Not getting satisfying vapes!

Hi All,

I have hit my 1yr 3 months into vaping, I am experienced in wicking RDAs, RTAs etc. Recently I have noticed that I am not having much luck into getting a perfect vape setup, I am still not getting that satisfying sensation.

Maybe I due to the move to my new two RTAs - TFV8 (using RBA) and Aromamizer Supreme. I have found that even though I am doing the wicking right, the cottons are burning up preety quick, like within a day. I am using Kendo Gold cotton always been my best cotton for use.

Is it that my vaping style has changed? I maybe take too long puffs? Or is my diy liquids?

Vaping style - I really enjoys warm vapes, so I bump up the wattage but this results in some really hot spits backs on my tongue which kinda puts me off alot. I am sub ohming at 0.2ohms dual coil in both TFV8 and Aromamizer supreme.

Puffs - Over the time my lung capacity has increased and now I normally draw upto 4-5 seconds, is that it? Maybe causing too much stress on the cottons or maybe it cant keep up with my pull?

Diy liquid - I make all my liquids at home, and usually in 100ml or 240ml batches nowadays. I start off with mixing my flavors then, leave it in an UC for 1hr and start vaping instantly. For todays example - Strawberry mustard recipe at 1.5mg 25/75 PG/VG. Is it too thick?

Sorry for the long post but I just am kinda confused.


I’m just curious about your wire type, wattage or tc?


My 2 cents. Research and apply the “Scottish Roll” wick technique. It turns cotton into a much more durable, long lasting wick. As wattage increases, you really need more cotton than you did with lower wattage, especially if you are going over 100w, you need it pretty tight in there. The roll effectively creates a bar of cotton, depending how tight you roll it, it can be very very sturdy. Uses much more cotton, but short of switching to hemp, its going to be your best option.


Wire type is prebuilt kanthal alien coils from fast tech. With a dual coil setup, I am getting 0.2ohms in parallel. Firing at 45-50W, above that too much spitting killing my tongue.

I use the scottish roll method in all my wicking, but did not really know about using more cotton for higher temps. I am always scared of choking the cotton, so always use less, but having said that the kendo gold actually expands more when it saturates. I will still look into it. How much would you fire a 0.2ohm dual coil setup for your vape if you dont mind me asking?

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As far as vape satisfaction I’d suggest another wire type, but the spitback issue sounds like a wicking problem. I know when my wicks are too worn or loose I get spitback among other problems.

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I mean, i’m temp controlled most of the time, 4-6 seconds actual inhale time, firing for 6-8 seconds total. Wattage is about 60 these days. When I was using series mechs, i found I had to put the cotton in pretty tight to sustain 140+ watts, much more cotton than I’d have used at 60 normally.

In the past I also used those coils and have discovered that they are very low quality.
Try some quality hand made coils, Aliens or framed staples, I would suggest N80 and I’m sure your vaping experience will improve greatly.
The coils may seem expensive, but good quality hand made coils last 2 or 3 months provided they are looked after.
M.Terk Aliens are the best, expensive but absolute quality. Ohmland coils are very good too and they are cheaper.
Try M.Terk Aliens in a Goon or Apocalypse RDA and I guarantee you’ll be happy.

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Well apart from making sure if the coils are firing at equal rate on both sides, I dont really know how that can affect the vape? But I will still grab me some good ones and give it a shot, at this point I am open to anything tbh.

And definitely wicking with more cotton when I get home from work. I will keep you all posted. I need to get to the bottom of this :slight_smile:

High wattage and longer hits definitely increases the stress on your cotton. Higher temps will cause more build-up, too, IME. So when you have more liquid consumption going through your wicks, it won’t last as long.

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Using kendo gold, I dont think I am vaping more than 20ml a day. I would expect it to last a bit longer I think.

Ive recently had similar experiences and I decided to rewind to a place where I was enjoying my vapes, so I dug out my orchids and lemos and coiled them with simple 30g kanthal to 1.8 ish ohms and with slightly reduced air flow Im back to being able to take cool 8 - 10 second lung hits and my juices taste fantastic again


I’ve found myself vaping too hard, long draws and kind of chain vaping…

This kills my cotton / coils / flavour

Once i slow myself down and take smaller more controlled pulls everything is better


You know what, I just bought myself a new mod yesterday on my way home, I kid you not it makes a difference in my vapes. Like I couldnt believe that a good mod cad change the vaping experience. I think it has something to do with my rx2/3. Vaping with same setup at same wattage, I find an enjoyable vape on my asmodus mod. Never thought that would ever make a difference. Currently I am at work, might open up the rx2/3 to find any faults.


I actually get that from flavor fatigue once in a while. I went back to using stock coils because the RDA’s are good but I just don’t get that consistent full flavor hit where I can taste the liquid with the RDA. Kind of drives me nuts actually.

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