OBS T-VCT "The Next BIG Thing"?

Check this out guys, gals. This tank is quite interesting. I see this tank in @NewDrip future. Didn’t know I have a crystal ball…lol


I took a look… It looks similar to the Crown I have now. It looks like a good tank with some new features… But the kanthal coils is not my favorite. Let me know how it is after you get yours. I may dive in when they get the TC coils.


Not sure I’ll get one at this time. I have too many subohm tanks now and they only sell when you push them. I did actually see one in action and there is truly nothing like it. The fact that you can adjust coil juice flow from outside the tank was one smart idea. I should get them. Maybe if I have a sale on some of the other tanks I have…

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The UD Goliath has the juice adjustment and the Zephyrus has the top fill feature where you screw off the top section. Also noticed Kangertech came out with a part you can buy to make their sub-ohm tanks top-fill-able. Personally, I don’t have a use for the ejuice flow adjustment. But it might be a good feature for someone vaping extra thin juice. All I know is I have to turn it off/ to no flow before I refill or leaking occurs! It would also be handy to turn to ‘off’ for travel. But, no - I’m not going to risk leaking in my $400 bag. I’ll just take a Kanger Aerotank or Genitank in my purse to be safe and never have leaking. Must also add - I hate to get sticky. LoL. Just had to say that today. Had to figure out the hard way how to eliminate leaking and still sopping up a lot from my Orchid. Not funny. It’s that Orange Cream again. Just gotta vape it.