Nut Mix (FA)

I found a recipe that calls for .10% nut mix. Is it me or is it really strong? I made 10mls and tried it today and it’s completely dry. It doesn’t taste creamy at all. This is the recipe. Does anyone have anything good to say about nut mix? Am I just sensitive to it? I really wanted to like this recipe.


@Lynda_Marie is that accurate?! 0.10%?! How was the SFT- and I wonder if those flavors need to steep a couple days b4 anything?! It looks hella good tho!!


Yes, I copied the recipe from ATF. I steeped it 7 days.

I honestly did not single flavor test nut mix. I bought it just for this recipe. I probably won’t use it for anything but this. It smelled strong out of the gate.


Hi Lynda. Did you read Pro_Vapes/HIC flavor notes on this one? If you dislike hazelnut I would stay away from this one because it’s hazelnut forward, however far less potent than regular hazelnut. He has something interesting to say about it: “The slower you exhale, the drier it tastes.”

With all that said, it’s commonly used at higher pcts than 0.10%. I used it in my Nutty Irishman mix at 1.50% with no dryness problem. I’m surprised at your outcome at this low pct but there are also notes from another mixer who had a negative experience. Like you say, you might be sensitive to it or maybe there are such things as bad batches, Idk. Here’s the link to the notes if you haven’t already read them.