Norseman’s Review on the Zeus Dual RTA from Geek Vape

I received this Zeus RTA free of charge directly from 3avape for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

This did come in a sample package which isn’t similar to the retail package you get when ordering it from any vendor, so there isn’t much I can say about it really. From what I have seen though, it will be the well known plastic casing from Geek Vape that we have seen so many times before.

It is a development from the single coil Zeus that came out earlier and this one offer dual coils in a postless deck. It does come in different options as a RTA for the non TPD market and it will hold a lot more liquid. It also has two TPD versions from what I have seen on Geek Vape’s website, and they hold 2 ml and 4 ml of liquid.

And as with many other products from Geek Vape, it comes in a ton of different colors so it is possible to do some matchy matchy with colored mods for those of us that are into that kind of thing.

It got top airflow which means that it will be almost leak proof and the airflow in the chamber does come from the side, making the airflow hitting the coils from the side or going underneath the coils depending on how you position the coils on the deck.

The airflow on it is really smooth and in the time I have used it I haven’t had any issues with it whistling or make any other kind of noises. I would also say that it is easy to choose the setting that suites you the best, since the airflow ring is easy to move when adjusting it.

It got a postless deck which is fairly easy to build on, and the post screws don’t twist the coils since they come from the right direction and that is a good thing for sure. This means you can put a 5 core Alien in it and the legs won’t be messed up. Good thinking there, Geek Vape.

The performance is really good and it does provide me with good flavor. But wether or not you’re going to get good flavor out of it totally depends on how you position your coils, and I think you have to do some trial and error to find out what suits you best.

The glass on the TPD version is 26 mm and the bubble glass is 29 mm, but regardless of which version of the tank you order, the tank itself does taper down to 25 mm at the base.

It is really well machined and the quality on all the parts are just perfect. Everything fits together real nice as it should and I haven’t had any issues assembling it after cleaning.

As with so many other Geek Vape products this is another well made tank. It does deliver on flavor I would say, and it is really easy to build as well as easy to fill it up after it gets empty which it will be real quick. For the single coil users out there, I’m not sure this will be for you. If you are happy with Zeus Single I might stick with it for single coil use.

Can I recommend it to others?
If you are in the market for a good dual coil RTA that can provide you with good flavor I would say go for it. And to top it off, it is also well priced.

The build quality
Good flavor
No leaking
All the drip tip options
Fairly easy to build
Quick release top cap for filling

The raised part on the top cap (810 drip tips might not sit flush)
TPD version kinda suck since 2 ml is nothing on a tank like this really (subjective con)

Width: 26 mm, but tapers down to 25 mm at the base
Height: 46.4 mm with drip tip
SS, Gunmetal, Black, Blue, Gold, Polished SS, Red/Black, Rainbow

Package includes
1 x Zeus Dual RTA
3 x Drip tips
1 x Drip tip adapter
1 x Set of Alpha Braid coils
4 x Spare slotted screws for the deck
1 x Spare Glass
A number of O-rings
1 x The all so famous Geek Vape tool

You will find it here
Zeus Dual RTA at 3avape for $36.88 at the time I wrote the review.

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!
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based on your review alone, i’d love to get one.
well done man and as always great photos :+1:t2:


Thanks bro, if you are into rta’s i would imagine this being something for you.


Great review @Norseman. Looks very good, and I too can appreciate the lack of coil twisting.


Thanks man. Yeah it does kinda suck when it happens for sure.


Good one bro and nice to see you again :hugs:


Thanks dear


Its a Themis by sis co. Digiflavor. The air inlet at the base is one large opening where the Themis has 3 holes. i wonder what diff being, more air, less noise?


Well done @Norseman!! Thanks for the good read!!


@worm1 Since i haven’t tried that one i can’t answer those questions of yours.

@Eddiepraysforpeace Thanks man and most welcome.

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Good review bro


Thanks man :+1:

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