Norseman’s Review on the Wormhole RDA from Vapefly

I received this Wormhole RDA free of charge directly from 3avape for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

This came in a sample box that had a sticker on it that says it’s solely for trial-production and it does also say sample in several places on it. So the retail package is going to be something different from Vapefly. I will despite that show the box it came in.

It is a 24 mm 3-piece RDA and this one got a multitude of airflow options to basically suite any vaping style. First impression is that it is well made with an Ultem top cap.

As I said at the start it’s got a number of different airflow settings for single coil or dual coil use. It’s got side airflow, as well as airflow that goes through one of the posts and comes out between the two posts, through what Vapefly calls an «inner adjustment clamp». It is delivered with two inner adjustment clamps that you are supposed to use with single or dual coil.

It has two different side airflow options for dual coil mode, but when I look at it I can’t really see any measurable difference between the two options. Not sure if it is supposed to be like that or if something has gone wrong and they have made the same size on the air holes, even though they should have been different.

To my knowledge the second inner adjustment clamp is supposed to only have holes on one side in order to support single coil use, but that is not the case in the kit I got, both inner adjustment clamps are identical. So this might be another error in this package.

All these different settings make it possible to fit a number of different vaping styles and should suite a number of vapors. You can use either the side airflow or the airflow that comes out between the posts or both together. The airflow is a smooth one and I haven’t had any whistling or other noise coming from it.

The deck itself is a clamp styled deck and it does work well. It is real easy to build on and it got a 12 mm deep juice well so it should hold a ton of liquid as well as a ton of cotton, and it is among the deepest juice wells I have seen. It is also an open juice well, meaning that the liquid can flow freely.

The top cap is made out of Ultem and it helps out keeping the top part of the RDA cool. And on this one I think it kinda adds to the overall look, at least with the color I got on mine.

It utilizes 810 drip tips and I have tried a few of my custom ones and most of them fits nicely on it. The O-rings are also quite good and keep everything snug and fit together, but the O-rings holding the barrel are a bit on the tight side so you have to work a little to get it off.

So how does it vape you might wonder, and to that question all I can say is that it is working pretty good. It might not be a thrilling experience, but nice enough, and it does deliver on flavor.

All in a pretty good RDA that’s got a number of options when it comes to airflow settings. If the airflow holes are how they are supposed to be, is something I’m not entirely sure of. The deck is easy to build and wick, and the extremely deep juice well can hold a huge amount of liquid.

Can I recommend it to others?
If you feel that you are in the need of an RDA with a number of airflow options, this one might be for you. It is also fairly priced, so that is another pro for sure.

Good flavor
Squonk ready
Hybrid safe
Easy to build
Extremely deep juice well
Lots of airflow options

Not all the airflow options are as they are supposed to be
Bottom O-rings are a bit too tight
Second inner adjustment clamp doesn’t support single coil

Width: 24 mm
Height: 28.5 mm without drip tip
Silver, Black, Gold

Package includes
1 x Wormhole RDA
1 x Cotton pad
1 x Set of coils
1 x Extra inner airflow adjustment clamp
1 x Cleaning cloth
1 x 510 drip tip adapter
2 x Spare post screws
1 x Multi tool
Spare O-rings

You will find it here
Wormhole RDA for $35.90 at the time I wrote the review.

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!

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Thank you for the review. I like the translucent top cap and matching drip tip. Glad the Ultem is available in something other than those ugly yellow versions!


You are welcome. They do offer a couple of alternative colors.


Great review again bro, shame about the mistakes with the airflow.

Amen, I can’t stand yellow



Deep juice wells - my new fetish :slight_smile:

Great review @Norseman :smiley:


yeah …mebbe…but nah.
thanks for the honest review man :metal:


Thank you for the review, bro :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


Nice review…whats funny is that you are not the only one mising the single coil adapter…jesse worm on here won one in a contaest did not get that part…vaping420 in a review got a sample with same piece missing an some one on another forum bought one retail an did not get that part…they need new help on the packing line there…

but again very nice review…covered it good…I would like one myself but afraid to get one with out the single coil adapter…haha…


@Josephine_van_Rijn Thanks dear. Yeah apparently they got some bad quality control or something.

@adary Thanks man. I do like them deeper juice wells as well.

@UW1 Thanks bro. You got better stuff at home already.

@VapeFish Thanks bro.

@AlanS Thanks man. As i said to Jose further up they do need to get a better quality control or people that actually can read to be able to pack those boxes with stuff.


Another nice review and been awaiting a crew member to do one on it. I recv’d the identical “sample” one from @Everzonvapewholesale a month ago, reported the missing single coil clamp, and still awaiting word if they can get the clamp from Vapefly, seems as if i am not a high priority. I hope for others that this is just “sample” pkg QC so if any others have purchased it, would love to hear how she does in single coil mode, guess i could block the holes w/ aluminum foil :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I did have a small issue w/ the nut for the clamp system falling off, perhaps chaulk it up to the “sample” pkg too i hope. I really do enjoy using it on my squonker but I mainly drip and its hard to get her to leak.


Thanks man. The QC seem to be lacking somewhat as i understand and thats not a good thing for them. I can only hope that the retail packages has all the proper stuff in them.

I haven’t complained to those who sent it to me and i won’t complain to Vapefly either since this one will get into the cupboard and stay there. And besides, i never do single coils in an atty where i can use double coils.


I did think of asking you or another regular ELR reviewer what you would suggest when a product arrives incomplete or flawed. I know in worst cases asking them to fix the problem before a review would make for a more fair review for them and a more accurate one for consumers. Before I recv’d the rda, I watched the video reviews posted on Vapefly’s site. Vaping w/ twisted 420 review even mentioned that it didnt contain the single clamp so I was shocked that they were still rolling w/ incomplete Samples. For a reviewer this just means for an incomplete review, nothing you can do about, but what of a contest winner who wishes to try in single coil fashion? I may sound ungrateful after “contest winner” is mentioned but if the CS I received from @Everzonvapewholesale on this matter is any reflection on a paying customer then I would feel the need to inform the community.
Edit: sry @Norseman and any others for the slight derail.


No worries man. I have complained to the manufacturer about stuff before i did the review but i still brought that up in the review to inform the readers what had happened. Holding back that info isn’t gaining you as a reviewer i think.


Another great review @Norseman and I share @TorturedZen’s thoughts …


Thanks man. I think i said something like it in the review. The PEI top cap does look good together with the color i got on mine.


Thanks for this great review!
be sure to tell them if you are missing something, it could be an error on the translation, maybe the missing part is actually a $45.00 OPTION :slight_smile:
Thanks for the info, great looking device!


Thanks man. I will think it over at least, the complaint that is.


Very interesting RDA, I like that it has options for adjusting the airflow to Taylor the vape.
You do such a great job with Your reviews.
Thank You Sir!
I’m always looking forward to what new items You have for Me to check out!


Thanks bro. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my reviews.

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