Not floral tobbacos

Hello, i m new here, i m not sure if i post in the right place, but can you pls recommand me some tobacco flavors that are not floral? I cant stand the floral taste in a vape. Thanks.


Welcome @Ers ! I’m sure someone here with a lot of Tobacco experience will be able to guide you. I just bought quite a few different Tobacco’s from different manufacture’s but I haven’t had the time to sample them. I did just mix two recipes from members here and I’m already really liking both of them. They get better with time. Tobacco blends take about four to seven weeks to mature. That’s what the word is around here. Your asking about which specific flavors to avoid but I’ll throw these links to the two recipes I was referring. To me there is nothing Floral about either so that’s four Tobacco flavors you might consider. I’d go ahead and get the DNB, you can use it with any tobacco.

MACHO by Stafylidis Vladimiros


Old Habits by Stafylidis Vladimiros

The flavor Dirty Neutral Base, or DNB gives the Ash component of a combustion cigarette.


Well, can you say which kind of tobacco blend you like the taste of.

If we know what you really like, then it’s easier to help you to find what you want. Do you want a blend that’s like a Polish cigarette or a pipe blend that focuses on ViPer notes etc?


I’m not big on tobacco flavors but I’ve found Flavorah Red Burley to be very good and not floral at very low percentages. It is very reminiscent of a “red” type cigarette, type of tobacco. It smells and tastes like a freshly opened pack of Marlboro reds.

@JiM210 is right with his recommendation for that DNB, though. If you’re looking for that “just lit cigarette” accurate sort of ashy flavor, you definitely want that in your stash!

DNB doesn’t have any tobacco flavor to it, it gives you that sort of “burned cigarette” flavor without actually adding the “cigarette” if you get my meaning… Your tobacco vapes will otherwise taste like fresh, unlit tobacco leaves.

One other suggestion would be FA Black Fire, also at really low percentages. It has “Liquid Smoke” sort of flavor. There’s no actual tobacco flavor to it, either, it just gives you that burnt wood taste, like you’re sitting next to a wood fire with some really nice hickory wood burning good and hot.


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Thanks a lot guys for the replies, i ll get the flavors you recomended. I forgot to mention in my post the tobaccos i find floral at any percentage when mixing with them: 7leaves ultimate and tuscan reserve from fa.Another question Are the tobaccos from tpa any good? Also the flv ones?Thanks again guys!


If you love tobaccos, my suggestion would be search or do your own NETs, it’s the purest form of vaping baccos. if you find them go for Stixx MIxx, La Tabaccheria.

Other than that, my first choice would be Inawera because they make their tobaccos from the tobacco concrete (Bought from Galen N in Bulgary) none of them are floral.

Second choice, Flavorah, their Red Burley is a must have! But all their line is a must, Kentucky, Classic Cigarette, Sweet and Smokey, you name it, none of them are floral.

FA and other brands is where you might find some hit or miss, FA 7 leaves (it’s what I call 7 leaves of tea… Tiuscan reserve not even close to a tuscan cigar, that is a fermented Kentucky)
Generally I’d stay away from FA, just a couple of flavours are really worth mentioning, dark vapure, perique black and Latakia as a layer filler, not as a main note, even the new Decano is far from a tobacco, but I see a shiity cigarette made out of it and hitting the mark!

Additives that you must have: FA Black Fire and DNB (ashy notes as @JiM210 said) , Oak Wood (TPA or FA) INW, Classic Cigarette and Native FLV, you use them to support a layer.
I’d add TPA Holiday Spice (trick of the trade) if you need that spicy, nutmeg French cigarette and Kuhmist (cow shit) by CDD for the Kentucky manure note. FA Flash to increase Throat Hit (easy with it, tends to mute the mix)

A lot depends on what are you aiming for, I made this one for the MHM show and it’s far from floral,

But I’ve got a few of them search through my profile.

BTW Welcome to ELR @Ers


Wow, thanks a lot for taking the time to reply, really insightful and helpfull!


Found a recipe to suit you?


I’ll order some of this recomended flavors(thank you all for that), test them and then i ll get an ideea of what kind of recipes would be suitable for me.Thanks for the interest!