NovaVapes Orange Nimbus and ECR_EU juice!

What’s up vapefam!

I will be looking into something special today, I’ve received a juice that was selected by our European community at /r/ecr_eu.
It’s aptly called “ecr_eu juice” and it’s made by the guys at NovaVapes in the UK!
Also included was their new flavor “Orange Nimbus”, which looks simply delicious and deliciously simple…

These bottles were sent to me for the purpose of this review by


A while back the community known as ECR_EU celebrated its one year anniversary and with that came a full week of contests.
One of the contests was organized by Novavapes, it entailed that members of the community had to suggest flavors they liked to create a “community driven juice”.
/u/maniacpsycho came up with a winning combination of sour raspberry, pomegranate and passion fruit, and Novavapes then proceeded to create the juice.
Being a community effort, the labels have also been designed by /u/Jimmith, most known for his visual reviews (Have a look at his website:! The man has a way with graphics, and we love him for it.
Of course the ecr_eu juice isn’t the only thing I’ll be salivating about, Novavapes has also released a new addition to the Novajuice range called Orange Nimbus.

So folks, put your spare batteries in the charger, grab a tasty vape, and sit back for the review!

The review.

All the liquids were tested in

  • Wotofo Troll, dual coil at 0.4ohm with 0.51mm Kanthal A1 wicked with rayon on top of the Ohm Subox (Hexohm 2.1 clone)
  • Smok TFV4, single coil RBA at 0.4ohm with twisted 0.51mm Kanthal A1 wicked with rayon on top of the eLeaf iStick 100W
  • Youde Bellus, dual coil at 0.4ohm with 0.51mm Kanthal A1 wicked with rayon on top of the P4U IPV D2

Both juices were tested for an entire day as my all-day-vape.

Orange Nimbus

Ingredients: 3mg/ml nicotine, PG 20 / VG 80

Description on the website:

A pleasantly smooth breakfast orange with a natural and crisp mango tone. A tasty and refreshing juice with a natural taste will sure leave you wanting more!

My review:

Scent: A soft candy like orange, with sweet notes of mango

Color: Clear

Taste: Despite its simplicity Orange Nimbus surprises from the first toot.
It’s a sweet mix of orange and mango, with the mango being slightly more dominant.
That results in a sweet inhale that fills the olfactory with a smooth tropical sense that lingers.
The exhale is predominantly soft orange, not the zesty citrus kind but more of the candy variety.
Others have reported tasting notes of biscuit but I can’t seem to find that note.
A sweet treat for the olfactory, must try!

  • Flavor: 8/10
  • Vapor: 9/10

ECR_EU Juice

Ingredients: 3mg/ml nicotine, PG 20 / VG 80

Description on the website:

Ecr_eu Juice… Designed by /u/maniacpsycho of the /r/ecr_eu community, the competition win for Reddit’s birthday! A candy like raspberry with a pomegranate and passion fruit undertone.

My review:

Scent: A sweet and enticing scent of passion fruit and raspberries

Color: Clear

Taste: Oh my, this couldn’t be more spot on than it is, and I’m not just saying that because I moderate ecr_eu.
It’s truly an addictive flavor that sticks with you and asks for more.
The inhale is sweet, yet very fullbodied.
Mostly the rapsberries poke through, with the smooth passion fruit melting into the flavor as if it was meant as one kind of fruit.
The pomegranate is subtle but fills the profile with a moreish character.
Exhaling brings the passion fruit more to the foreground and feels as if you’re biting real fruit.
Novavapes, you’ve outdone yourself!

  • Flavor: 9.5/10
  • Vapor: 9/10

In conclusion.

There is a lot of juice out there, and there are a lot of vendors out there. Some are good, some are bad, and some are exceptional.
Where Novavapes lands in that is not up to me to say, but I can tell you they are one of the few vendors in our community that I’ve had so many laughs with. (There are a few others though)
They’re very actively working together with the community to bring you juice that is beyond the average "hey look at us, we threw a couple of flavors together and now call it premium!"
I never imagined the ECR_EU Juice to end up like this, it’s a brilliant blend of sweet seduction, on par with their Strawberry Milk.

In closing I’d like to thank Novavapes not just for sending me these juices for review, but for being such active and upstanding members of our little European community.
And of course all of you who have been reading and supporting my reviews: thank you!

Join me next time for a review of the tiny thing that is the P4U IPV D2!

I’m always looking for new opportunities to review! Do you think your stuff has what it takes? Get in touch!
I can be reached on my website, via DM on Instagram, on the Facebook page, via DM on Reddit, or via DM on ELR.

#staycloudy !

SirRisc disappears in a cloud of ecr_eu scented vapor


Another good review @SirRisc. I noticed in this and many other of your juice reviews that you use Kanthal A1 for testing. Any particular reason why you use it to test flavors?

It’s still the most used wire out there to this point, and I try to have the different setups as similar as possible in terms of wire and wick.

In daily vaping I do use other wire too, Ti01 has stolen the spotlight recently on the D2.
And I’ve recently started experimenting with 317L SS, which is turning out to be surprisingly good.

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Thanks for your quick response. I was only curious. You give them what they will experience with the most commonly used setup. That makes sense and a real experience… Thanks @SirRisc.