Nostalgia: Juices that you Enjoyed - Pictures and Descriptions Required

Hey guys, what are some Old School Juices that you used to love, that are no longer available and you used to enjoy buy a bottle from time to time? Please include Pictures and a Description of the juice.


This was amazing back in the day… Rich ice cream flavour, some lemony pebbles cereal but it was sickeningly sweet and gunked your coils pretty fast. So good.

Ragin’ Donuts was a Cereal Donut, 2 big profiles way back when… This juice was delicious and I can’t find the Original bottle because of IP theft, but it was a Donut with Angry Bird features… Very good stuff.


This stuff was AMAZING… I’ve never tasted something so complex and well balanced, perfect cream, perfect sweet, perfect spices and I really kick myself for spending money on high end gear instead of buying these one shots from the UK as this company went under. You will be missed Marina Vapes.

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