Obscure brands of flavor concentrate

Looking for peoples experiences with some of the more obscure brands of Flavoring. Most of us are familiar with Cap,TFA,FW,FA,FLV,INW,LB,OSDIY and LOR. I am always searching for “others” and will share my experiences if you share yours :wink:

First German Flavors
Very rarely mentioned. Most i have tried are very good
G Vanilla pudding -excellent 3-5%
G Cookie very good 1.5-2%
G yogurt great 3-5%
German flavors fruits have all been very good as well except for blackberry ughh

Chefs choice (uk)
Jamy roly poly - yum 5-7%
Clotted cream fudge-yes 3-5%
Glazed Donut-not bad 3-5%

Solub arome
Pancake, very unique and tasty 1-2%

I have many more to add but am sooo tired.
Please share your experiences and know how.


Great idea for a thread!
Watching with interest. Sadly can’t contribute at the moment, as my first experience with Jungle Flavors is still ‘marinating’. Lol


I’m trying chefs flavours ‘yummy range’ at the min, I have Jessie, Mr white and fathers milk currently in the dark box. Shall update when they’re ready :wink:




You may want to check out Flavor Monks


I’m not even going there

Not even with you…

ESPECIALLY not with you…dutty gurl



Haha! Couldn’t help myself. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LMAO! :joy:


Love Chefs choice clotted cream fudge, also there Devon Cream (these are rebranded cup cake world concentrates)
Solub Arome - Doughnut is excellent, creme anglais was repulsive and would stay clear of most of there fruit based flavours. I am trying speculoos at the moment
Kandi Hed - Croissant is quite possibly the most repulsive thing I have ever vaped. However cornish cream cakes in the dk (stronger flavoured) range is an excellent cream mix. Of the others crazy creamy custard was ok as was sour pops grape, the rest were just a bit weak and bland.
Flavor Monks - Tried monks in love and cuberdon. Both ok but again a bit weak and just “meh they are ok”, could work well in cocktail mixes but nothing exciting to me at all.
Sasami - Bee Sting Pie and Crumble cake both very good. Blue Alien is Heisenberg. Waffle dough is ok, blueberry muffin dissapointing, red lips is ok other fruit ones I tried were ok but a bit bland
One onOne - Pink Lemonade was ok, every other flavour I tried basically tasted weak and like soggy cardboard, all awful


Solubarome Cookies (a freebie) - my notes state: predominantly chocolatey like cocoa powder, malty. Don’t get cookie anywhere? Has a weird taste on exhale to me (sft @ 8%, 3 week steep)


Have you no self control and restraint woman? :wink:


I have been given 18 samples of Euro flavors coming and will reort about them when I get to checking them out


Lolly that sounds like Real Flavours choc chip cookie to me, I had the exact same results from that, found it horrible yet there cookies and cream is excellent. Found most Solub concentrates not that great and having weird aftetastes but there cream was pretty good and like mentioned lover there doughnut…more I think about it less hope I have for the steeping speculoos haha


Nope, not a whole lot… :joy:


I thought not, but we still love ya like a sister.


I was around 30/70, like/dislike, with their stuff. The tobaccos were very nice for artificial tobacco flavorings and i liked the chocolates, the Vanilla Custard was decent too. If i didnt have so many NETs to try i would order some of their tobaccos. Some of the others were so off putting that i couldnt bring myself to vape the samples that i mixed, nougat, coffees and virgin coolada jump into my mind right away. I hope you find some hidden gems for yourself, @Pro_Vapes did.


I wish others could try some of their flavorings, while they arent as concentrated as most of us would like a lot of them are fantastic.

Faeries Finest

Ive used a couple of their flavorings tho all i remember now is Root Beer, it was pretty good but we dont vape enough root beer to buy more root beer so once i had enough i gave the bottle away.


These guys make some really good stuff, and some really bad stuff from what i have read tho i havent experienced any of the bad yet. Italian Cream, Cream, Juicy Peach (the wife likes the peach) are quite good. I have a couple more that i havent had time to play with at all.

Real Flavors

As these guys werent mentioned in your list im throwing them out there. They may not be obscure for us but for someone googling this they might be and id love for more people to try them.

Their Super Concentrates line are quickly replacing many of my long time go to flavorings, the strawberry is even replacing a flavor combination that i have long loved, in some mixes but not all. :wink:

One on One

They have a bazillion flavorings, maybe more flavorings than star in the visible universe. With all companies some of them are pretty good and some of them are pretty bad but they are all pretty weak compared to what most of us are used to.

One of my favorites from them was the Creamy Milky Undertones. You might be seeing a theme here, i generally start with creams and custards from a company. :slight_smile:

Probably quite a few more that i cant think of right now. Perhaps we should summon @Pro_Vapes, @Amy2 or @Alisa and see if they have any rare gems they want to throw out there.


Thanks @Will_G. How do yoi know Chefs Choice is rebranded Cupcake world? Im going to order the Sasami from www.123liquids.de is the translator works. The “rebranding” is another reason i started this thread. I know off one resource that can help avoid duplicates. Not sure how to share the link but if you google “docs flavoring spreadsheet” it will come up. It list vendors and brands they carry

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Thanks Ken. Forgot to mention RF and Ooo. RF has its own thread though ;).

Ooo agreed very hit n miss think they need a thread of their own too.
The Milky undertone is great
The sherbert line is pretty good and strong (except for the raspberry-just say no)
Creme Brule offers some nice caramelized sugar notes
Ooo Custard ewww dont do it

Amoretti Thank you looking into it

Euro flavors been somewhat interested. Which tobaccos were good? I think provapes like the yellow mango. Any suggestions on other fruits?


@Ken_O_Where @Amy2 sent me some of the Amerena Cherry it’s pretty darn good so far. It’s steeping now. I did a simple cherry cream for something to see how it mixes and blends with others. I don’t vape tobacco flavors so I’m not getting any of them. I’m getting mostly fruit flavors with a little creamy/bakery tossed in for good measure.


I liked their Pipe and Vanilla Tobacco. If you like some anise/licorice Two Apples Plus is very nice tho there is no tobacco note, their site may say so but i didnt get any tobacco out of it.

Some others that i didnt care for:

Red Passionfruit
White Coffee (This isnt too bad but not something i would mix with)

The ones i mentioned earlier, that i didnt care for:

Virgin Colada (This should just be called acetone)

I had some others but didnt make notes on the site. Ill have to dig through my notes and see what i thought.

BTW, Their Chocolates, both regular and milk, were pretty good but again their are much better concentrates out there that are also more concentrated than these.