Norseman's Review on the Supercar Squonk Box from 5GVape

I received this Supercar Squonk Box free of charge from 5GVape for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

This comes in what must be the coolest packaging I have gotten any products in since I started doing reviews. It is a wooden box with the 5GVape logo and the name printed on top and it is held together with a strap.

When you open it up you will see the device on one side and on the other you will find a spare juice bottle, a bag with 2 o-rings and an allen key, 2 small peek insulator disks in various thickness and a card with a QR code that will take you to a competition.

The Device
It is a wooden mechanical squonk box that you can get in 3 different colors and the one sent to me is the red rosewood box mod and it is built for the use of a single 18650.

I had no expectations on this device before I got it and after getting it and looking over it I must say that I am positively surprised on the high quality it has. It is really well built and the wood is just beautiful.

The battery door slides into place and it fits really good and it doesn’t rattle or do anything other than intended. It has a couple of magnets at the bottom that holds it in place and they do their job really well.

On the box you will find a couple of engravings, one on the front and another on the backside, the one on the front is the 5GVape logo with the name written underneath, on the backside it is a super car with the name of the device and at the very bottom you will find the serial number. All the engravings and serial number are crisp and deep.

On the internals the battery contacts are silver plated for what I assume the best conductivity possible. The 510 connection however is made out of brass as well as the contact point on the 510 inside the box.

While I talk about the 510 connection 5GVape has unfortunately used a non spring loaded 510 which means that the extra peek insulator disks that comes with it will come to use in order to make the RDA to sit flush. It also comes with a couple of o-rings that goes onto the top of the 510 in order to seal it and prevent any juice to get on the mod itself.

And to change the peek insulator disk you have to disassemble the 510 connection and if you decide to change RDA you might have to do the work all over again if the 510 pin is longer or shorter than it was on the RDA you used before.

This to me is totally unnecessary since there is some really good spring loaded 510 connections they could have used on this box. It is basically a shame that an otherwise good squonk box get to be downgraded just because of the 510 connection and the hassle with it.

The 8ml juice bottles it comes with are really soft silicone ones and they have been a pleasure to use. They are easy to fill and I have had no leaking at all so the SS cap really does it job well.

The button itself is made out of 304SS and the end directed towards the contact plate is covered with a peek insulator which prevent it from leading any current. The circuit is closed when the contact plate meet the contact point on the 510 connection and the travel on the button is not very long, a couple of mm maybe.

It does hit really good and I haven’t had any misfiring or hot button in the time I have used it. One other thing is that I can’t see any signs of arcing on any of the contact points which to me is really positive.

It would benefit from having a battery strap to make it easier to take the battery out when it is time to change it, as it is now you have to hit the mod against your hand in order to get the battery out. Not a big deal but would still have been nice to have a strap.

My overall assessment is that this is a really good squonk box despite the 510 connection but I do wish that 5GVape would consider to change it out to a spring loaded one to improve the user experience. The build quality on the device is really good and it is hitting well.

Can I recommend it to others?
If you don’t mind taking the 510 apart whenever the new RDA you put on it doesn’t sit flush I can only say go for it. It does work well, it is priced fair and it is a beautiful well built mod.

Well built
Beautiful wood
Hits good
Good juice bottles
Silver plated contacts
Squonks well

Non spring loaded 510
The hassle of changing peek insulator disks
No battery strap

Width: 27mm
Height: 79mm
Length: 47mm
Red Rosewood, Brown Walnut, Wood Beech

Package includes
1 x Supercar Squonk Box
2 x O-rings
2 x Peek insulator
1 x Allen key
1 x Card with a QR code

You will find it here
Supercar squonk box can be found on efun for $39.99, 3fvape for $39.88 and Fasttech for $39.45.

And before ending this review I want to point out a few things of importance to those new to mech mods and also the seasoned user. Remember to always pay attention to…
Battery safety
Ohms law
Keeping your mech mod clean at all times. Meaning the connections, button and internally.

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!


Its a lovely looking box, I can’t see why they didn’t use a spring loaded 510 :confused:

Great review, thanks! :+1:


making a nice device and fail on the 510…not just a wismec thing eh?
thanks for another well executed review.


Thanks man. Yeah somewhat of a fail not having a spring loaded one.


Thanks bro, not only wismec fails on the 510 :wink:


Nice one, Norseman! What a gorgeous mod. Thanks for the review!


Thanks dear, yeah it is a nice looking mod and despite the 510 issue it performs really well.


Yeah… what an odd thing. Crazy that they would skip the spring loaded pin.


Thanks for the review @Norseman. Beautiful looking mod. I love the rosewood. SHame about the pin and also the huge logo they put on it is a bit much


They will change it after they read your review. And add some sort of strap to hold the battery. Nice review brother


Thank you. Yeah it is gorgeous and i kinda agree with the engravings.

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Thanks man. After i posted this one i read up on what other reviewers had to say about it and the things i complain about have been mentioned before and they haven’t changed it yet anyway. Lets hope they do it in a near future.


Very nice review bud, awesome looking squonk may have to add it to the collection!


Great review bro and a sweet looking mod for a nice price, too bad about the cons though, those make it a pass for me but enjoyed your review man :+1:


Thanks man, if you do add this to your collection let me know what you think of it.


Thanks bro. Yeah it is a shame they have used a non spring loaded 510 on it. Not having a battery strap i can live without.

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I have heard both good & bad about this mod which has kept me from getting one. I’m still sitting on the fence, they look nice, the non spring loaded 510 is of no bother to me, but is one of the cons I have read the most about. I would find my best squonk RDA that fits flush or nearly flush and that’s that…if I do ever get one that is. I dunno, they do look nice, some how I think they look cheap, not inexpensive which they are, but just…cheap, can’t really pin it down, maybe I’ll give it another look, for now I have other squonk mods that I’m looking at over these. Thank you for the review though, very, very good, concise, well written, you tell us what we need to know about this device and you give an honest review.


Thanks for the comment man :+1:

The non spring loaded 510 is really a bad move on their part. I do hope they change it out in a near future. I kinda like the looks of it and it looks different in your hand than it does on pics online.

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