North west flavors VG based flavors ECX

I bought a few of these a week ago and I bought some more today. They are pretty good I expected them to be meh lighter. But they’re pretty hardy.

Birthday cake - it varies greatly I used it at 8% successfully tried it as a stand alone originally at 18% nothing to write home about. It’s a creamy cake w/o a heavy batter taste. Lightly sweetened.

Strawberry- woo cap’s sweet better watch out ! VG based and sweet strawberry imma happy girl ! Have been using btw 4-8% pretty darn sweet thou.

Cream- clean cream not much of a flavor addition there may be a small amount of vanilla in there as it’s not as stern as a sweet cream nor as fresh as FA. Very good thou.


Blueberry - candy like use less and add a realistic like wild to it. I used it around 5% in a mix w/ their cream way too much.

Blueberry Acai pomegrante -I’m hoping I like this one. So far only have one recipe with it. Used at 4 % and it seemed alright as a mixer. Nice berries with some tartness on the Pom.

Graham cracker- this doesn’t really smell or taste like Graham cracker. It has an essence of it but this one is a miss. But it does taste nice and sweet cream like.

Lemonade- yummy used around 3% taste good not the best lemonade around.

Mint- spot on peppermint ! Used around 1-2%

I’ll update and edit as I get more familiar with these. Keep in mind I’m using these more than a pg flavor so percentages may widely vary.

Raspberry - great flavor ! I use it at 3% in a mix it’s nice and sweet.

Fruit candy- I can’t tell what fruit it’s supposed to be even at high %s it just adds a sweetness to a mix. It doesn’t really taste like a gummy candy. Not a standalone.

Bomb pop- reminds me of a strawberry blueberry cream pop but not nearly as pronounced as I’d like it. I even used it at 8% in a mix and it was still faint like in the background adds rounded cream with the slight berries. Not a standalone

Pink burst- named after of course pink starburst it is seriously good ! I have only used it a few times so far well twice and it indeed adds a sweet melon - strawberry creaminess to your juice. More SB than
melon. I used it as a mixer at 2-4%

Rainbow sherbet- mildly sweet needs something else so I usually add 3% of raspberry nwf to this mix and sometimes 2% of sweet raspberry TFA and those compliment each other really nicely. Main thing is is it has potential but it needs help a lil help in strength but easy fix using the flavors I mentioned.

The lemonade I have found that around 5-6% is good and you can get a way with using 4-5% and add 1.5% lemon Sicily which makes it really good.

I recently picked up Max dew NWF ( northwest flavor ) from ECX it is very good at adding that addition lemon lime effect to your fruits or you could use it to make a Mountain Dew of course but I didn’t try that one yet. Per ECX they say for % wise 5-10% I have not given it a standalone test since I rarely make them.

Anyhow at 4% it is really a nice mixer in adding a little bit of zest to your mix.

Thrilled to hear you like them :slightly_smiling:

We just added a bunch more!

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