OBS Engine II RTA Review By: Eddie

What’s up everyone and welcome to my review!! I won the Engine II RTA by OBS technology in a giveaway @Heaven_Gifts generously held. So I thought I would do a quick review. Let me take you back to when I received my winnings from the mail. Wow, this thing is sharp!!

Product included
° One OBS Engine II
° Two Pre built Coils
° One Screwdriver
° One Spare Glass Tank
° One Cotton Pad
° Spare O Rings
° Spare Screws
° One User Manual

The timing couldn’t of been any better as I was going on vacation with my wife for our 10 year anniversary. So I felt I really had the chance to get to know the Engine II. Before we left I had to get it up and running, and it was a bit of a learning curve, a little tricky with the unconventional build deck. You’re basically building upside down! But really wasn’t terrible, I had it down pretty quickly. What helped me was screwing down one lead at a time then adjusting as necessary. Oh and not needing to cut the leads before hand was a nice change also.
Simple wicking and filling with the hidden juice port and I was ready to go.

First vape.
I was quite impressed with it actually. With the coils that came with and vaping at 50w I was getting great flavor and plenty of clouds. I did notice a bit of air restriction but honestly it isn’t that bad and I was used to it in no time… The drip tip is a little loose but I think changing out the O Rings should do the trick. (EASY FIX). I should say that the drip tip hasn’t fallen out yet but I can definitely see it happening.
Well we had a six hour drive to our destination. Stayed for a week and a six hour drive back home and I had no problems whatsoever. I mean not one issue. No leaks, no dry hits, no flooding, nothing. I really enjoyed the vape the whole time.

My honest opinion is this is a great RTA . With the slick profile that’s very well made, great flavor and no leaks I’m confident on recommending the Engine II RTA… Well I hope you enjoyed my review and if your interested in the Engine II you can find it here
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Congrats on the 10th anniversary!!
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Thank you for the review, loved the pictures :slight_smile:


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Good review. Hope your wife isn’t as jealous as I am :smile:


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Your review matches my experience with the Engine 2, enjoying it quite a bit and I generally am not fond of dual coils.


Great review, and more than interesting with the inverted coil.

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