihi name, of which I own several mods. It is only 14.95$, so the price didn’t even come into consideration so I just pulled the trigger. My guess is due to the battery concerns they are unloading all the current mi-pod devices and will release another with a much better battery. But at only 14.95$ for it atm, why not give it a try?


I hope you like it…
For $14.95 i wouldn’t hesitate to try it out to be honest.