Norseman's Review on the Geek Vape Mech Pro

I got this mod free of charge from for the purpose of this review and despite that it won’t color my opinion on this review in any way or form.

I had no expectations at all on this mod before it came and not even when it had arrived. It is a mechanical box mod that you can get in a kit or as in this case as a standalone and it comes in the color options red, black and silver.

The packaging has the well-known black and orange that we are used to seeing from Geek Vape and when you open it up you see the mod sitting there all alone. Underneath the padding the mod sits on you find a manual and a set of spare magnets. That’s all there is in this package.

Well since it is a box mod there isn’t gonna be a lot of parts to show unless I open it up and take everything apart which I’m not interested in doing. So the parts are gonna be the box mod itself obviously and the two panels and that’s it.

The box mod
It’s heavy and it feels really substantial to use a word for it and that is without batteries inside, with batteries it’s even heavier but despite that it sits just fine in the hand and that weight is actually not bad.

The looks of it aren’t bad either, ok it is a box mod so it is edgy and all that but despite that it’s very functional and the fact that you can get additional panels for it means that you can mix it up now and then just for the fun of it.

The button on the one I have has been really responsive from start and it has a nice resistance to it which makes it nice and firm to press. This is not a soggy button by any means and it looks nice with the copper or copper look alike it’s made out of.

Another thing I think people will appreciate is the fact that you can lock the button and prevent it from accidentally firing if you put it in a pocket, the lock switch is found under the battery panel just above where the button comes into the enclosure, and all i can say is that it works just fine and I haven’t managed to be able to fire the mod with the lock on.

On the backside you will find a number of small vent holes and even though I can’t find a clear passage to these vent holes on the inside I believe they make a difference on the temperature inside the enclosure while vaping.

The build quality on this thing is really good and no matter how hard I looked I can’t really find any real flaws on it. Everything is where it’s supposed to be and the machining or whatever we shall call it is good. If I am gonna complain about something it would be about the fact that the battery door is wobbling a bit since it lacks support on the top and therefore can move back and forth. Besides that I haven’t found anything else to complain about.

I took that door and put some pressure on it and managed to bend it ever so little and that helped out just great and the wobble is now at a minimum.

The 510 is spring loaded and I haven’t found any of my RDA’s to bottom out leaving it sitting with a gap between the mod and the RDA itself. Everything sits flush and a 25mm is not having any overhang at all.

It does also have reversed battery protection but it doesn’t work with the help of any electronics, instead it is on the battery sled itself the magic occurs. On the sled there is a bevel around the positive contact and when you insert a battery with the negative side up it never get any contact with that contact pin. Really clever way of sorting that out.

Since it is a parallel box it does double up on the milliamps you have in the batteries used giving you quite a good battery life.

It’s a little chucker this one. When I press the button things happen at once and vapor is produced and with the builds I have thrown at it I have not detected any warmth in the mods body, no hot button nor have I gotten any warm batteries. It has worked without any issues what so ever in the time I have used it and it has delivered each and every time.

What has surprised me a little coming from mechanical tube mods is the fact that the battery life in this thing on 2 batteries exceeded any expectations I might have had. A pair of batteries can last me almost through the day and that isn’t bad at all.

A friend of mine has had the same mod for about 3 months now and I asked him what he thought and if he had any complaints about it. He told me it has worked perfectly fine the whole time and the only thing he could complain about is exactly that battery door that wobbles just a tiny bit.

Can I recommend it to others?
I surely can to be honest. It’s a good quality mod for a fairly good price and the price factor alone makes this one an attractive purchase or at least it should. And the fact that it’s a mechanical mod that has no electronics that can break and prevent you from using it makes it even more attractive, at least for me. The battery life on one set of batteries is also impressive.

Build quality
Interchangeable Panels
Button lock switch

Wobbling battery door

Mech Pro Size: 53/96/25.5mm
Material: Zinc alloy
Resistance Tang: 0.1-3Ω
Shell processing: Painted
Battery: 18650

You can find it here
Geek Vape Mech Pro

As always if you would like to see how the Mech Pro scored against other pieces of awesome vapeology then feel free to hop on over to Steampugs and while you are there come and meet the new ever growing Steam team, All of whom…you may well recognise.

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on.


Great review brother 🖒 and nice lookin mod too :ok_hand:


Thanks brother :+1: I must say i dig this mod


Great Job @norseman - I am glad you like it as much as i do :+1: . Awesome little mod.


Thanks brother, as i said in the review it is a little chucker and i will have this in my rotation no doubt at all. :+1:


Awesome review bro :punch:


Thank you so much bro :facepunch:


Nailed it brother. Great review. I might actually purchase this one based on your review of it.


Thanks bro and way cool if you do. I totally dig it after i have been using it this time and i will continue to use it since it is really good. :+1:

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Great review! Looks like a nice piece of gear.


Thank you dear and yeah it really is nice :hugs:


interesting , great review you actually got my attention , this seems very simple and the button is not on the bottom , thats what bugs me about the tubes


Thanks man, yeah and it got 2 batteries as well :wink:


Great job! Finding it really interesting and educating reading your reviews about mech mods :smiley::+1:


Thank you dear, i’m glad you like them :hugs: There will be more coming :wink:


Awesome review brother, It’s now live too :wink:


Thanks bro and it is posted on the last places thanks to that :+1: