Norseman's Review on the Dead Rabbit SE Kit from Hellvape

I received this Dead Rabbit SE Kit free of charge directly from Hellvape for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

This came in a rectangular red box with a plastic window on it where you can see all the colored caps sitting in cutouts. Below them you find the small box with the spares and tools.

On the front it says «Dead Rabbit SE Kit» and it also have the Dead Rabbit logo. On the backside you find a text about the features and content. On one of the sides you find a scratch and sniff to check for authenticity.

It is a 2-piece 25 mm top side airflow RDA with the Dead Rabbit V2 deck and the four different colored caps it comes with. It is delivered with a clear cap, a black cap, a red cap and finally a blue cap. How it will perform is something we’re about to find out.

It has an slightly improved deck and 4 post design compared to the V1 to make it easier to position the coils and cut the coil legs and the positive posts are gold plated. The post holes are approximately 2.5x 3.5 mm in size and should be able to hold pretty fancy builds with no issues.

The best way to build this one is just to put the coil legs in the holes and adjust them to the proper height and then cut the legs on the underside of the posts. I would say that it is easy peasy for anyone to build this one even with little or no experience at all. The position of the coils for good flavor should be close to the airflow holes.

It is pretty easy to build and wick and even though you don’t have plenty of space for the cotton in this one it isn’t difficult to wick. The juice well itself isn’t that deep to be honest, it is around 5 mm deep, and I feel it could have been somewhat deeper to hold even more liquid but since the o-rings work as good as they do the juice well is extended through the cap with a lot and can hold a fair amount of liquid.

The airflow isn’t adjustable at all on these colored caps. They all have a cyclops slot on each side of the cap and despite that I am surprised over how good the airflow actually works anyway. Another surprise would be how good the flavor actually is. I wouldn’t stretch it and say that it has awesome flavor but I will say good flavor.

These colored caps made out of PCTG material make it pretty easy to do some matchy matchy with different colored mods whether it is a regulated mod or a mechanical mod. I have managed to match them with a few of the mech mods I got and I gotta admit that they make my mods look good.

As anyone that have read any of my previous reviews know is that I absolutely hate bad o-rings. But fortunately for me the Dead Rabbit got real nice o-rings, not too tight nor too loose, just perfect.

I have been rocking this with Aliens and also Fused Claptons and they have both given me a satisfying vape despite not being able to adjust any airflow. I also need to say that the airflow on this one is quiet and not turbulent at all. Furthermore it doesn’t make any unwanted sounds.

Most RDA’s that come on the market these days, uses 810 drip tips but on these colored caps the drip tip is integrated in the cap itself so you can’t change it out to something else you got.

All in all I have had a nice experience with the Dead Rabbit SE Kit and it does deliver on flavor for me and I must also say that the colored caps is a home run for Hellvape.

I must say that I am surprised since I didn’t expect it to actually be as good as it is. I did actually think the airflow would be to open for me with a flavor loss as a result but to my surprise the airflow isn’t bad at all and the same goes for the flavor, ”it is actually good”. It is well built, machining is nice, and the four different caps it comes with makes it a nice addition.

Can I recommend it to others?
If you are in the market for an RDA you can match up with a lot of different colored mods you got in your collection I would say ”absolutely”. As I stated before it is well made and it got good flavor and got no actual cons to speak of and the price isn’t bad either.

Hybrid safe
Good flavor
Looks good
Squonk ready
Easy to build
Smooth airflow
Able to use Single and Dual coil
4 different colored caps

No adjustable airflow.
Not possible to use any of the custom 810 drip tips you got in your collection.

Width: 25 mm
Height: Total height is 32.8 mm
Colors: Clear, Black, Blue and Red

Package includes
1 x Dead Rabbit V2 deck
1 x Clear Cap
1 x Black Cap
1 x Blue Cap
1 x Red Cap
1 x Squonk pin
4 x Spare post screws
2 x Allen keys
1 x Screwdriver
Spare O-rings

Since I got this directly from Hellvape there’s not gonna be a link to a specific site where you can buy it. All the major players in China and everywhere else will have this one in stock so all you gotta do is to find the best deal for you.

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!


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Super happy to see you again :fist: hopeall is well. Thanks for the review. I ordered the single red one a month ago, still waiting. Wish they had the kit out before I did order.


Nice review sir. I must admit that I have never wanted a dead rabbit but your review has me thinking about it. Well done.

Too bad they don’t have a green cap.

I wonder what the SE stands for?


Great review @Norseman, glad to see you reviewing again. Great pics, information, and clarification.



I think it’s for Special Edition


Thanks man, it feels good to be back doing a review again.
If they haven’t shipped it out yet you could always cancel the order and make a new one.


Thanks man. Glad my review was doing something and you thinking of getting the product is kind words.

I think it stands for Special Edition precisely as @MisterSinner already stated above in his comment.


Thanks @SessionDrummer. As i said above it is nice to be back doing a review again.


It’s been shipped but I’m just getting older waiting for it lol


Sorry to hear that. It always sucks waiting for something to be delivered.


For sure. It will show up one of these days.


Nice device
Great review.
:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


Thanks for the read and comment :+1: