Notes from last two days not being saved

I’ve been doing a strawberry shootout (currently have 10 different testers running) and have been adding my 1 week notes over the last 36 hours.

I’ve had this problem before (notes being lost), and I gave up keying them in here for some time as a result. However, I figured I’d give it another go, and all appeared well (entered notes, click save, no problem). But on another page refresh just now, all my notes that I’ve added once again, are gone. The previously entered info remains though (pricing, size, sale info/code, vendor, etc). So I’m at a loss.

On a side note (not sure if related or not) I’m also getting the following error after trying to adapt other user’s recipes:

I’ve had this message on the recipe side a few times in the last few weeks, but thought it might be due to something that was being handled at the moment. Obviously it’s not, as it’s persisting.

One of the things I’m wondering is, I browse i ELR like the rest of the Web. Multiple tabs for the same site (otherwise I get lost on tangents easily, and forget the original piece I was reading).

IE: I currently have 17 tabs open on the phone (probably 6 in ELR forums, and 4-6 on the ELR recipe side).

I know about clearing cookies etc. And have previously gone so far as completely clearing all data in relation to the browser (akin to uninstalling and installing a fresh browser), but no joy.

The last time I had the notes issue, was on an older version of both Firefox and chrome (both have been updated multiple times since then).


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I’ve heard someone else getting this error and I’ve gotten it too when I have recipes open in multiple tabs. If you have the flavor open on more than one tab that might be an issue. I’m not sure what’s up, but I’m sure @daath can help out.

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What is giving you the error is ELR’s protection against CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery). Basically when a form is loaded, a hidden token is incorporated in the form, and when the form is submitted, the token is inspected to check if it was what was expected. Tokens are only valid for a certain amount of time, and if it becomes invalid, you’ll get the error you see there.

To prevent this, you should be able to reload the page, before you submit the form. None of that code has changed recently, it’s been like this for quite a while… :slight_smile:

Let me know if you keep getting this error, and let’s see if we can figure something out! :smiley:

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Is the token per page (or tab), or per browser, or…?

I know at least once, I refreshed my browser tab before adding notes, and everything seemed fine, but even then it didn’t actually save (only figured that the next day). Part of it seems to be independent (as I’ve usually maintained active browsing on the forum) but then I switch to the part (tabs which were dormant) on the recipe side, and some parts refreshed, while others didn’t. And it seems like the two are fighting amongst each other within the browser. /just guessing
I would think that the token from the recent browsing on the forum side would “override” the previous one(s) on the recipe side, but obviously that cannot be the case.

The last time (months and months ago) this happened, I recall having my main flavor flavor list open, then opening the individual flavor page, adding comments, then saving them. Then I closed the individual flavor page (tab). Repeated several times, then with only the main flavor page open, refreshed, and that’s when everything disappeared.

So I hit things differently this time, having only the flavour page open. Expending each flavor individually, adding notes, then saving after each.
Granted, I still had the forum side open (several tabs), and several tabs open for being able to favorite, and then adapt recipes.

I thought they would be independent, and while to some extent they “were”, it seems that in reality they are shared (to whatever extent).

I feel like I’m the exception to the norm in my browsing (which wouldn’t surprise me at all), but, I do things in related groups, so often times, things can and do get shoveled aside, until I have enough to bother with (recipes to add/adapt, flavor notes to update, tangent threads to finish reading). Usually over the course of a few hours.

PS: If this has headed into some security conscious aspects (given above) or might require delving further into that arena, please feel free (of course) to make this private, or whatever you deem appropriate. While I want to figure out the problem so that I can work with (or around) whatever the given constraints are, I would never want to risk (advertantly or inadvertently) putting ELR’s Web safety at risk.
Not that you would either, just acknowledging that we all have those moments of "should I really have put that out there? /scratches head