Norseman's Review on the Suorin AIR from Suorin

I received this Suorin AIR free of charge directly from HealthCabin for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

This comes in a white box with the device printed on the front. On the backside you find additional info on the device and what’s included in the package. It does also have info on what color the device has and the obligatory scratch and sniff so you can check for authenticity.

When you open the package you will find the device split up in two pieces and in two separate compartments. Underneath you will find the USB cable for charging, and a manual.

The Suorin AIR
It is basically a 2-piece kit containing the battery part and the pod, and the kit I got is what i think is the Navy Blue colored one.

To fill up the pod you only need to have a needle tip bottle and you are good to go. It can handle a mix up to 70vg / 30pg without any issues and can hold 2 ml of liquid. After you have filled the pod up you should wait for 5-8 minutes to let the juice saturate the cotton properly before you start using it.

The battery capacity is 400mAh and depending on your vaping style it can last you quite a while. When you are vaping and the light under the on/off button is blue, it indicates you got over 50 % power left and when the light turns red, it tells you that you have less than 50 % left. When the red light flickers you will know it is time to charge the device.

It doesn’t have a button to press so in order to vape on it, all you have to do is to switch it on and start pulling air through the mouth piece. And for such a small device it does provide you with decent clouds, but in my mind not that good flavor.

Not sure if it has anything to do with me using my own recipe I always use when I try new products out or not. It might be on the complex side and a kit like this might benefit from a simpler mix to better give you the flavor the manufacturer had in mind.

Besides the lack of flavor it is a user friendly device that anyone can put together and start using almost blindfolded. The size makes it real pocket friendly and easy to stash away. The max power output on this device is 16 W and as far as I can say it is enough.

What can I say… It is a small lightweight device that is super easy to use. It gives you decent clouds but does lack somewhat in flavor. But as a starter kit to get away from tobacco it might do the trick anyway since you get the nicotine you need.

Can I recommend it to others?
I’m not sure what to say here. It isn’t my cup of tea really and the not so good flavor makes me hesitate whether this is what a newbie should have or not. I think I will let this one be open for you guys to decide and if you think it might help someone get off of tobacco, since it does provide the person with nicotine and some flavor, you just go for it.

Well built
Easy to fill the pod
Pod and battery part fits together nicely
Holds 2 ml of liquid
Easy to use

Lacks somewhat in flavor
Battery capacity could be better

Width: 8 mm
Height: 88 mm
Length: 45 mm
Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Navy Blue, Gun Metal, Red

Package includes
1 x Suorin AIR Device
1 x 1.2Ω Cartridge
1 x USB Cable
1 x Manual

You will find it here
Suorin AIR at HealthCabin for $25.99 at the time I wrote the review.

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!


Thanks for the review, bro; the thing looks interesting for out-and-about with less cloud :slight_smile:

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Thanks bro :+1: Stealthy vapes in the local PUB or something :wink:

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Great review @Norseman. Thanks for the good read👍

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Thanks for the comment and you are welcome :+1:

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Wow, That is a leap into a different world for you. Enlightening review! I still haven’t entered the world of the pod. They sure are popular though.


Had to check this out and a good review bro!

Pods sure are popular so this review is definitely helpful to a lot of people. I have ventured into them, great for traveling when you need that nic fix but don’t want to be a dick and fog out the room. They work pretty good with high mg salt nic, never thought I would be vaping 25mg but in these systems it does satisfy. Like you mentioned lacks the flavor we normally get, that is the drawback.


@Norseman A neat looking little travel buddy there, but, as you mentioned, many times the pod systems can lack from a flavor perspective. Great review.


I am venturing into the world of salt nicotine and pods as well, I think they are more suited for the new vapers but I find I have to mix 3x the normal nicotine, and I’m still trying to figure out how much extra flavor you need for +salt +highNic and +pod. Also I’m starting to think a salt/freebase blend is better for my taste.
Good review @Norseman, thanks for being real.


Thanks for the comment and yeah it is nothing i do normally but i thought i would give it a try at least :wink:


@mjag @SessionDrummer @CosmicTruth Thanks for the comments.
Yeah these things do benefit from higher nic levels for sure. It is the first pod system i have tried so i can’t really say if the lack of flavor is something they all suffer from.

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I don’t really see a drip tip-like thing on the pod. What does the part look like that you actually put to your mouth?

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It is just the top corner of the pod, and as I understand it it’s an auto fire device, so no actual fire button.


Yes @CosmicTruth got it right and also posted a pic of it. :+1:
Thanks man