Norseman's Review on the SLY from Pinoy Underground Customs

I received this RDA free of charge from a company that would like to remain anonymous for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

Before I continue with this review I want to point out that if the company who sent me this RDA hadn’t sent the Ultem cap that you see in the pictures (which costs extra), I wouldn’t have done this review at all. Therefore I am basically doing the review outside the parameters of what is included in the package when you purchase this RDA, and I am only doing that to be able to review it’s performance. You will understand the reason for this if you continue reading…

It comes in a small pouch made of imitation leather with the SLY logo embossed on it. Inside you find the RDA and a goodie bag with a few spare o-rings, 4 extra grub screws and a certificate of authenticity badge made out of plastic.

It is a 24mm 3-piece RDA with both bottom and top airflow design. You can get it in 3 different colors, Black, Gold and SS and the one I received is Black. Like many other manufacturers of exotic RDA’s, this one does also have it’s own proprietary drip tip size. I don’t own any drip tips that would fit into this one and even if I did, it would have to have threading since the drip tip is threaded. In addition to that, the included drip tip has a spit guard.

Adjusting the airflow with the original Black AFC ring is a breeze - but not in a good way - as the o-rings don’t do anywhere near what they are intended to do. The AFC ring would fall off just by me looking at it the wrong way, and I was about to give up on using this RDA due to the hassle of that cap sitting so loose and the resulting leaking. Had it not been for the Ultem cap, this review would have looked very differently.

I have tried all the o-rings that came with it (all 2 of them) and neither are worthy of being called o-rings - at least not on this RDA; it’s like using the RDA without any o-rings attached to it. I must say that Pinoy Underground Customs have done a crap job of selecting the o-rings and that’s not all she wrote…

The deck itself has flaws - it’s a hassle to build on since the coil legs have to go into the posts at an angle. When I built on it they did get stuck in the post and I had to use a screwdriver to free the leg so I could continue, but thats just a minor flaw to be honest.

A bigger flaw is the shallow deck with basically no juice well, and to top it off it is really cramped, leaving you with very little room for cotton. Those two factors, combined with the bottom airflow, make this RDA a leaking son of a bitch. When you are dripping you kinda need to paint the coils carefully, have a few toots, and then paint the coils yet again in order to be able to have a few toots - and despite that it will still leak on you. Such a shame as it does produce great flavor!

Had it not been been for all the flaws I’d have liked this RDA - I think it has the potential to be a good RDA if they take it back to the drawing board and give it a design overhaul. Personally, I would make the juice well a lot deeper and at the same time elevate the bottom airflow tubes so they are above the deck. That way you will avoid some direct leaking from juice sitting in the well and running down the airflow tubes.

I might also reconsider redesigning the deck a tad, perhaps making it a post-less deck to make it easier to build. While they’re at it they could redesign the airflow system, making it a lot easier to set what kind of airflow you want and fine tune it. As it is right now, it is kinda difficult to set the airflow and that again is a con for me.

If every single one of the SLY’s produced is like the one I received, all I can say is that it is a crap RDA. So much so that they should seriously consider taking it off the market, considering how bad the shortcomings are and how much it costs, about $85. I am actually offended that an RDA costing as much as this one can be so fucking bad (excuse my profanity) and I feel truly sorry for those who have bought one and gotten something as bad as me - especially if they haven’t been able to get their money back.

Just the hassle of having to put up with something this bad, then trying to convince a dealer it is crap, and the time and effort that went into doing this shouldn’t have to happen either.

Needless to say, Pinoy Underground Customs lack at least one basic thing and that is Quality Control, since crap like this should never have left their company in the first place. Another thing they should consider is firing the designer, since he appears to have no clue what he is doing - the outcome clearly shows that.

Can I recommend it to others?
To that question there is only one honest answer and that is HELL NO! I could never recommend anything like this to anyone who is reading this review, as it would make me the worst reviewer ever - and that my friends, is something I think I’m not.

Steer clear of the SLY RDA and spend you hard earned money on something that is actually well-built and will serve you well for a long time. Something that will give you a really nice vaping experience.

Pros and Cons
I won’t be doing any pros or cons on this RDA. Let’s be real honest here… it would serve no purpose since I do not rate the RDA as a whole.

It is a total fail - at least the one sent to me.

I would like to inform you that I contacted Pinoy Underground Customs and explained to them how bad the RDA I had received was, giving them the opportunity to save face and ship me another one for the purpose of this review. Unfortunately they haven’t had the courtesy to reply in any way whatsoever. This kinda gives me the impression that they don’t really give a fuck, which in turn is a great shame, demonstrating an evident flaw in Customer Service on top of everything else.

You can get it here:
Needless to say I won’t post any links on where to find this RDA, based on how this review has turned out. Those of you that wanna try your luck anyway will be able to find a place to buy this I’m sure.

Thanks for reading this far and Vape On!



Appreciate your honesty mate - it looks nice shame it has so many faults.


Thanks bro, as always much appreciated. It got good flavor but to shell out $85 for an rda where the top cap falls off when you look at it wrong is a bad idea :wink:


Maybe cultural etiquette in Philippines requires you to remove your cap if someone looks at you :grinning:


Great job petal. Think I’ll be avoiding that one!


Lol, but how do you really feel? I absolutely appreciate your review and don’t blame the shop selling it to want to remain anonymous but maybe they should also consider not selling garbage too. But, in all fairness until you get a review there are so many you just can’t know and even though I might b repeating myself, thank you for the review!! I personally don’t buy ANYTHING without good reviews!! I buy everything but groceries online and I research and find reviews on Amazon maybe and then buy somewhere else but only if it has good reviews, lol… mods, Atty’s, wire too now I go to utube and find the review before I buy a new rda or mod because I think you’re silly if you don’t and you get a dud. So, these reviews are everything to ppl like me I can’t thank you enough for taking the time! God speed…;))


Wow, major fail I guess! Thank you for such an honest review. I really appreciate when reviewers get a piece of crappy gear and actually tell you how it is instead of trying to spin it to make it sound decent. Great job. :+1:


$85 for a piece of crap, wow :open_mouth:


I’m really surprised at how poorly it’s put together. Usually gear coming out of the Philippines is top notch and worth the higher prices in my opnion. Definitely staying away from this one.


thats sucks its crap , but lots of respect for the brutal honesty , if its shit its shit right :wink:


Thanks for the honesty! I won’t be putting this on my list!


Thanks for all your comments guys it is much appreciated.


Nicely done review brother, shame its such a POS as I quite like the look of it…you can’t polish a turd man :ok_hand:


i wish we had more of this honest approach to reviews, as it it is there is just too many reviewers that post nothing but positive reviews, in best case they mention “minor flaws” or something like that.

I’m just having a really hard time believing that they only get great or close to great stuff sent to them. and as a consequence it gets a pain to know which ones to trust, or maybe we should go down the X-Files path and the old “trust no-one” way of looking at it.

anyway, nice to see another not just honest but also well written and with very nice photos.

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Thanks bro, you know i appreciate it and so true, a turd is a turd no matter how well you buff it up.

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Wow Brosef you totally made me lost for words for a bit. And as always i really like to hear your opinion.

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