OBS Crius II RTA Dual Coil - REVIEW

OBS Crius II RTA Dual Coil

Tuesday, May 8, 2018
4:30 AM

I won this RTA from <https://www.heavengifts.com/product/OBS-Crius-2-RTA-Dual-Coil.html and proud to do this review, my first review so be nice !!!.
The OBS box it came in is top notch, easy to get into with pull strap. The RTA was clean, no machine oil or residue showing, I washed it in hot water anyway and blow dried it.

The unit came with a accessories box containing organic cotton, spare O-rings, spare glass tube, screwdriver, 2 premade coils 3mm inside dia., a manual.

The unit I received was matt black with semi swirls of grey drip tip, the color finish is superb and has longevity written all over it. The looks of the tank is traditional with no unpleasant markings , very clean lines with engraving on the inside deck chamber.

Size: 25mm x 57mm
Capacity: 4ml
Material: 304 stainless steel + pyrex glass
Thread: Gold-plated 510 connection

I have been testing this RTA for about 3 weeks and it has been pure pleasure and a lil behind schedule of when I wanted to have it complete, but!!
I will start with the cons : the Name, I wish they could have least named it after Crius’s father Uranus or the Titan Crius. A spare screw for the deck, if by chance you lose the one it came with, it might be toublesome to find another. The Screwdriver, does not fit the screw correctly, I had to use a 3way Geekvape screwdriver, fits nice and tight. The drip tip is very nice I love it, but
The O-rings are sloppy, I have lost it many times, ended up looking in my 510 drip tip collection, found the perfect one, I think it came off, one of kayfuns. The chrome plated one, I just set in there for looks, not bad tho, With the red O-rings I can pick the tank up without coming off, and leave it in your pocket and stay there, also comes off with right amount of tension.

Easy top side refill
Adjustable bottom airflow
Juice flow control
Dual coil deck with high-tech Zirconia
Detachable structure for cleaning
The machining is Top Notch, top fill cap, perfect tolerance. The juice flow and air flow control also perfect. Airflow is quiet and smooth at any settings, no whistling.
As of today, This RTA is my go to tank and will be a contender for most that try it.

It sits in the Queen position, because it has all the moves. Flavor is excellent, coil placement is user friendly, no measuring or guessing, install coils, both sides, hold up against wall, tighten, cut legs off, pull back with correct shaft size. The coils that came with it are the perfect size 3mm ID, the width, about 5 wraps, is the same as the width of the square/rectangular air holes.

These are some coils I built, just twisted 28ga. 316L 5 wrap, any wider could-would be a waste, to me,. The airflow comes straight up to the coil, travels both sides of the coil, and out the doomed chamber, the solid wall keeps the air from bouncing around, concentrating on the coils for better flavor.
As with all RTA’s wicking is important, there is some forgiveness, but not much,. To much or stuffing your wick will give you dry hits, comb your tails out, cut at an angle in a bowtie profile.
Lightly settle your wick just on top of the juice holes in a damming method. Don’t want any resistance in juice holes or your wicks crammed to the bottom of your juice wells.

After you wick it a couple of times you will find the sweetspot.
And also I have had no leaking, if you overfill, it will leak, I always fill a lil over 3/4 of the way. Vacuum is created better with juice flow control closed when filling, after filled, close top fill cap. Than open juice flow control and you will see bubbles rising. If not you may have stuffed cotton in to much.

I did a complete tolerance and run out test and found no discrepancies. I have took it, on the go test, no leaks, only the drip tip not holding in place (that was fixed), I have took it to the shop and worked with it, dropping it twice by accident with my Tesla Punk 220w, no damage. I have fell asleep with it on the commode and dropped it, no damage. So I would say it is pretty tough RTA.
Absolutely, I want to get another in blue or gunmetal.
Thanks so much to Heavengifts for the giveaway prize !!!


Very nice review



great review… appreciate the “real life” test results too. i’m really tempted now to get me one of these babies.


I shit you not… You need more sleep! :wink:

Seriously though, great review. Well done on the observations about the drip tip tolerance, and the coil width in relation to the ‘air dam’ and mounting points. And lastly, cheeky use of the old “onyx” chessboard (still have mine and love it) and the “all the right moves” joke. Well played!


Thanks @Sprkslfly, @TheFlavorSeeker, @wvsanta, for the nice comments, and all that liked this Review. I hope to be doing many more !!! and a big thanks to @Heaven_Gifts for the opportunity to do this review .


Thanks for the review. Seems like a great RTA but I think I’d rather want one with a little easier wicking (more tolerance). I hate it when a wick doesn’t wick or when a good juice spills all out.
At least for (standard?) 3mm coils, it should be really straightforward to wick without too much fiddling around. Pull the wick through the coil, snip snip, tuck it in the juice hole and be done with it.


Great review, thanks for sharing it :wink: I do love this tank, top flavour and not too airy :ok_hand:


Great first review @Mix_and_Hope.

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Thanks @SessionDrummer and @Steampugs, @anon28032772, I really enjoy this RTA, I have not touched an RTA, since I started mixing, been using RDA’s. So it took me a while to get back in the groove, I have not put it down since I got it, I got a lot of juice to vape, so I can really crank it up now !!! So glad you guys took the time to read it. I compared it to the smok TF-RTA G4, it took me 3 hours to put new coils and wick it, lol. But it was the only thing that come close to OBS dual coil, becuase of Adjustable juice flow… and 510 drip tip chimney exit. The OBS dual coil ease of building and flavor beats the smok hands down, And runs close race if not better than my 4 kylins and 2 reloads. And wicking it is a breeze after you get use to it, which took me 2 tries.

Edit: I meant to say adjustable Juice Flow control !!!


I suppose coming from using RDAs only, it’s always going to be a little bit of a learning curve. With a dripper, it doesn’t matter much what you do with the wick’s tails, as long as there’s juice it will wick.
I’m still looking to get myself a good RTA though, something with top quality flavor and something that’s easy to wick & leak proof. Preferably with top airflow & top filling.


there are alot of them out there, zues dual coil has top air flow I think, I do have OBS engine with top AF but lacks in flavor compared to others, I have single coil Zues , top AF but flavor is not there where I want it to be.


I did forget to mention about the fast, Blazing fast shipping, I got my RTA from @Heaven_Gifts in 4 days, I thought that was pretty Incredible !!!

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Update, I was sitting at my desk and my big black lab, Lucky came up to me and nudged my arm for attention and I dropped my OBS and it came apart at the base, it was just a press fit, it should have been threaded, but it was a easy fix, just pressed it back in, no problem. So if you get one , don’t drop it no more than 3 times !!!

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