Not sure howw to use 'what can i make?'

seems that the items I put in don’t give back many search results. I have 17 concentrates. But most of them have variants so that seems to miss out loads of recipes since the variants haven’t been matched. please help

Did you type in the flavor names, or select them from the Flavor List?

Hi, I just let the machine work from my stash, is there a better way?

it will only match up recipes with the same brand, you can try your own adaptions with what you have in your own stash but the results will be different, not bad, just different.


How did you add the flavors to your stash? Manually, or did you choose from the Flavor List?

I’ll break it down for you. One of the quirks is that there can be multiple entries for any flavor. Some folks who don’t know might “manually” add flavors with different spellings, not using the standard ID conventions, and we end up with multiples. SO:


ah right, yeah I misunderstood the prob…ignore me haha…:disappointed:

The most effective way to add flavors to your stash is to launch the “Flavor List” under “Resources”.
Search for your flavor (try just one keyword). When the results appear, you will see what I mean about duplicate entries. To pick the most correct one, sort by the “Recipes” column, so the most used ones are on top. Then click on your flavor name (the spelling with the most recipes). When the flavor page loads, click “Add to my stash”. Repeat for all your concentrates.

Now, when you use “what can I make”, it will search the most recipes, and give you the best results.

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After inspecting your stash, I’m not sure about the “vapable” flavors formatting. But if you correct these in black, you will get more results.

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Because of the inconsistencies with how people label their flavors (although @JoJo seems to be doing a great job at merging those), I’ve found that a better way to find recipes is to just search one or two main flavors that I’m looking for in a mix (use the “search by flavor stash” button) and see what I can find that way. By doing that I can often find recipes with maybe one or two flavors that I might have different versions of, but are in the right ballpark. I’ve missed out on recipes when using the “what can I make” button because I have every flavor except, say, sucralose or the “right” cantaloupe flavor.


I make sure I get all the spelling variations into my stash for all the flavors I have like
Orange Mandarin (TPA)
orange manderiam
Orange Manderin
Orange Manderin (TPA)
orange manderine
Orange Mandrin
I do that for all the flavors I have, once the flavor stash is all loaded just click the what can I make. Then you can sort what comes up various ways like star ratings, or reverse time to see the oldest. If the recipe has different flavors than what you have, adapt it and modify it to your liking. that way you can tweak the flavor levels and nic strength.

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Also remember to add any DX variations


Thanks all. I’ll go with that workaround just now Cosmic, cheers

When you add a flavor you can see some have been used 0 times so I don’t add those. JoJo does a great job of consolidating the flavors, sometimes I see my stash will have 10 of the same flavors where she has worked her magic.