Obelisk 120FC w/ Z0.4 Coils

I use the Obelisk 120FC with the Geek Vape Z0.4 Mesh Coils 50-60W, but what I am noticing is that when I vape around the mid 40’s wattage range is that the taste is a lot better and more precise to the taste of the flavours that I have mixed.
I definitely get a better result in this wattage range then when I vape between the 50-60 range in which these coils are designed for.
It’s not an issue at all, but I am just curious as to find out why this is happening and look forward to hearing from you guy’s with some answers.


I’ve always found that wattage ranges on cartridges to be very generic guidelines.
The best I’ve been able to make out of them was kind of a “this is the theoretical max” that we (the manufacturer) expect the tank/cartridge to be able to keep up with (in relation to wicking, airflow, etc).

I get ya, but I would say just continue to do what you’re doing, as you’ve found your happy place with it! :wink:

Think of it as kind of a general classification rating…
MTL folks would generally pass because they know they don’t really need anything above 15-20w.
High power DL folks would generally pass because they usually want something that does 65-85w at a minimum.


I hate the same experience with the Geekvape Mesh Coils when I still vaped premade coils. Rated much higher than I liked to vape them.

I absolutely second that.

Vape them as you like. If the coil gets oversaturated you will have some gurgling or even leaking, then you are vaping too low of a wattage.