Norseman's Review on the DPRO RDA from Coilart

I received this RDA free of charge from for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

It comes in a square box with the RDA on top with a bag of cotton and 2 handmade fused claptons from Coilart. It also has a goodie bag with extra o-rings, 8x extra grub screws, one allen key and a squonk pin.

Unlike many other RDA’s this is a 2-piece RDA, not the normal 3-piece, and the top cap is made out of Ultem and is in one piece. One good thing is that it is 810 compatible so any Goon drip tips will work just fine on this one. I got the yellow Ultem RD and it also comes in black, white (PCTG), and SS.

It is a postless RDA but unlike many others there is a bit of a cramped space in this deck, and the juice well is also a tad shallow. In order to build on this you need to figure out how long the legs on your coils need to be and then calculate how high you want the coils to sit in the RDA - but I must say that it is easy enough to build and wick and when you’re done you’ve got yourself a nice flavor producing RDA.

The Ultem cap does keep this RDA cool - it doesn’t get as hot as I expected it to. I imagine that with an Aluminum or SS cap it would get a lot hotter without a doubt. The small airflow holes make it a bit restricted on the airflow though, and the provided drip tip doesn’t help with that since it also makes it restrictive. I must say that I am no fan of the provided drip tip and because of that I have been rocking it with another full sized 810 drip tip which makes it a little less on the restrictive side.

While I talk about the airflow I need to point out that you can’t close off one air hole. Both sides will always be open or closed, but since the deck is as small as it is you can use this with a single or dual coil build. Another thing is that the airflow goes through the elevated parts on the deck and hits the side of the coils - I think this is one reason as to why it has such a good flavor.

In this one I used the handmade coils provided by Coilart and I must say that the handmade fused claptons they have put in this package are a nice pair of coils. Well built and of high quality and I believe they contribute to the good flavor provided.

Since I am the one with a pet peeve of o-rings I must admit that Coilart have managed to put good o-rings on this RDA and everything sits snugly and firmly. The top cap is held by 2 o-rings and even with really juiced up o-rings there is no issue with the top cap being loose.

Vaping on this one, even though it is a bit restrictive, is a joy thanks to the good flavor it provides. I have been using juice of my own creation that I know all very well and in this one it does taste really good.

During the time I have been using this for the review it has been sitting on a brass mech mod. With the yellow Ultem cap it has made it nice and matchy matchy, which looks really good.

I must say that this RDA has surprised me a little, and together with the Goon 1.5 and the Drop it is among the better RDA’s I have tested so far this year. No matter how good any other RDA’s I review later this year are, it’s gonna end up at the top of my list at the end of the year. This is mostly due to the ease of building and the good flavor it provides.

Can I recommend it to others?
Needless to say I surely can recommend this RDA to anyone that is in the market for a nice flavor-producing RDA. I don’t think that anyone who gets this will be disappointed, since it is a good buy and it is fairly priced at $25.12 at Cigabuy.

Easy to build
O-rings (snug fit)
Protruding 510 (hybrid safe)
Squonk ready
Good flavor

Shallow deck
A bit cramped deck

Width: 24mm
Height: 36mm
Stainless Steel, Black and Ultem

Package includes
2 X Fused Clapton Coil(CoilART Handmade Coil)
2 X Cotton
1 X Accessories Bag

You will find it here
DPRO RDA for $25.12

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!


Nice mate - sounds like a great bit of kit. I may just be me but i have never really liked the ultem look - I went with this one I would most likely go with the ss.


Thanks for commenting bro :+1:
It is a good flavor rda and whether you go for the ultem or not is up to you. With the ultem it doesn’t get as hot as i imagine it will with the SS cap.


Thank you for yet another in depth review on something that to me looks like a nice rda even for single coils.
As always nice photos of all the parts included.
I’ll add this one to the the list of things for santa to bring.

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Thanks bro for commenting, if Santa brings you one i’m sure you will enjoy it :+1:

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Good job beaut! :grin:

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Great review man, quite like the look of this one and a good price too! cheers man :wink:

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Thanks Lolly dearest.

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It kinda is one of my new favs to use to be honest, just because of the good flavor and as you said it doesn’t look bad either.

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