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Not really a question, but something to share and get feedback on


So I got into DiY due to relatively high prices of ejuice in my corner of the world, and the general drive for tinkering.
I mixed a few recipes, loved a few, hated a few, and then I did something that I still hate myself for.
I decided to go for a larger batch (120ml), and the only available bottle I had was an empty bazooka apple ice straw. I loved that ejuice, and it was my adv for a few weeks.
The ejuice recipe I mixed was the mother’s unicorn milk which I just loved.
I washed the bottle, but couldn’t get the smell out of the stopper. I mixed the juice up following the same recipe (and I used a glass 60ml bottle to mix it up). I whipped up two batches, poured it all into the 120ml bottle, and it totally killed it.
The juice tastes just terrible (even after a 3 week steep). I can barely feel the creamy notes, and it has an overpowering fruity note that just won’t go away.
Basically, lesson learned. Don’t reuse fruit/mint bottles for creamy custardy e-juice :slight_smile:
Did anyone else have similar issues?


Sorry to hear, but lesson learned huh?

This is why I only like to use glass bottles for my DIY. Plastic tends to hold on to flavors longer.

Also, never ever wash plastic bottles with hot water. It will infuse that smell/flavor into the plastic. Always use cold water, and give it several rinses. It will not hold on to flavors so much.


Couldn’t agree more. Best remedy I can think of is to buy brand new gorilla bottles, label them, and always re-use them for the exactly same juice I want to mix.
For all the test mixes i’m definitely going for glass.


I’ve had good luck with my plastic bottle re-use by rinsing them well then soaking them in denture cleaning tablets, then thoroughly rinsing again. Strong juices tend to leave a little aroma behind but I’ve yet to encounter one that has imparted any flavor to the next juice in line. YMMV as always.


I’ve been reusing plastic bottles since I started DIY-ing my juice over a year ago, and haven’t had this issue. I label my bottles with a “F” for fruits and a “B” for bakery. Custards and desert juices fall into the “B” column. About the only lingerer I’ve had is cinnamon-flavored juices, but those bottles are easy enough to sniff out-LOL!


As @paingawd has stated I have used (and still use) my plastic bottles over and over again with no problems. The thing with using only cold water is (imho) only half correct. I initially clean in cold water (a few rinses) then use hot water. I look at it in the vein of a cast iron skillet. Ya heat that sucker up to open the pores… then add oil (this is a seasoning technique) when the skillet cools the pores reduce and you have a nice skillet. In cleaning bottles if you initially use hot water, the pores open and whatever flavorings you had left in that bottle infuse into the pores when the temp cools off. By initially rinsing with cool or cold water your removing the flavoring before it has the opportunity to infuse into the pores…
This all may be a fib… but it’s how I’ve lied to myself about it for years and I normally can’t smell a thing from my washed bottles.


I use both glass and plastic, but I’ve never had the issue described above.

When my bottles are empty, I fill them with a bit of distilled white vinegar and cold water. Let stand for 10 minutes then rinse them very well, after that they are rinsed one more time under hot water and then put in my dishwasher and run through it, without the heater being on.

They never smell or keep residue of other flavorings, don’t crack, melt, scratch etc.

The toppers I place in a vinegar hot water solution, leave them there for 20 minutes and rinse after.

I’m not using lpde bottles, not sure if that would make the difference here tho. With the ones I use, it works that way just fine.


Do you soak you bottles in the the same cup as your dentures?

About that PM asking for you to send me juice…nevermind…I’m good. :joy:


That’s a very good idea! Thanx for that!! :+1:


Of course! We DIY types are frugal…

Oh, and I got your juice right here. :grimacing:


I soak my plastic bottles in cold soapy water for hours or even days, rinse them out and smell.
They either go to dry or back in the soap until they’re clean. If you have lingering smells from a used bottle, it means you’re just not ready with the cleaning process.
For the worst cases, you can try a USC with a water/vodka mix and repeat until they’re clean.

Note that this is for PET bottles though. I’ve also had a few softer plastic bottles and they’re just a waste of time. They’re a lot more porous and once a strong flavor is in, it’s nearly impossible to get it out.

Glass is definitely easier to clean and a lot more environmentally friendly. It’s also a lot more breakable and I do find that the pipette from a glass bottle is difficult to clean.


I have been using Milton Antibacterial Solution in a jug of warm water according to directions. It says no rinse formula but i do rinse in hot water, shake in a sieve and leave to dry.
Milton is used for sterilising baby’s bottles etc.
It does have a strong smell so i always rinse.
I used to work in a hospital & we used it there with the rinse step.
I havent had any problems. :slight_smile:

Sorry @Suomynona , I meant to reply to @adary :open_mouth:


Like others I constantly reuse my plastic bottles, just giving them a rinse and waterbath, without any problems.

Sure, there is sometimes a slight lingering smell in the bottles, but the amount of flavour molecules that would leak into the next mix, is so small that we are talking parts per million or more likely parts per billion, and you would never be able to actually taste such minute amounts.


Sounds like I’m outside the norm, but I don’t reuse any of my bottles. Depending on the size, the bottles run between 50 cents and a dollar a piece, but even with that sunk cost for each batch, it’s still way cheaper than buying retail juice so I’m still coming out ahead on the cost.


The plan I just made is to buy about a dozen 120ml gorilla bottles and use each one for one recipe only that I mix a lot. I also ordered a box of glass 30ml bottles for smaller mixes and testing. Guess this will cover all my bases.


I’ve been using these recently and they are high quality, using the more reliable type of caps. I can’t remember what the undesirable type of cone cap is, but these are the “right” ones.

This is way more efficient than the 120ml Gorilla bottles I used the first time I wanted to mix my favorites. Those hard plastic Gorillas got all wrinkled up after the 2nd mix.

Also, Amber/Brown glass is one of the most efficient colors for blocking light.



I just love it when I see this on Amazon: Price: $10.99 + $16.86 Shipping & Import Fees Deposit to Israel

I’m trying to find amber glass bottles locally. I just hate it when shipping is more expensive than the product itself.


Sorry, I had just read that you were outside the US and completely spaced out! There may be a supplier of similar bottles closer to you. Take this as a more efficient bottle recommendation as opposed to a seller recommendation. Cheers!


If you have any restaurant supply stores in your area, it may be worth checking them out. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had glass or PET bottles to hold sauces and marinades.


If you want free shipping, try ordering from Ali Express or some other Chinese wholesaler. It takes a bit more patience but you can strike pretty good deals there.
My last order was 100 30ml unicorn bottles for something like €0.2 a piece and they’re good quality. They have a wide variety of … EVERYTHING :smiley: