Now these look nice bottles

Found these on alibaba

Speaking with the supplier and they said then can do 0.3p per bottle and card case too

They can print onto the bottle and the case for an extra 0.2p

woweeee ordered 50x 50ml bottles works out at 15 uk pound what a bargain eh

Will post details when they arrive


Wow they look nice! :smiley:

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They have red and all sorts cant wait to get them wohoooo :smile:

Would like to see what you think of them @Dave_ward when they arrive. You in the uk?

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I’ve just placed an order here for various sizes in the uk.


Yeah in the uk quite excited too lol

Same here. You checked out that link I’ve just put up?

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Yeah @Pattie but then i see the 50ml hdpe’s on there for less than 0.02p each probably less lol

Will probably.order from your link too as a backup

Never used alibaba before but speaking with the supplier seems good and genuine fingers crossed they turn up lol

£15.00 for 50x 50ml glass droppers half black and also the cardboard tubes for them but like the Mrs just said they havent mentioned shippimg cost just yet

They do have some awsome colours though red and all sorts

Need a good label design now

I hope they come through from alibaba. That would be cool and with sleeves aswell. If it’s legitimate they could have the potential to sell plenty to the uk market. :ok_hand:

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Epic fail

£15 for the bottles wohoo great

£75 shipping :scream:

Order cancelled i knew it was too good to be true

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what a bummer. theres always a catch :rage:

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If you’re still looking for bottles, I was referred to these from a user here:

72 30ml blue bottles with droppers for $32/free shipping.

Looks like the free shipping applies to the UK as well from what I checked. Could be wrong though.

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Oh wow thanks @ffrank

That is the link I posted in the thread Determining the Proper Bottles for Your DIY Creations

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