NR Gorilla Unicorn Bottles - Remove drip top with ease

Love the bottles, but removing the dripper tips has been a pain in the ass. Until now.

The cap is tamper-evident. So rather than throwing away all the little rings that come off them, keep 1 or 2 for future use.

Remove the lid and slide the ring up to cover/protect the threads. Then take a pair of channel-lock pliers or whatever other pliers that have a wide mouth and put them on the little ring, over the threads, but below where the drip tip goes in the bottle.

Then either hold the bottle between your knees, set on a desktop, or simply allow the pliers to hold the bottle while covering the top with your other hand. Give the pliers a squeeze. The drip tip will actually pop off like a cork from a champagne bottle. If you don’t have your hand over it, well it may hit the ceiling and go behind your desk :slight_smile:

EDIT - Video Demo. I found you don’t need to use the ring after all. Just slow and steady pressure and the threads will be fine.


The voice of experience? Lol.


You know it!


nice ive been grabbing the tip with pliers and pulling , which squeezes the tip closed , then i have to fix rhat lol now ill order a couple more and try this , i do love the bottles except the fact that they are made for one time use Thank You ty ty ty ty


Way to think outside the … er…bottle! Thanks for the tip!


Isn’t anyone using the cap to get the tip out? I know i do all the time.
I unscrew the cap so it is lose put it back on without threading it and pull it to the side like it was on a hinge and voila the tip comes out. Oh and no tip shooting across the room either since it stays in the cap.

If anyone tries let me know how it works.


Just tried on 3 different bottles. Wish I could say it worked but it didn’t. I did manage to remove the unicorn’s horn :slight_smile:


Sorry that it didn’t work for you. Can you feel when the cap catches the edge of the tip thats in the bottle?
I had @woftam try the technique and it worked for him.

When I broke the tip that’s exactly what I thought I felt. And this really may work nicely if you can avoid pushing the tip too far down into the bottle so as to leave a space between the tip and bottle. I’ve tried that numerous times before but I can’t seem to resist the urge to tighten down that cap which seems to push it in all the way. Oh well, my little pliers trick will have to do. Thanks !!


At least on the 10ml and 30ml dripper tip bottles from OOO, CAP, NR, and PUR a small set of scissors will get between the bottle top and that tip and wedge it free.

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And y’all, make sure to take note of this point…

…and don’t be stupid, thinking it won’t happen to you cough cough :sunglasses:


@Norseman I’ll have to try that. I think I saw some random video on YouTube about some (I forget the method) and all it did was break my bottles. Maybe it was squeezing the neck of the bottle with channel locks or something, I can’t remember, but it failed for me.

I’m starting to like PET for the better, safer aspect of it, and I will have to try your trick.