Not that strong flavor


I started mixing my own juices about a month ago.
Tried several highly rated recipe from the site here but I found that I don’t get that much flavor from them, I can taste them but mildly. Yet, when I use a commercial juice, it’s just a flavor explosion…
Any advice?

I’m using a drop dead rda with dual fused clapton coils at 0.22ohms, 50 to 55W


not to knock the highly rated juices , but a lot of them need a long steep a month at minimum so you may have vaped them early …also some are not only highly rated but over rated , the rating system isnt the best , so there is a 50/50 chance you will not like them


Most high rated recipes are also from 2015/2016 using the exact percentage won’t work with newer gear, especially rda’s.

Try diluting a mix or mix at half that percentage and see if you get more out of it.

Sometimes it can be the exact opposite, some newer higher rated recipes might be mixed at too low of a percentage, then increasing it might work out.

As well as steep time as fidalgo pointed out does matter, and so does nic. strength. If you for example adapt a recipe mixed at 3% but you’re using it at 9+ then it needs changes etc.

Increasing your sweetener can help too, if you’re looking for that commercial level, but it will be hard on your coils, if that doesn’t matter to you, give that’s a chance.

It’s all speculation till we are actually seeing the recipe you’re referring too, unless it’s all of them.


May I ask which recipes you tried? It will help other mixers to help you.


These are some of the recipes I have tried so far (sources: elr, diy or die, diy vapor)
Mixing at 5mg/ml 30%pg, 70%vg, for the nic I’m using 200mg/ml 100%pg from bunkerbase.
These recipes are for 175ml but mixed first batch of them at 30ml to give them a test.
I had the fruit based recipes steep for about 5 days, recipes that contain creams or VW I had steep for 14 days


None of them have any sweeteners. Unless I need my glasses. =) Sweetener can help bring up the over all flavor. Unless your not partial to sweeteners.

Just a note… havn’t tried any of these.


How was that kiwi vape for you?

I bet if you reduced and removed flavoring and added you will have a better time. Straw ripenat 8% is way too high.

Kiwi fa 3
Kiwi double tpa 2
Straw ripe 3
Marshmallow fa 0.75
Fresh cream fa 0.25


Looks like you are getting good advice.

  • They need a longer steep
    • Fruit 2wks
    • Creams and custards 4 wks
  • Most of the recipes you got there need LESS flavor

I would follow the percentages @Chrispdx gave you.
and lastly follow a couple of the mixers you see posting and look through their recipes. You will find better quality stuff that way.

Here is a recipe you can start vaping right away. It doesn’t need to steep but does get better with time. I should say smoother with time.

Oh ya, make your stash public and we can help you better if we know what you have to work with


The strawberry kiwi had almost no flavor, it had a hint of strawberry but extremely mild.
I think I tasted some of the kiwi since the mild strawberry had bit of a weird taste to it, but if I didn’t know kiwi was in it, I wouldn’t be able to tell, doesn’t taste anything like kiwi.

Don’t have the marshmallow atm but can probably get it by Friday, or can I swap it for something else?
made my flavor stash public.


done, think it is up to date.


You have super sweet Cap and meringue FA. Try subbing the meringue for the marshmallow. Might add 0.5% of the super sweet to your existing bottles of mixes.


Looks like you have some decent flavors,

I think you could swap out the marshmallow for Meringue FA or Cream fresh FA or sweet cream. Personally, I would mix up 3 different ones at 10ml each using each of the flavors I just named and then see which one you like. That has the added benefit of seeing what each of those concentrates does in a recipe.


This is a very good Strawberry Kiwi recipe swap the Vienna Cream for vanilla custard TPA at 1.00% and cream fresh at .75

This would be a good person to look through her recipes.


Swap the previously suggested creams with 0.75% Bav cream tpa. The goal is only to provide a slight base for the fruit to sit on top of and shave down sharp notes.


Pay close attention to any recipe containing MTS, Smooth, Cotton Candy (Ethyl Maltol). The percentages used should be very low (less than 1%) in most cases. These have been known to mute some flavors at higher levels.


Ok, so I had a mix called water-malone from diy or die that had finished steeping and I must say … FLAVORS, very strong, just smack in your face kind of flavors.

Also mixed the strawberry kiwi that was suggested here, it’s still steeping but had a quick taste test and it wasn’t that much, maybe I just don’t like strawberry kiwi :slight_smile:

Anyway, I suspect that I might have a problem tasting certain flavors properly.
So I mixed a few with only one type of flavor, for example 1 mix with only strawberries, 1 with apples… and so on, to see if I have a problem with some of them.