Now for something completely different

Down by the Murray river for the 2017 Summer Slam. This is my weekend sport now I’m older and since my body was too sore from playing football (Australian rules football) this is my favourite event of the year. Relaxed country atmosphere and helluva close racing.

The sensational red clay track.


Well there is good and bad news. Which first, in 4wd I qualified first, top of the grid. However, in the first final of 3 I broke a shock didn’t finish and didn’t have a spare do no result. Damn!

In 2wd however, I had a great day. Top qualifier and won all 3 finals. To take my second big event of the year. I had a good win last week too.

Wodonga rather then give trophies this year have these cool Lego buggies to the winner. I had to make it. Then I’ll give it to the kids across the road. Now no racing for 3 weeks.


Congrats on the win.


I’m an RC guy as well. More into crawlers these days. Nice rigs! And congrats!


My youngest one is crazy about indoor RC drifting and made great progress last year. I think I’m more nervous than him when he race, but I do a good job packing lunches and cheering, lol.


Ha ha, yes. We have a junior class and yep the parents are always more nervous then the kids. Way more! I know exactly what you are saying.


Couple of my kids are in to that RC thing…and crawlers too…RC=Real Cars

Started off like this years ago, now it’s all pipe body…

Then they started building their own [he works at Slee OffRoad-Golden CO] and compete all over the Western US

They even have events for the old folks…#36 and #63…same team [Homegrown Racing]


That’s amazing! I love the full scale stuff! I have an early 90s white brand riding lawnmower I want to turn into this. I wish I lived in a state that had more areas to drive full size vehicles but Minnesota is extremely flat :frowning:Uploading…

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Ya hey dere…get a sip from the bubbler or pop…oofda…
Seems you hit the reply button before your pic uploaded, eh?

The kids…fukn around…

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Kids? … If you slow the video down you can clearly see @ozo with one hand on the wheel and the other wrapped around a Mason jar.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s the law…in the desert and dunes…