O mg vape shops

Does anyone else have a shop nearby that only sells 0mg juice and nicotine packs that you need to add yourself? How can that even be legal? Plus you would never get the right flavor profile of the juice after diluting it with nicotine without being able to add more flavor to compensate.


Where do you live? (Country?)


About a year or so ago one of our shops tried to go that route. Business dropped over 50% within a couple weeks. Didn’t help they got in crap nic for the shots.


We had a shop here that carried premix in 60ml bottles but they only had 50ml of base. Then they put a 10ml flavor shot in of whatever flavor you wanted.


It is common practice in the EU/TPD countries. Bottles of e-liquid are designed to work with boosters, they don’t expect you to just dilute the juice they sell.
If I buy such a bottle, I don’t only add nic (still have 72mg/ml nic from before TPD was in effect), but also VG and PG to come up to the desired end result. That doesn’t happen very often though because DIY juice is so much better than the store bought stuff.


What @anon28032772 said.
I’m betting the OP lives in the EU, and hasn’t bought any juice since before TPD.

By the way, did anybody else misread the title as “O my vape shops” ? I was expecting something a tad more poetic after that :laughing:


oh! ought to add a warning here: your turn will come, America, if you don’t succeed in educating your legislators.

Futher delights to look forward to : 2ml maximum tank size (or rather 1ml, if you like to leave 1ml airspace at the top)
20mg maximum nic
10ml maximum bottle size (unless it’s a 0 mg juice )
no more Juuls (cos they contain way over 20mg)
adult-proof juice bottles, so you have a fun puzzle to solve every time you re-fill your tiny tank

Yep, we’ve got it all over here . And yet we’re still vaping. Go figure…

I guess vaping is a tough nut to crack, but you can’t say they’re not trying their level best (short of banning it)


I’m pretty certain that’s an oxymoron.

The majority come with price tags attached though! Sadly they’re on the inside of the pants, to the point that the general public doesn’t know the true cost. You only get the bill once you get in bed with them, or someone recounts the experience to you.


New Jersey, USA. None of the other shops are doing it just the one.


In fact, it’s really not a bad idea if you think about it.
Lots of shops have their liquids on display in (in)direct sunlight. Nicotine containing liquids would go bad pretty fast. Having 0mg nic juices on display should have a much longer shelf life. The only thing that I find annoying is that, here in the EU at least, most liquids are produced to come up to a 3mg/ml liquid.
50ml of 0-nic juice in a 60ml bottle, add a 10ml of 18mg booster and you have exactly a 3mg/ml result.
There are people that vape 6mg or higher and we are stuck to a legal maximum of 20mg/ml nicotine.

In the US however, you can still easily get 100mg/ml so it’s still relatively easy to make it much stronger.


Are they owned by someone from the EU or UK? :laughing:

Seriously though…
I’m betting someone (who owns the place) is thinking it’s a “safe” way of “hedging their bet” so to speak.

Though honestly, it’s rather silly IMO, simply because, the morons that are running the circus have already deemed hardware as “containing nicotine”. :roll_eyes:
You really can’t hedge a bet against crazy, unless you bet on them BEING crazy. :crazy_face:

On another note, I think it’s only going to confuse their customers who are new to vaping (and are trying to quit smoking).

I mean, it’s bad enough that shops have already been told they can’t explain how to wrap coils, etc… What are they going to do about explaining how the ‘new to vaping’ customer is supposed to mix/make use of the 0mg bottles of flavoring and (the assumed sales of) bottles of nicotine?

My concern is, if you can’t get even get correct change (without the assistance of the cash register) from a notable number of folks at gas stations and drive-through restaurants (basic math)… How do they expect people to get the correct ratio for the final product once they get home without explaining it to them? At which, point, if they are explaining, they have still put themselves at risk (theoretically) of violating the “no assisting clause”? :thinking:

Yeah, it’s odd. And while everything I’ve said above is assumption and conjecture… I think it’s a poorly thought out approach (for our country, as things are currently) and screams “I’m afraid of the FDA” to customers and the authorities alike. And IMO, that makes them an even more ripe target for intimidation than they already are.

Strange times illicit strange reactions… /shrugs


Im in Aus and we can’t even buy nicotine legally in country but are legally allowed to import 3 months supply. Plus a few states have tightened up laws and banned selling between states and that sort of thing. Luckily we have no ml or size restriction and we sell ‘doublers’ which have extra flavour to compensate for adding nic.