Norseman's Review on the Berserker MTL RDA from Vandy vape

I received this Berserker MTL RDA free of charge directly from Vandy Vape for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

The Berserker comes in the blue and white box we have seen so many times before. When you open the box up you will find the Berserker in a cutout and beside it two different atomizer rings that’s 22 mm and 24 mm and above those you find all the different airflow tubes it has together with an additional drip tip and a coil tool for coil adjustment.

Underneath it all you find the goodie bag, a manual, a bag with coils and a quality certificate. On the backside of the box you will find info on what the box contain and on the sides the scratch and sniff and other info on Vandy Vape.

This is another collaboration between Alex from Vapers MD and Vandy Vape so it looks like they have been busy so far this year considering Alex and Vandy Vape did the Phobia together earlier this year.

I am normally not an MTL vaper but I thought I would give it a shot since I have seen a lot more MTL products being released in 2018. Even for me that normally doesn’t like it as restricted as this one gets, can find a setting that makes it ok.

The machining is really nice and everything fits together really good and the o-rings do what they are supposed to do, however the o-ring that hold the AFC-ring is on the strong side. This is a small RDA and the outer diameter is 18 mm and by using one of the atomizer rings you can make it to be a 22 mm or a 24 mm RDA.

It is made for the use of a single coil and when you have the coil in it and do the dry burning be sure to not have one of the airflow tubes in the RDA since it might get burnt. When your coil is dry burned you can safely put the chosen airflow tube into the RDA.

The deck is real easy to build on and it has phillips screws and there is no problem to secure the coil legs on the posts so they sit tight. Even though it is a really small RDA it has a fairly deep juice well that can hold a fair amount of juice that will last you a while.

It comes with six different airflow tubes and the possibility to adjust the airflow on the AFC-ring as well in order to suite most MTL vapers out there. The holes in the airflow tubes vary in size from 1 mm up to 2 mm.

Vaping on it is a new experience for me and i’m not sure what to expect to be honest since it is my first MTL RDA. I do get good flavor out of it and I have managed to adjust the airflow to suite me pretty good.

I have tried a number of the airflow tubes it comes with and I am pretty sure most of the MTL vapers out there will be able to find a setting that will suite them just fine. I find the airflow to be smooth and in the time I have used it I haven’t been disturbed by it being noisy in any way.

One good thing with the airflow tubes is that they make sure the airflow hits the coil exactly underneath the coil and if the coil is positioned good you will get good flavor out of it.

The 10 mm drip tips are proprietary and I think they kinda have to be considering how small they are. They are also threaded to ensure that they stay in place. It does come with two drip tips and one is made out of ultem and the other is a black one.

It is a really nice MTL RDA that I think will get popular amongst the MTL vapers out there. It is of high quality and well built and offers a number of various settings to fit a lot of people.

Can I recommend it to others?
If you are in to MTL vaping and want an RDA that can deliver on that I can only say go for it. It is priced fair and it comes with a lot of extras and the possibility to alter the airflow in such many ways is something I think makes it attractive.

All the different airflow tubes
Squonk ready
The 2 atomizer rings
Deep juice well
Hybrid safe (protruding 510)
Easy to build

O-ring on the afc-ring a bit to strong

Width: 18 mm with the ability to make it 22 mm and 24 mm with the attached atomizer rings
Length: 38 mm including drip tip
Black, SS, Gold, Rainbow

Package includes
1 x Berserker MTL RDA
6 x Airflow tubes
1 x Goodie bag
2 x Fused clapton coil
1 x Extra 10 mm drip tip
1 x Coil correction tool
1 x 22 mm Atomizer ring
1 x 24 mm Atomizer ring
1 x Squonk pin
1 x Manual

You will find it here
At Vandy Vape, at VapeSourcing for $24.90, at EcigOne for £27.99 at the time I wrote the review.

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!


nice one, thanks bro :+1:


Thank you :facepunch:


Great first cup-o-coffee read. Thanks!!!


Most welcome man :+1:


Great review @Norseman thanks. :grinning:


Thank you and most welcome :+1:


Great review, as always, bro :+1::sun_with_face:
Did you forget to mention that, if you take the heat sink off the barrel, you can put 510-drip tips of your choice into it?


Thanks bro.
I never mentioned that. But a big thank you for mentioning it here so people can read about it and try it out themselves. :+1:


Thanks for rev! Cool rda, but the price is too mach(


Great review @Norseman, and I’m glad to see you (hopefully more too) review a MTL setup. I was recently gifted one from an ELR’r and for a smaller, leak proof (really), and semi stealth (I mix higher PG and NIC) it’s really nice, small, simple and trouble free if you don’t want a bigger, cloudier setup.

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Thanks guys.

@SessionDrummer I got a review on a brand new MTL RTA coming out as soon as i get it and have some time using it first. So at least one more MTL review from my end :wink:

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What about leakage?
My original berserker sits safely empty and unused after dropping its contents too many times on the table/pocket/me.
A problem I have with no other RTA.


No leaking. I use it with a squonk mod. Vapor gets hot really fast. Have to play with coil and watts


Since this is the RDA and not the RTA i have had no issues with leaking at all.


I did wonder where the tank was, I just thought a picture was missing. My bad :slight_smile:


No worries man :+1: