Northern Lights and the coming Solar Maximum

We are heading into a solar maximum and with that come the “Northern Lights” as most people know them. Ill update this post when a CME of importance is inbound.

Tonight we are seeing a bit of a show up where i am, Chassell, MI. We just went from a KP5 G1 to a KP6 G2 event so if you are up in the higher northern latitudes poke yer head out but remember to do so for awhile to let your eyes adjust or you wont see much. It might be possible to see them from a city if you are farther north than i am.

I just came in from observing but i wasnt alone out there, i brought a red light flashlight and saw two pair of eyes from the two deer that sleep in the yard.


@fidalgo_vapes you might be able to see them where you are tonight.


It has settled a bit but looks like it will be increasing again shortly. It was pretty wild for about an hour and a half, the entire sky was filled with ribbons of green light. Just incredible.

Now i just need to figure out how to take pictures of the night sky with my camera phone…


I was able to capture a couple pictures with a little help from the interwebs. Sorry for the quality but ill get better.

These are post peak so they arent as vibrant as they were earlier.


Wow @Ken_O_Where, that is a neat website.


Very cool stuff Ken. :sunglasses:


Awesome, I saw that yesterday. I’m in Massachusetts and if it’s a kp6 we can sometimes see a glow if it’s very clear, no clouds and go into the forest where there are no lights. Last spring even Ct saw beautiful colors. It was stormy here last night.


It was quite beautiful. I ended up taking a blanket out and laid in my hammock to watch for another hour and a half. We hit KP7 G3 but the magnetic field moved slightly north so it wasnt as intense but it was still lovely. There is a possibility of another event tonight.

@SessionDrummer I know right? So much nerd stuff on that site. I use a couple others too but none are to detailed.