Nude Nicotine, Love them, but might have to kick them to the curb! UPDATED ! 2-2018!


2-06-18 @ 06:15 Order Placed
2-06-18 @ 09:32 Received “Your order has been entered into the loading list for immediate formulation!”
2-12-18 @ 08:07 Message from UPS, Package will be delivered tomorrow (2-13-18)
2-13-18 @ 18:30 PACKAGE ARRIVED !!!

Sure didn’t want to have to make a post like this, but WTF is going on with my beloved Nude Nicotine ??? I’ve had a few slow orders with them before, but it’s getting to the point that I may have to switch. NEVER had a problem with any of their products, but the processing/shipping mess is killing me here.

Ordered 5-30-17, got confirmation. No contact until 6-20-17 stating my order had “Left the lab” and to expect a tracking number from the shipper. Never received it. Today (holiday) is 7-4-17, and I have not only not received any tracking information, still haven’t received an order placed 5-30-17. Not sure what’s going on, but this is getting ridiculous. No emails stating they were backed up, order stacking up, no nothing.

REALLY love their NIC, but I don’t think I can continue to do business like this. WHILE WAITING placed a first time order with Nicotine River, which has already shipped. Dispatched an email today (holiday) so we’ll see what is said, but at this point, not sure that it’s going to matter.

I ran a recent poll on NIC providers and I see the great majority buys from Nicotine River, so we’ll see how it fares when my order shows up, and you may have to put me in the NR camp. Didn’t mind paying a little more for what I perceived as a superior NIC from NN, but if I can’t GET IT, it really doesn’t matter.

For reference, placed an order with NR on 6-30-17, and by 7-3-14 the order had already shipped. What WILL my cust. experience be with NN if I receive my NR order BEFORE the NN shows up, despite ordering FROM NN over a month prior ??



I kicked NN to the curb before even starting with them. After all I’d read about their (at the time) “recent issues” which had been going on for almost a year back then…and that was over a year ago mind you…coupled with my experience of two separate sample orders having multiple inconsistencies. Yeah. Enough said.

There’s a post I did over a year ago here if you really get curious.

Anyways, sorry to hear NN is still at their lowered standards, and that you fell victim to their marketing. But I can honestly say, you WILL be pleased with NicSelect (and NR), both in quality of nic, pricing, and tasteless factor.

You nailed it. And that’s the sole reason they’ve survived this long in my opinion. Can’t wait to hear from you once you’ve tried NicSelect.

I’m even betting that yes, you’ll get it before you get your NN order.

Sorry for your pain, and IMO your rant is 100% justified.


Well to be fair, I never had an issue with the quality of the NIC, I’ve still got some almost 2 years old, and it’s damn near as clear (slight tint), and smell/flavorless as it was when I bought it, but man, the slowness of processing/shipping/lack of customer engagement DURING the aforementioned issues is wrecking to a cust.


You will really enjoy the NicSelect from Nicotine River. Price point & Quality is what keeps coming back :+1:


I’ve only ordered from NN once, and it also took forever. I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between them and nic select. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with nic select, and NR’s customer service is on point!


@Sprkslfly @Mark_Turner @VapeyMama Thanks guys. Hard to let go of a great thing (company/product), but dammit, if I can’t GET it, I can’t VAPE it !!!


Those poor guys at NN, they can make some state of the art products but they cannot run day to day operations in the wear house and shipping docks. They must all mostly stay in the lab. I’ve had a little trouble with them before here and they always made it right. But I have never had to wait for two months with them. I’ll send them an email @SessionDrummer.


Thank you @Beaufort_Batches



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Call them up and rip’em a new one. They guarantee shipping within 72 hours excluding Sundays and holidays. If it happened to me, I wouldn’t do business with them anymore. When testing my money/patience combination, the three strikes rule doesn’t apply.


Even though I railed on NN pretty hard… I am still in hopes that they can get their shit together. As the more competition in nic vendors the better.

But it’s getting pretty thin when the same shipping issues, and lack of communication persists two years plus later. =(

Their product, when they can get it right, and get it out, is very good.

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Yeah, I think they about covered that ^^^^

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Agreed, hence the struggle…

Have you contacted them at all since you placed the order?

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Yes, realizing a holiday and all that, waiting on a response.

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Just got off the phone, and nice guy answered, seems like he was more confused than I was, as to why it had taken over a month JUST in their facility, let alone my not receiving any tracking information. DID state higher than normal orders, etc., which was fine. DID provide a tracking number, and said he would take care of me on my next order, notated my account. Props out to Taylor for handling it well.


That’s great! I hope they take VERY good care of you on your next order!

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Sorry, but that sounds awful self confident…
I’d say make it right on this order and you may get a “next order”… If I had to wait a month and a half.
Just my opinion though.


@Sprkslfly maybe so. They noted my account for the discount and I think 1 day shipping, BUT, as you said, THAT assumes I’ll be back.

I hope they hook you up. They need to hire someone to really clean up their shipping issues. I empathize both sides. It’s a bad feeling having orders backed up and trying to play catch up. Also a terrible feeling excitedly checking your mailbox everyday and only seeing bills and boxes from Amazon for your wife, lol.

But please do let us know what difference you perceive if any. Personally, I got nicselect once and didn’t like it at all, tasted peppery. Then I had NN and I never turned back. No taste, no discoloration, no worries.