Not a Review of the GTRS VBOY 200 Sub Ohm AKA Too Lazy or Can't Be Arsed

Yes, I know, if it is not a review than why post it here :woman_shrugging:


I hate reviews, I’m not good at them and I really don’t want to be good at them.
But I won this mod in a contest by the wonderful @Heaven_Gifts and I really, really like it so I feel sort of obliged to say something about it.

It is small and very ergonomic, has the 510 smack in the middle and does TC very well (Yihi board)
Normally I skip the TC but with this one I find myself using it.

This is the first mod that I own that has the time and date on it :heart_eyes:
I know it is silly I can just look at the :mantelpiece_clock: but I’ve always wanted a mod that could tell me the time.
Since we are nowhere without our dreams and this one came true, I’m now eagerly awaiting the mod with the speaking clock.
Preferably with the voice of the Daleks, that would make me feel


There are various wallpapers you can choose from and you can also upload your own, that is if you are in the possession of a Windows computer, which I’m not.

The battery life is very, very good. I get about two days out of it. Now compared to a lot of people here I’m not a very heavy vaper and I don’t vape at very high temperatures but I’ve never done as long with any of my other 2 battery mods.

Now if you want an extended review of this mod I suggest you look at the video below


Yeah, I know but he does it so much better :sunglasses:

The video is not as extended as usual but that is because he did a review of the IPV Eclipse already which is, apart from a few differences in the looks department, exactly the same as this one.
And they call me lazy :roll_eyes:

He does have a gripe with the battery door of the red version that kept falling off. The blue version didn’t have that, just a little cap and my dark blue version doesn’t have any of those issues.
Apparently they fixed that. (I actually read in the comment section of the video that they did indeed fix that issue and it’s not a case of me being lucky):+1:

Mine does have a little logo on the back saying 10 year anniversary Heaven Gifts but I get that they are excited about that :tada: and it is a gift.
I don’t know if this is only on the mods that they gave away for their anniversary. I wouldn’t want to see that on a device that I payed for.
Brand name (small please) OK, name of the seller, definitely not.

Now if you are dying to know all the specs and price of this marvellous little device I suggest you scoot over to and you can read all about it or you can just be lazy and watch the video.


I like your ‘not a review’ very much indeed! :tada: Good looking mod too​:+1::sunglasses:


I’m LIKING your NOT review.


Thank you very much my dear and you too @SessionDrummer I’m really enjoying this mod.


I didn’t get a little logo on my prize :thinking:


It is not that little actually, 2x3 cm.
I don’t know what you’d won but I’m sure you wouldn’t want to see that printed on a tank


I won a mod for the wife, weird how they would put that on there…

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I’m curious now if anyone else got stuff with that printed on it.


Good Job @Josephine_van_Rijn !


Yeah, very cool mod. I just can’t get past a name like VBOY tho. It sounds kind of um…non-hetero? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thanks bro, good to see you’re still hanging around. You’ve been quiet lately :hugs:

I’m a girl, I can get away with it without raising eyebrows :sweat_smile:


I just recieved mine…its a very good mod. …i have 2 g class and this is a poor mans G class…no joystic or bluetooth…but the rest is the same…I got it at a great price in USA during a sale …I should of got 2…its built like a tank…fits perfect in the hand…don’t pass this up…

I also got the IPV Eclipse in the same order…its also a very good mod…warning…these mods are HEAVY not for carring in your pants …or you could get embarresed when they fall down…lol…

also i have no problem with any of the battery doors…I did the bump test a few times…all is good…


I too love my GTRS VBOY, it just feels so good in my hand.

I was very fortunate to receive a few mods from friends and family for my birthday and the VBOY is the best of the bunch.


Definitely the best one I have in my possession.


Awesome none review you did there lmao!..short and to the point, I particularly love the fact that it is completely full of no specs whatsoever :wink:
I am at the ‘taking pics’ part of reviewing this and I do have the red one…and it does have the dodgy battery door, not a massive issue…but an issue all the same, apart from that though I absolutely love it it’s an awesome mod.
nice job :wink:


Well, thank you. You can read those anywhere. :sweat_smile:
I’m looking forward to your review on this and I’m sorry you got one with a dodgy door and I’m also sorry that this is the second time I write a review about something just before you’re doing one on the same thing :zipper_mouth_face:


lol meh I don’t care about things like that at all don’t worry, I’m not accomplished enough to get gear before it comes out but it just so happens I got the Drop and Zeus this month so they took precedence, I’m not even doing it now I’m doing the Voopoo Alpha 1…next on the list though :wink:


nice non review I keep looking at it calling my name but end up getting something else :point_right::call_me_hand::point_right::call_me_hand::point_right::call_me_hand: