Norseman's Review on the Loop RDA from Geek Vape

I received this Loop RDA free of charge directly from HealthCabin for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

This comes in a plastic casing with the RDA itself in a cutout on the left side, and on the right side under a cover, you find the 510 drip tip and the goodie bag with all the necessities such as o-rings, the all so famous orange Geek Vape tool, extra post screws, a 510 drip tip adapter and a BF pin.

On the backside of the casing you will find some info about the RDA together with info on what color RDA it is in the package, and the obligatory scratch and sniff to check for authenticity.

This is a 2-piece RDA with an innovative looking design to the deck and as always with products from Geek Vape the machining is really good and it breathes high quality.

The top cap is made out to be one piece, and the airflow is adjusted by the use of a ring that isn’t possible to take off. The top cap is press fitted together out of three pieces with the airflow adjustment ring in the middle. It does also have cutouts on the top cap that fits into notches on the deck to assure that the top cap sits in the same position every time.

It is a really airy RDA and fully open there is basically no resistance at all, and to make the airflow working the way I like it, I had to cut off the airflow and only use it with less than 1/3 open. Even though it is so airy I haven’t had any issues with it being noisy.

The deck is pretty innovative and it got the form of a W and the airflow goes through a hole in the post onto the coils. Just by looking at it one can think that it would have issues with leaking through the airflow holes, but it actually doesn’t do that. Well, ok it could leak if you over drip by much, but in such a case the fault doesn’t lie with the construction of the RDA.

It can hold quite a lot of juice in the juice well and it does stay down there without giving you any problems. The deck is really easy to build on and in order to get the legs in the proper length you can cut them as long as one side of the post and bob is your uncle.

My biggest gripe with any RDA is as most of you know by now the o-rings or rather bad o-rings that doesn’t do what they are intended to do. This is however not the case with this RDA since the o-rings hold the top cap snug and this goes for the o-ring holding the drip tip as well.

As with most of the RDA’s these days this one comes with an ultem 810 drip tip as standard and it does also have an 510 drip tip adapter for those that like to use their own 510 drip tips or the included 510 drip tip.

I have been using it as a squonk RDA, and as a dripper, and it performs really good in both modes and it hasn’t caused any issues for me at all.

In the time I have used this RDA I have used it with one of my own mixes that I know better than anything else and it does provide me with good flavor and dense clouds, and fully opened you get even bigger clouds, but the flavor does drop somewhat at the same time.

All in all this is a good RDA and well worth the price asked. It delivers on flavor, it is really easy to build on and it holds a lot of juice in the juice well. The quality on it is high and the machining is good and everything fits together as it should.

Can I recommend it to others?
If you are after a good RDA, priced fairly, that is squonk ready and of high quality, I sure can recommend it.

Good flavor
Squonk ready
Deep juice well
Protruding 510 (hybrid safe)
Easy to build

The airflow ring moves to easy

Width: 24 mm
Height: 34 mm with the drip tip included
SS, Gold, Black, Gunmetal

Package includes
1 x Loop RDA
1 x 810 drip tip
1 x 510 drip tip
1 x Accessories Bag
1 x Manual

You will find it here
Loop RDA at HealthCabin for $26 at the time I wrote the review.

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!


Did you try different size coils or just “regular” 3mm ID coils?
Playing around with the size of your coils can sometimes have a huge impact on the tightness of the draw. From the looks of it, you could place fairly big coils in this RDA, but the pics could be deceiving.
It doesn’t seem like there’s a huge amount of space for your cotton, but tails are easy to trim.

Nice to see a 510 drip tip is actually included and not just the adapter :slight_smile: I really like my smaller drip tips.

You say you can recommend the RDA, but does it really stand out in anything or just one of the many good ones you can find nowadays?


Thanks for the comment.
I have not been trying out a number of different sized coils.
Yeah i did recommend it due to it delivering on good flavor. It might not be the best RDA i have tried ever but still good enough to recommend to others.


Thanks for this review and the really nice pictures, bro :+1::sun_with_face:


Most welcome bro and thanks for the comment :+1:

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great read, i really enjoy to hear what you have to say
on both tubes and drippers.
this one looks interesting maybe even interesting enough to try out.
thanks for your honest review :+1:


Thanks bro and i do appreciate your comments :+1:


Another fine review, This one looks like it has a great big juice well. I wonder how good it would do in single coil mode though. So far my best RDA is a Buddha :blush:


Thanks man. I never tried it with single coil so i can’t answer that question. Good thing you got a good rda that you are using.

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Buddha? It’s not really good, I don’t like it, I’m definitely shopping for another one so your reviews are invaluable!
I kinda wish you guys would put up a top 10 list :smile:
I think having a single coil RDA needs to be handled better than just turn the airflow, I’m looking at those single coil RDA’s that are specifically designed for just 1 coil. It may be better for me


There is a bunch of dedicated single coil attys out there now and i am sure that some of them are good. I have the Dead Rabbit SQ coming up in a review soon and that is a single coil rda.

Just go through the reviews on the rda’s that interest you and i am sure you will find yourself one that will be just perfect for you.


Have been eyeballing this one. Thanks for the write up.


@Norseman Another great review, and your pics showcased the W deck quite nicely.

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Spot on review! I love the Loop. Had it for a week and haven’t used anything else.


Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated. :+1:

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Where the build photos…? I wanna see how high your coils sit


@redscaddy22 I know that i never posted any build pics in this review. Not that i mind doing that but i think my reason at the time was that the pics didn’t have the quality needed to get posted so they got excluded.

What i can do for you however is that i take a pic or two tonight and add them to a post.


If it’s not to much trouble! Don’t go outta your way


Your pictures are always excellent… I’m sure pics would have been good for the review… I guess that’s why there always excellent though… haha


Hey @redscaddy22 here are 2 pics that shows how i had the coils in the Loop.
One reason that i had them as low as they are besides getting good flavor which i did, it is also to help out making it more restricted since it is so airy.

Thanks for the kind words man, much appreciated for sure.